Car MP3 FM Player - Which One?

I would like to see if there is any recommendation on a easy to use FM MP3 player. What it does is to play the MP3 songs from the microsd card and then transmitted into the car's FM radio.

I have tried a couple of them and all are not as what I am expected:
1. when turned on, it routed to the route when trying to pair to a phone via bluetooth
2. it does not have function to skip based on folder - literally you can potentially clicked hundreds of time to find the set of songs you like to hear.

What I am after is:
1. When turned on, it will start auto play
2. a button to skip song based on the folder structure.




    An alternative might be burning an MP3 CD (depending on the age of your car - obviously a REALLY old car won't have this). I remember most of them had folder skip etc. when I was growing up.

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    Oh wow I haven’t seen one of these fm transmitters for years.
    Have you looked at other options?

    Most newer cars have aux-in or usb, I assume yours hasn’t got usb hence the post. If it has the aux-in just buy a cable and your choice of easy-to-use mp3 player.

    If it’s an older car with the standard radio slot, just swap out the head unit for a newer one with aux, usb and bluetooth, a quick search on supercheapauto shows one at $110, I’m sure you’d find cheaper ones elsewhere/second hand.

    It may cost more than a fm trasmitter, but I’d say the convenience and ease of connection are well worth it.


    It's a 2005 Lexus rx330. Have 6CD stacks but will not support mp3. Have no aux input too lol.

    Tried to install a aux input by removing the unit and install a aux input box. It didn't work as there is a DVD player under the boot dedicated for the in-car GPS.

    Basically it's a all in one unit of car audio, Bluetooth, gps, air conditioner controlled by the same console so only changing to a DIN unti will not be feasible.

    FM mp3 transmitter would be my last option…


    Does it have to be playing from a Micro SD card?

    Here's my suggestion as this is what I'm currently using:

    Xiaomi ROIDMI 3S connected via Bluetooth to your phone, and play the music through that. I'm using Spotify, but you can easily just copy your MP3's to your phone.


      Preferably not as the car is also shared with another driver who is a lot less tech savvy (i.e. my wife).
      Basically I do not listen music while driving. This is mainly for the kiddo.

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    I have one of these ones

    Seems alright. I haven't tried folder skipping, but it came with a remote with a lot of buttons, so their might be one for that.
    If I remember I'll give a look tomorrow.


    Forget about FM transmitters, OP.

    2005 Lexus rx330

    I run a business that specialises in adding USB or Bluetooth streaming to these. However I'm on the GC, so too far away from you. Have a look here, these guys are my supplier and distributor of VAISTech products. There's the MML which provides a USB port, or the SL3B which provides Bluetooth streaming. You can only have one or the other, not both. Basically each of the systems emulate a CD stacker, but with meta data support and iPod connectivity mode (i.e. shows playlists from iPhone etc.) along with support for Spotify and other streaming apps. They also automagically click the annoying "I agree" button when you start navigation. Access is by pressing the CD button, each press alternates between the original factory CD stacker and the MML or SL3B. Besides the MML, the SL3B also has a USB port, but it is solely for charging devices only.

    I usually recommend the SL3B for Android users, and the MML for iPhone users or those that want to play music from USB sticks or portable HDDs.

    Their list of resellers in NSW is here.


    Buying a cheap used phone to connect to an AUX FM transmitter would be an easier and more convenient option.

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