Fitbit Warranty Period Extended to 2 Years

I'm a fan of Fitbit's products, but the manufacturing quality leaves a lot to be desired - I had my Charge HR replaced three times within the then-12 month warranty period due to the band peeling, and I've already had my Charge 2 band replaced twice (once due to peeling and once because the clip broke). EU residents already had a 2-year warranty, so I'm glad they've followed suit over here.

If they could get around to fixing a 16-month old data loss bug in the Android app next, that'd be great.



    Didn't you already have the same rights under ACL? I don't think 2 years is unreasonable considering these devices are a few hundred or what have you.


      You did, but fitbit wasn't coming to the party, ie 366 days old, no warranty or repairs. Hence why they took them to the ACCC.