Repair or Buy New Laptop

Hello team,

I have a ASUS F552LAV 15'which I bought in Sept 2014.The screen is flickering now ( no physical damage ) I was wondering if I should get the laptop repaired or just buy a new one?

Also if I had a extended warranty would this have been convered ?




    Buy a new one

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    a 4 year old notebook isnt going to last much longer, even if you repair the screen, something else could die a day later. Also the older it gets the more expensive it is to repair, so your propably better off putting that money you would of used to repair it to get something new which now has warranty.

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    Try and unclip the display cable and reclamp it again. There could be dust trapped in the port.

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    try take it to a repair shop or repair it byyourself if you're confortable doing so, and put an SSD in it if you haven't already, it will feel like a brand new laptop with the speed.


    Buy a new one. Don't wast your money for repair.

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    I was given an asus that was a few years older than yours.
    the inverter board that lit up the screen had died.
    replaced that and fixed the issue.

    not sure if that your issue.


      inverter board


      The inverter tends to be integrated onto the screen these days so not quite as cheap a fix as it used to be. Either way not hard to do.

      Not worth taking to a repair shop, but might be worth spending $100 for a new screen if OP feels up to a spot of DIY.


    You need to find out what the problem is first. Ask a friend or take it to a computer shop. Any problem with screens these days is at least $150> for phones so i could imagine its more for computers. It may be a easy fix that you could do yourself as others have suggested. if it is major just get a new laptop.

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    Give the repair a try yourself. If it breaks its a good excuse to buy a new one!

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    buy a monitor.

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    About $85-$110 for a new screen on ebay though it could just be a flakey cable too?

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    I am a disgrace to DIY mates:) :)
    I have an extended warranty on this.Not sure what it covers and how it works.
    Will take it to the place I bought it from (JBs).
    Will update asap

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