Cheap Batteries

I am wondering if anyone has found any 'cheaper' batteries that last longer than some of the real el cheepos that are out there at the moment.
We seem to use a fair few these days between all the remotes, computer keyboards & Mice… The list just adds up.
Do you think the Bunnings cheap ones are the best?
Can you tell if a battery is a better one by its weight???

Thanks everyone!!!


  • you are in the wrong place.

    no one here has an opinion on batteries…..


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      Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and saviour Eneloops?

  • Why not look into rechargeable? Sure they cost more to begin with, but you will eventually phase out the regular batteries and find you no longer need to buy any more batteries.

    Eneloops used to be very popular here on OZB when Dicksmith used to have them on sales all the time. Now the popular ones are from Ikea, which apparently are rebranded eneloops batteries.

  • Ikea sells decent price ones - $3.99 for 10pk AA or AAA. I have used these and am happy with the quality for the price paid.

    They have 2 types of rechargeables which I have never tried. I would recommend Eneloop or GP Batteries if you're going down the rechargeable path. If the Ikea ones are rebranded Eneloops, they are worth the money.

    Heavier batteries generally indicate a higher capacity, but won't tell you anything about it's quality (leaks etc).

    • Heavier batteries generally indicate a higher capacity, but won't tell you anything about it's quality (leaks etc).

      Also comparisons between unlike chemistries are invalid. Lithium cells are lighter than alkaline but have greater capacity and very long shelf life. But they cost a lot more.

  • For alkaline just get the cheapest ones, there really isn't that much difference in performance between what you'd find at your local junk shops or a 'good' brand name.

    Just avoid the 'heavy duty' batteries, they're garbage (old school zinc-carbon).

  • Thanks all for your help. We do have rechargeable batteries so will start using them more. They do seem to run out of puff quickly though.

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      depends on the brand of rechargables.

      Ikea (from all the positive reports) and Aldi (from my own experience/testing) are both decent rechargables. they are both LSD - Low Self Discharge. which means they retain charge longer than non-LSD batteries.

      I use an Aldi AA LSD rechargable battery in my wireless mouse (~50 hours a week) and they last for ~6 months. charge overnight and then it is good for another 6 months.

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