ALDI Special Buys previous catalogues?

Is there a website that holds all the previous ALDI Special Buy catalogues?

And does anyone know what happens to ALDI Special Buy items that do not sell?
I mean, even after that have been marked down below the sale price and still not sold?

Are they purchased in bulk and sold elsewhere?
Or do they just sit in storage until the next sale



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    You can find all the previous and current catalogues here

    • Thank you, i had that page open, but didn't realise there was also different pages at bottom of screen

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    I'm not sure why Aldi promptly dump the specials pages as soon as they go live, very odd. They used to leave them up there.

    There's various catalogue sites that archive them, eg, or maybe not if a mod decides to delete the competition.

    As for the unsold stuff, it sometimes gets moved to other stores where it might sell, otherwise it goes out the back and they have a 'end of year' sales to get rid of it.

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    I'm not sure there is much left after it is marked down

    There is a post keeping track of clearances here

    • Agreed, it generally sells, but i have seen 10 x 65" TVs just sitting there long after the sale before
      Plus other items that failed to sell.

  • I use Lasoo to look at the current catalogue, as when they go on sale, Aldi are already spruiking the upcoming one.

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