1 Year Mobile Sim Only Plans

I am looking for a 1 year mobile sim plan. I am looking to pay in one go for the whole year. I have seen many deals from Kogan, Aldi, Lebara etc. Which is the best one and is it available currently? I can go with Optus or Vodafone or Telstra network. My only requirement is minimum 6-7 GB data per month and the more the better. I live in Tarneit VIC 3029.

Can you please help? Thank you.



    I am looking to pay in one go for the whole year

    There is nothing stopping you paying a year in advance on any monthly plan. You're account just goes into credit and each month they deduct the monthly service fee.

    So if you have an Optus/Voda/Telstra mobile plan @ $60 month, just pay a single payment of $720 and you're good for a year.


      But double check your bills each month in case you used a service that wasn’t included and charged you extra (eg automatic additional data), it won’t matter under you last bill, but it would be good to keep on top of from the start.

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    Why don't you look at price comparison sites, thus avoiding asking others to do the work for you.

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      To be fair, sometimes users explain deals better because comparison sites get paid on the info they portay, so what they say is the best deal might not always be.

      I remember looking at a price comparison site when looking at the P2XL, a user posted the $59 per month and the closest a price comparison site got was $99 per month on a lease.


        One would assume that you would have some form of regulation down there that forbids favoritism. How can a comparison site be credible if it's biased?
        But like everything in life, isn't it safer to check what you're being told and not take someone's word for it.

        It has been in my experience that telecom SIM deals change almost on a daily basis so what 'deal' one might get on one day might not be available on the next. That's why I suggested using comparison sites to at least get the feel for the market.

        If you're going to buy a phone, not getting a SIM only deal, a comparison site is probably the last place to look as a Google price check will, in my experience, give better results


    Also check the Latest Prepaid & Postpaid Mobile Plan Deals and Vouchers page, where current active mobile SIM deals are gathered in one page.


    Thank you everyone

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