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[QLD] Kalmar Upholstered Chair - $20 (Was $150) - Officeworks, Milton


Was just making another regular trip to everyone's favourite store (except for those who didn't get their $300 projector) and saw these sitting just inside the door. For $20 these seem like a great deal. There were 8 available at the time of posting. Not sure if national but clearly clearance price so YMMV.

eBay link for some more info & photos

3yr warranty
130kg weight capacity
Features chair & seat tilt as well as height adjust
Seat width 505mm

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  • Wow, that's good.

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    Just called its all sold out…

    • I was there no more than 90 minutes ago so this really surprises me. Though at that price I guess someone bought the lot.

    • Any chance they told you whether they were available in any other stores?

    • and you're in VIC ?

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      Can I confirm you spoke to the Milton store?

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    I found 2 at Officeworks hunter st, Sydney, however, they were $30. Tried to get them cheaper but they wouldn't budge, so picked them both up for 30 each. Still an awesome bargain.

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    Hello back pain !

    • It's Kamar….

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    Superb price. Do not hesitate. I got something slightly better with chrome legs and upholstered arms 6 years ago at Officeworks for $28.76. We were looking at stuff when a staff member told us he was just about to reduce a few prices.

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    Got two, one for work one for home. just setup the work one, decent quality. I think they were all just about gone when I was there, dude was pulling the last few off the shelf for phone orders. - don't hold me to that though! and there were a heap of other chairs there for $20 and $10

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      Well done.

  • Officeworks Punchbowl (NSW) had it on clearance for $99, and refused to match or budge on price

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      punch them

    • Officeworks West Ryde (NSW) refused too and they had only 3 chairs in stock.
      North Ryde (NSW) branch is OOS.

    • Officeworks Garden city also at $99, refused pricematch.

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  • I got the last one at Vermont in Vic, pricematched :)

  • Refused price match in Oxley(QLD)

    • The only pricematching Officeworks does is to the figure in their own head…

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    Priced matched(was $99) in Rockhampton(QLD) no problems, they even gave us the display for $10, since we took the remaining off their hands