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Ergohuman V3 Office Chair $381.65 + Variable Shipping @ eBay (from Temple and Webster)


I've been looking for a comfortable and affordable office chair for a long time. Tried this out today and it's so damn comfortable. Coupon gives you 15% off. Quick you only have till midnight!

Inc 5 year manufacturer warranty and free coathanger rack!

Details here: https://ergohuman.com.au/ergonomic-office-chairs/ergohuman-c...

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    god damn it. Waited for 6 months for a special on these and finally decided it wasnt going to happen and pulled the trigger 2 weeks ago, buying the version 2; Very happy so far.

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    Was tempted, interestingly this one has a plastic base and arm rest supports unlike the one referenced above on the ergohuman website. Special cheapie model for T&W?

    • or a replica? Milan Direct has always sold replica of Eames, etc… but they usually include that in the description

  • -1

    Your price is wrong, it is cheaper with 15% off

    • +2

      maybe they are including postage + $100 to perth

  • Saying it is out of stock

  • +1

    Is the v3 better than the v2?

  • +1

    Got V1 from gumtree for $200…2yrs old.
    It has arm rest and headrest. Bery happy with the chair.

  • Save for an Aeron, nothing compares.

  • Still rocking a v1 from six years ago. One of the best purchases I've ever made.

  • Want a deal on the 'elite', with the headrest. That would be awesome

  • $381 chair but CAN IT DO THIS?

    • +2

      The suspense is killing me

  • +3

    I'm only buying this for the coat hanger

  • Been looking for a deal on these for months. Cheers

  • so how much better is this than a buro metro? is it better? anyone have experience of both?


    • +6

      I've got a Buro Metro. Had it since 2013. Great chair. Very comfortable for long sits. Have used it in the office up until this week. I went to Temple & Webster's showroom in Richmond to try out the Ergohuman v2 (with headrest and I got the leather seat option as the mesh felt like it didn't support me that well). I've ordered it and delivery expected in a day or so. The Buro will be used in my home office, the Ergohuman at work. So comfortable! So much support. I like the ability to rock back with head support. The arm rests are also very useful since they twist inward which supports me better while typing (the v3 has this). A chair with a lower back is great for a task oriented job/purpose. If you ever need to read lots, think, just browse with the mouse…even have a power nap - I would recommend a high back for the flexibility to adopt a more restful position.

      • that's a great reply - thanks! shame it seems the voucher has expired, not sure i can convince my better half i need a new chair at this price!!

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  • Just wanted to add that Temple and Webster have great warranty service. I had a problem with a chair under warranty and when they could not get the part in reasonable time they kindly sent me a whole new chair.

  • why did it say Milan Direct in the ebay listing's description?

    • Milan direct was purchased by temple and webster.

  • Missed it … hopefully ebay will bring another EOFY deal soon

  • the best thing about these chairs is the warrenty. had mine for about 4 years or something, one of the handrests failed (quality plastic, just alot of use) and straight up replaced. didnt even have to send the part in. Quality. PS (10 year warrenty)

  • Damn I was looking forward to getting one of these but missed out!

    Great deal OP (:

  • +2

    You had me at free coat hanger rack!

  • I got the V2 Plus with headrest about 7 years ago, it's amazing.