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These terms and conditions apply to the offer (“Offer”) whereby customers who purchase $50 or more on selected household and personal care, baby and body care supplies will receive 20% off their order. Offer is valid until 11:59pm (AEST) on 30 June 2018. The Offer will only apply to items sold by Amazon AU on Amazon.com.au. Offers do not apply to purchases made from third-party sellers on Amazon.com.au even if “fulfilled by Amazon”.

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    I really want to like Amazon AU but they’re making it so hard with their ordinary prices…

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    Sorry to be only slightly on topic but after the way Amazon has decided to treat us because of this whole GST debacle, I plan to make a point of avoiding the Australian version wherever possible. Sh*tty prices and a pathetically small inventory do not an enticing offer make.

    I've been a loyal customer of theirs for over 10 years, but from now on Amazon will be my absolute last point of call until they reverse this decision.

    • +7

      "my absolute last point of call until they reverse this decision."…

      … That could well be a long wait. What appears to have been overlooked in the whole discussion about Amazon's decision is this. Amazon is a commercial business selling products and services. They are not in the business of being an unpaid tax collector, particularly for a foreign sovereign government in this case Australia. It is NOT a tax collection agency, except in the jurisdiction(s) where it operates. Australia, it has remarked in the news, is the only sovereign state in the world that asks a foreign commercial entity in an overseas domicile to collect tax, in this case GST, on it's behalf. It is a world first.

      If Amazon had decided to comply with this onerous requirement, they would have not only have collected the Australian GST, but also a recovery cost for the collection of that tax, thereby potentially making the price of their products & services uncompetitive, and also not worth their while to establish a separate servicing system to cater for what would be a tiny proportion of the total value of their sales. Particularly as they had already made a significant capitial investment to begin an online retail operation in Australia.

      If you have ire about this decision, the you should should direct it toward the Australian Government via your local Federal Member of Parliament. This government, as with previous governments, under the advice of Treasury had in the past and up to and including the 30th June, 2018, already deemed it uneconomic to collect GST on imported goods under the value of A$1,000.00

      If the government was dead serious about this issue, they could have levied the GST at the point of entry in Australia with either Australia Post or the commercial courier transport company making the final delivery to the addressee party. This WAS the system that was in place prior to the introduction of GST when we had good old fashion custome duties and sales taxes that were levied on the nominal value of the imported good. These had to be paid before your could take custody.


      • +4

        A few counter points:
        * Amazon already deals with sales tax in the USA which is vastly more complex.
        * GST collection is not that hard: Add 10% to price and at the end of the month submit a bank transfer to Australian Government.
        * Every time there is a pricing error, someone whinges about the company profiting from keeping the money for a month.
        * Australian retailers have the same impost in-terms of GST collection.
        * Levying the tax at point of entry is uneconomic, unless you add a $20 fee.

        Having said that, unlike what Gerry is hoping, this won't protect retailers in Australia, who predominately have a limited over priced range.

        • +2

          "* Amazon already deals with sales tax in the USA which is vastly more complex." - It collects for a domestic government (State and/or Federal) at the point of sales, required by their own laws. They are not obliged to be an unpaid tax collector to a forgeign sovereign state. A different matter entirely.

          "GST collection is not that hard: Add 10% to price and at the end of the month submit a bank transfer to Australian Government.", Not hard, but expensive to collect. Who pays… the [urchaser of course and not just the 10% GST, but also the cost of collection, which I mention could make the purchase uncompetitive.

          "* Every time there is a pricing error, someone whinges about the company profiting from keeping the money for a month." I fail to see any relevence with this point and/or why you make it?

          "* Australian retailers have the same impost in-terms of GST collection.". Yes, and that cost is incorporated into the price of goods & services, because EVERYONE of their customers in THIS country has to pay GST when purchasing Good & Services." Amazon would NOT be passing on the cost of collecting AUSTRALIAN GST to every one of it's customers. Again, I fail to see the relevence of your point.

          "* Levying the tax at point of entry is uneconomic, unless you add a $20 fee.". Which i what I already stated. Australian governments, of all persuasions, have already accepted advice from the Treasury the UNECONOMIC cost of collection for SMALL transactions, hence the current threshhold of A$1,000.00 or under.

          I am now getting to your last point "Having said that, unlike what Gerry is hoping, this won't protect retailers in Australia, who predominately have a limited over priced range.", I would concur completely.

          Listening to Gerry Harvey last week upon Amazon's announcement, I could swear he was channeling a style of "Donald Trump" nationalistic jingoism about how bad Amazon is.

          Tough luck Gerry! I say. This will not make a dent, and never has to Gerry Harvey's sales. Nor will it change, his employment policies, pricing structures or anything else for that matter.

          Gerry Harvey is nothing but a hypocrite in my opinion and is not deserving of any compassion for his continual whinging and whining on this matter. He has a very short memory. His businesses were one of the greatest beneficiaries of the 2008/2009 Rudd Government's stimulus package that saw the fastest take-up of large screen TVs in a very short period that this country has ever seen.

          In short, he will continue to compete regardless of this decision and I doubt whether he would bolster his sales or even increase the limited range beyond that he currently has on offer. Certainly most consumer goods that he sells are manufactured other than in Australia with the bulk coming from China and many with his own Harvey Norman brand. Instead he will go hunting for the next excuse to give cause for the government to change existing policy so long as he feels he & his cohorts will benefit greatly.

          Australians should be thankful for over-priced goods, low quality goods, poor service levels and having limited choices… I mean, that's why it's called the "Australia Tax"…. imposition of the GST on ALL imported goods will not change the status quo no matter what the whingers bay for next. Most (but not all, thankfully) Australian retailers will continue to do what they have never done…. lift their game and play fair to the Australian consumer.

          Note: I was an Australian retailer for many years, prior to the intoduction of the GST.

        • @et tu brute:

          Not hard, but expensive to collect.

          very cheap to collect. their fancy computery thing just adds 10% to the final cost.
          Then every month/quaterly/whenever their computery thingy, after earning interest on the amount, sends it to the ATO.

          As @Matthew42 points out, they handle the much more complicated US State taxes already, not to mention the EU too. This is a piece of piss in comparision as it's a fixed percentage for all addresses in AU and it goes to one govt entity the ATO. Or they could just pass you through to the AmazonAU checkout system to process. everything is already setup there.

          Personally I'd like the see the feds change to a <$500 GST free, OS companies charge 10%, but hand over 9%, so the 1% is to "cover costs" (but really is an incentive to collect it).

      • +1

        You are wildly and completely wrong.

        Amazon charges VAT for customers within the EU.
        And handles sales tax for varying US states just fine.

        This is not a world first, and it's NOT outside of what Amazon already does for more than one country.

        • Just to clarify, you mean Amazon US charged VAT for customers within the EU?

    • Really, I blame the government for imposing Australian tax laws on businesses outside our tax system.
      If they want to impose GST, it should be handled inside our borders like it is now for items over the $1000 threshold, not by foreign companies.

      That said, currently for items over $1000 Amazon US collects extra $$ in import fees anyway (and possibly more than it should be, though I think they refund any excess, for example this Neato D7, US$799 + US54.77 shipping, plus US$192.14 import fees)

      I think in this case it's more a matter of they have an Australian GST registered business that will be handling it already anyway, why double up on it. While it sucks for us, I can understand why they would make this decision.

      If Amazon doesn't increase the Amazon Global range, inflate the AU prices and we miss out on the bargains when the US price drops, well, that's a different story.

    • It's never going to happen, our market is so small, that even adding gst makes business as usual too expensive for amazon to deal with australia, so they decided to remove our ability to purchase from their global market altogether.

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    Cheap stuff!!

  • +1

    Thanks OP ,stocked up on heaps of stuff. It's now saying promotion ends July31st.

    • +1

      You're welcome and thanks I will update the end date :)

  • Note that for some of the Oral B toothbrush heads which are on the promotional page, if you change the quantity of replacement heads it no longer qualifies for the 20% off.

    • Is the device and heads good ?

  • Hey OP , Noticed this morning a new offer was advertised ,same deal except it was for 15% off on $50 spend expiring September 30. Can't see it now but I'm on my mobile ,thought it might be worth you posting it again with new offer if it is advertised again.