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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Fitness Watch OLED USD $16.98 (AUD $22.59) Delivered Xiaomi MC Store @ AliExpress


OK it's not as cheap as my $9.99 USD deal but still a good price if you're still in the market for one of these…

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  • Mi Band 3 just released. They look pretty cool.

    In a related question, do these do full English display?

    • Roman letters are much easier to display than Chinese.
      The APP is English, so does the display of Band2


      I don't believe a release date exists for the 3. Yes, the 3 has been announced with a promise release date this year.
      Screen size is much bigger on the 3 (great for notifications) and NFC. Possibly too thick for young kids.

  • The Mi Band 3 will arrive on the Chinese market on June 5 at a price of 169 yuan (about $26) for the standard model and 199 yuan (about $31) for the one with NFC. At the moment we don't know when it will arrive in markets outside of China, or how much it will cost.

  • What's cashrewards?

    Sorry, new here. I promise I like bargains!

    • It's a cashback website - make sure you use a referral to sign up as you'll more than likely get $10 added to your account www.cashrewards.com.au

    • When you make purchases, you get to keep a bit of the sales commission. (Often 1-5%, sometimes more)

      You have to sign up with one, eg Cashrewards, then you visit Cashrewards and use their links to go to shopping sites (eBay) and buy shortly after going to the shopping site.

      There's a lot more tips about how it works best, but that's a basic introduction.

  • deleted….nvm

  • Don't see this price. Shows USD 19.30 for me.

  • Merged from Did Anyone Receive Their Order for The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 from Xiaomi MC Store?

    I placed an order for the Xiaomi Mii Band 2 that was posted here back on 4/6/18.


    It has not arrived. It said in the order that delivery can take up to 41 days. It is now past 41 days so I contacted the seller. The seller said that AliExpress has marked the order as closed because I took too long to contact them. This makes no sense. I wouldn’t have been able to lodge a complaint prior to the 41 days. Not happy!

    Did anyone else receive theirs?

    • No, but i didn't order one

    • The seller said that AliExpress has marked the order as closed because I took too long to contact them.

      Could this be because your payment didnt go through and they were waiting for you to contact them and fix it? I am sure I had a similar issue with one of the Chinese sites but can't remember which one it was.

    • It said in the order that delivery can take up to 41 days

      This will always be business days.

    • Did you get any form of tracking? Was the ordered marked as posted?

    • Merged with original post + comment re-opened. You might get more response here from other users who have subscribed to this thread.

  • Just had another response in Chinglish.

    “hey friend, I'm sorry, this order was closed by Aliexpress on June 5th, money have returned to your payment card for a long time.“

    Sure enough after checking my bank statement the money was in fact returned. I did not receive any notification from seller or AliExpress of this. Not even in my junk folder. I’ve been waiting all this time for nothing. Not ordering from AliExpress again.