TV from JB Hi-Fi & Extended Warranties

Hey guys,

I Purchased a TV from JB HiFi in late 2014 ($1900) and it came with a 2 year warranty, and we purchased a 2 year extended warranty - bringing to the total warranty until August this year.

A few days ago my TV carked it, after 4 wonderful years of service. I called JB and they sent someone around to have a look, who basically diagnosed it and said it can't be fixed because the part that is needed is no longer manufactured. He reported this to JB and I am currently awaiting a response.

Basically, does anyone know what I can expect? The worry-wart in me thinks JB will try to pull a fast one, somehow. Are they obliged to replace the TV with cash, credit, or what?

Thanks all.

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    Most likely be replacement with same brands equivalent model.

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    No, I can not predict the future.


    I dont think you need to worry, they will replace your TV with a suitable equivalent or better. It probably won't be a refund as they can write off the replacement TV at their cost price.

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    I've had that with a washing machine. They just gave us our money back and offered an extra $50 of the unit if we bought a replacement from them.

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    Either they'll offer you a replacement or a refund. Pretty straightforward really. Given that your TV is four years old, you're pretty lucky that they can't fix it.


    JBHiFi's usually pretty good with this. They'll offer you an equivalent replacement or store credit for how much you originally paid for the TV (excluding cost of extended warranty). If you don't like the replacement they're offering you, ask for store credit and wait for a sale on a TV you like.

    In Jan 2017, I was given store credit on a broken laptop, I waited 3 months for a sale on a laptop I liked and then went and bought it. I think the store credit lasts 6 months or a year, can't remember correctly.


      you can get a refund to original form of payment


    Thanks guys. Ended up hearing back and yeah like other posters have said, they said they'll either offer a replacement tv of similar price or a store credit. I would be inclined to take the store credit, but should they also offer cash too, but just didn't mention it?


      Yes but you'll probably have to argue


    Get the cash back, rather than store credit . That way you cab keep an eye out for a great bargain/deal on a new TV, and your not locked in to just the 1 retailer.
    You probably would be best to go with a 4k TV for your new tele.
    4k and HDR, if can afford it. I got a 49inch TV for about $1,000 down from $2,499RRP , in recent Sony Eb Games deal.
    if you insist on cash back from JB Hi fi (which I think you are entitled to) , not store credit, then you will find plenty of good tv deals posted here regularly