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[PC] 30% off Guild Wars 2 Expansions - Path of Fire Standard ~AU $28.80 (US $20.99) Collection ~AU $48.01 (US $34.99) / More


From their official twitter

Something to smile about on #NationalSmileDay: New to #GuildWars2? We're happy you've joined our community! Enjoy the Path of Fire & Heart of Thorns expansions for 30% off (standard or deluxe) with the coupon code "WelcomeToGW2" at https://buy.guildwars2.com ~RB2 #WelcomeToGW2

There is an influx of new players entering Guild Wars 2 due to Bless Online's failure of a launch in the western market. ArenaNet has recognised this and has taken the opportunity to give everyone a 30% off discount on all current expansions! Now is honestly the best time to try it out as the starting areas are filled with friendly veterans willing to help out new comers get settled in the world of Tyria.

REMINDER: The base game is FREE, and free accounts have very few limitations.

Path of Fire Price + Heart of Thorns (all current expansions)
Standard Edition ~AU$28.80 / US$20.99 ~AU$48.01 / US$34.99
Deluxe Edition ~AU$52.27 / US$38.49 ~AU$71.28 / US$52.49

Note: Heart of Thorns is Guild Wars 2's first expansion, though cannot be purchased individually with this coupon for some reason.
If you just want the HoT, CDKeys has it for AU$18.29 right now.

Path of Fire FAQ

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