Wearing All Clothes to Save on Luggage?

Hi OzBarginers -

I'm due to fly in the coming months, where I'm going to go snowboarding for the weekend. Jetstar charges $25/each way to check in skis/snowboards on top of checked luggage costs - so I figured I'd just rent a board when I get there.

For my clothes and other gear on the other hand - rather than spend the money on luggage, I figured I could get onto the plane wearing all of my snow gear (helmet, gloves and goggles excluded) and carry on only my 'regular' clothes I'd wear for the weekend to get it under 7kg carry on.

Has anyone done this before - worn an excessive amount of clothes onto to the plane to save on luggage costs? If so, how'd it work out for you?



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    what is the cost of checked luggage?

    for my own convenience, comfort and sanity I would just buy the damn luggage.

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      Obviously you can't afford to travel if things are this tight, do you also skimp on travel insurance also and expect give a little to bail you out?

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    Yeah someone did this in America and got kicked off the plane.

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    there's also one where the bloke died……but can't find it

    EDIT - maybe it was this one http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3155944/Boyband-sing...

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    Perhaps skiing is not the sport for you if you can't afford to pay for checked baggage.


    By the time you add the excess luggage fees and equipment hire costs, wouldn't it be almost cheaper to just book a full service airline? (Although not sure if checking ski equipment would be free with them?)

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    Sometimes I wonder….Where is the human race heading…..


    Hahaha I feel like I saw this exact situation in a movie when I was a kid!

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    You'll make it to youtube getting through customs.

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    It's a safety issue. If the plane plunges into the ocean, good luck getting to the exits.


    So you're going to pile on the clothes that we can safely presume you'll have to remove upon boarding.

    You'll have a mess to put away, which in all likelihood, will not be appropriately stowed. In the unlikely event on an emergency, that could be the difference between someone getting out vs a slow and painful drowning as the vessel's entry slowly dips further underwater.


    I always skip on extra checked luggage.
    Except my last trip home to Australia i skipped paying $25 for an extra 20kg of luggage. Ended up having to pay $65 ($40 more) to get the extra 20kg i should have bought in the first place.
    Just be prepared when you travel. 5 days travel with one pair of jeans is completely fine.


    Invest in good travel gear, thermal layers like Merino can be worn without producing bacteria that smells (see Icebreaker or similar). They are also light and warm - watch a few traveling light or mininmalist vids on Youtube. It's not a cheap initial investment, but well worth it over time. Ski gear however is always going to be bulky and heavy.

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    Done it. Not with ski gear but with outdoor gear, flying from Delhi to Kathmandu. Wore about 3 layers, nothing crazy, was no problem. Got just enough weight out of my checked luggage to not have to pay excess fees.

    Do it, and report back.

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    Just stay home you will save the money on luggage.


    Yes, been done before.
    Take an empty lightweight bag with you in which to place your excess clothing.

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    I've always thought the ticket price should be total weight ie person+luggage. If you are say 80kg with 35kg luggage, you take less jetfuel that a person of 120kg with no luggage.

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    Yes, I did the following once:

    • 4 tops
    • 2 pants
    • 1 jacket with socks bunched up in each jacket pocket
    • underwear in other jacket pockets
    • I also put a singlet and t-shirt in a plastic bag with some food

    Worked out fine and gave me more room in my carry-on bag.

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    Dear Lord. How low can you go.


    Does anyone know the maximum clothing you can get away with wearing on flights? Does it differ from airline to airline?

    Thinking Scoot, Jetstar Asia, etc



    okay we went to NZ in July for 12 days inc skiing, family of 5 and all we had were 4 cabin luggages and backpacks each.

    You need a hard case cabin luggage. The ski pants/jacket and gloves can fit into the zipped section as it compacts like a packing cell. All undergarments put in your backpack. Clothing in the suitcase. Wear your hoodie, hold your jacket, camera and charges in your jacket. Once through check in can put it in your backpack.

    I highly recommend you get a down jacket that comes with a stuff pouch or you can stuff into the pocket.For your ski jacket, you only need to wear a waterproof shell and layers. In winter you only need to change inner t shirt/thermal. Can wear the same outerwear everyday.

    As for equipment, have to hire. Too bulky and heavy.

    You just need to know how to pack well. I even had 2 pairs of shoes inc boots and still had extra room for shopping/souvenirs. Men's clothing is bulkier but my husband was fine with a cabin bag.I still bring all my skincare/make up and ghd if required even with only cabin.

    It's not about the cost. Even with full serviced airlines I only bring cabin because I prefer to travel light and I hate waiting for baggage pick up.


    If you don't have a connecting flight, you'll likely have no issues if you put all the gear in your carry-on once you've done check in (and had your bag tagged with "hand luggage checked")

    Recently flew RTW, mostly on budget airlines, and saved on checked baggage by putting all the heavy stuff (cables, chargers, iPad) in the pockets of my coat for check-in


    wow, i never knew ppl where this cheap

    It seems you cant actually afford to go on a holiday so why even bother. You cant afford to cough up 30 dollars for baggage?

    This is ridiculous.

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