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50% off New Balance in-Store (On Full Priced Items) and Online Free Shipping over $100


Their annual (bimonthly?) sale is back on again. Needs no explaining, but 10 words.

Says full priced items only.

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  • Free shipping over $100.

    • Cheers, added.

  • full price items only

    • Sorry, I just revised it. Was a little slow to read the fine print given their big-graphics writing.

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      • Seems to only work on that pair of discounted shoes.. Can't get it working on anything else.

      • It seems to work on some and not others… fresh foam cruze sport don't discount in my cart but the 247 classics will

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    No Liverpool FC shirt? I was hoping that it would be there!

    • Likewise! Great shirt to wipe the dunny with

      • Even at half price, it would be an expensive one!

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    Men's 880v8 and 860v8 running shoes missing.. looks like they have removed items before the sale.

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      Hmmmm, a bit sneaky (pun). I was hoping to get some 860v8's, my poor old 860v4 are shot

    • I think the shoe link closing down sale has the 860v8 cheap.

  • Just picked up 3 pairs , cheers

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    dont forget the cart trick for free shipping for the orders below $100. just add some item on your cart and log off. then you will get an email saying like "complete your order with free shipping" i dont know if it works now but it used to work. worth a try.

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      Otherwise buy two pairs and return one pair for free.

      • I did this instead.

        Bought a size 9 and a size 10. Return the one that fits less well.

    • Thanks!

      • Did it work?

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          12 hours so far, not yet. I even made an account to save my cart.

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      Hasn't worked for me yet. Has been quite a few hours now.

      edit: Argh! The shoes I wanted are now out of stock anyway.

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        No free shipping code. Maybe they don't do it anymore.

        • Didn’t work for me last time either. Not only that I suspect they’re reading these comments or comments somewhere as they seem to pick up coupon exploits quickly

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    Just got the trust 624's again and added a pair of golf shoes for free shipping. Effectively the golf shoes cost me $60. Great bargain.

    • I miss the 623s :(

    • +4

      One of the times the deal was posted last year, I recommended these shoes as substitute business shoes but was howled down. I've worn them in place of proper work shoes, in the past they'd last less than a year. Usually something would wear out (be it the inner sole or the padding that rests on the back of my foot… not always the same foot either!). I solved the innersole issue by just getting innersole inserts, thus the current pair (which happens to be the last pair I ordered online) has lasted quite a while. But it's handy for deals like this to pop up again as I can get 2 pairs for the price of 1 (if ordered at the same time of course otherwise I'd be paying $75 per pair making it not as good for a deal).

      • Fascinating!

    • v3 or v4? v4 review is not good.

      • Ive had 2 pairs in the past 3yrs. I walk about 70kms/week in them. Comfy and long wearing. I only replaced the first pair because apparently they're not hot coal proof.

  • Thanks OP! Just bought new pairs for the kids and wife plus some socks to get free postage.
    Great offer - time was great!

  • +6

    247 classic $30

    Marked down from $120 to $60 apply code for another 50% off

  • code does not work on Cricket products

  • A lot of stuff that was on there a day ago is not on there now. Pretty sneaky and annoying.

    • pretty sneaky hehehe

  • Doesn't seem to work on items in clearance section but markdowns in normal sections will go 50% reduced price. Like above post I got 247 sport for $30.

  • What is sizing like in comparison to other companies like addidas?

    • They have Fit Finder. Use it to determine what size you should get. I find they're generally pretty true to size.

  • are the new FreshFoam Cruz included? I can't seem to find the new ones on there at all.

    • Couldnt find V2 either. Are the Cruz a good running shoe?

      • +1

        No idea. I just like the look of them. See how they go.

        • Confirmed that the V2 aren't included and have been taken off the website while the promo is running

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    624s on my feet 'til I die IDGAF

    • v3 or v4?

      • V4. I've gone through about 6 pairs in the past 3 years. Not great, but I do 8km+ in a day, every day, in them. Only good trick is some makeup pads behind some gaff tape around the inside heels, stops the padding from wearing through too quick. The rest of the shoe seems durable enough to me.

  • Great, my 5 other pairs still sitting in their boxes are starting to look worn out

  • Thanks! Up-vote to OP. I just ordered another pair of 857v2's.

  • Anyone know when the promo ends?

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      ends Wed 6th June 2018 at 11:59pm AEST.

  • I have just ordered a new pair of 857v2's as well. At half price they are a bargain. Thanks to the OP.They are one of very few shoes that are wide enough for my feet @6E.

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