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expired ILIFE V7S Pro Robot Vacuum & Mop $153.68 US (~$205.48 AU) Priority Shipped @ Gearbest


This is a seriously good smart vacuum that is a cheaper alternative to the popular Xiaomi Robot Vacuum. ILIFE have been around for years and have been a goto brand for budget robot vacuums.

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It's designed to clean carpets, mats and hard floors. It has 4 different kinds of cleaning mods controllable on the remote and can park itself back on the charging dock. It has a single side brush to help sweep up into the double V-shaped rolling brush. A mop can be attached to the bottom and fed water from the tank allowing it mop a floor. Unlike the previous model the tank won't drip when it's charging or stationary.

Battery life is about 140 minutes after a single charge. It has sensors to avoid obstacles including 4 IR sensors to stop sharp drops from stairs. The vacuum can clean under furniture with ease and if it somehow gets stuck it will automatically turn off.

I personally use one of these to clean my hard floors downstairs and I only have to give downstairs a quick vacuum with a Dyson once a week. It manages to go onto my carpet and mats fine and very good at picking up hair and cat fur.

Checkout detailed reviews here and here

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    Has anyone used both the Xiaomi and this? If so how do they compare

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      If it ain't got lidar for navigation it's no competition


      I have Xiaomi 2nd gen and seen a friend use the ILIFE.

      Comparing both, navigation on the Xiaomi is way ahead, because of the lidar sensor, it scans and maps the room. Then chooses the best path, it's very efficient and gets everything. The ILIFE just randomly bounces around the room, it'll randomly go over every part provided it runs long enough.

      But the best part is the Xiaomi can manage multiple rooms. If you just leave the doors open, it'll clean every room and come back to the charger. If it runs out of charge it'll pause, charge and continue where it left off. This is all because it can map the area with the sensor.


        Any idea if gen 2 mapping has any differences to gen 1 mapping. Or more sensors or something. I need something that can also get over small mini bumps in carpet between each room. It's enough to trip on if you aren't watching yourself or where you are going.

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    mr moneybags here with his 2 storey house, cats, rugs and dysons

    dat referral income


    Why do you still need to do a quick weekly vacuum with your Dyson if using this?

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