out of stock [QLD] 2.5kw Mitsubishi Electric Aircon $747.54 (Plus Bonus $100 EFTPOS Card & $300 Govt Rebate) @ Appliance Central eBay


The stars align for this deal for the next few days, get on it!

Reviews are really great for this brand of A/C between end users and installers alike (I am a sparky and have heard good things through the grapevine).

So how do we get to that unbelievable price? Here we go:

  1. 20% off at Appliance Central eBay store - refer here
  2. Apply for $100 eftpos gift card through Mitsubishi Electric - T&Cs
  3. Apply for $300 QLD Government energy efficiency rebate - here Deal link full credit to @headphonejack
  4. Upon installation get your installer to install PeakSmart aircon controller and apply for $100 back from Energex or Ergon - Details here

$934.42 less 20% = $747.54
$747.54 - $100 eftpos gift card - $300 energy efficiency rebate - $100 Energex/Ergon positive payback = $247.54
There maybe shipping costs outside of the Brisbane metro area, but for me it was free.


Original 20% off Selected Sellers at eBay Deal Post

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