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    Heathens negging in 10, 9, 8…..

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    If you're thinking of investigating Christianity for what it's worth, I'd recommend the following books.

    The Reason for God by Timothy Keller
    Addresses the rational aspect of believing in God and having faith, while challenging the modern mindset.

    The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel
    Written by a former sceptic who undertook a thorough investigation of Christianity. Also came out as a movie last year!

    God's Big Picture by Vaughan Roberts
    Explains how the entire Bible presents a single narrative about Jesus Christ - the gospel (good news).


      Hadn't heard of the movie, cheers!

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      Very nice suggestions. I'd like to add Mere Christianity by CS Lewis to the list - he addresses fundamental concepts in layman's terms regarding what Christianity is in a logical, interesting way.


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      I'd also like to recommend The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins.


        Also The Selfish Gene. It's basically first year biology crammed into one plain language pop science book. The Greatest Show on Earth as well. Some chapters from these books were actually required reading in my biology studies, the selfish gene especially made the most waves within academia. It's where the term and concept of a "meme" was coined, that was Dawkins.

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        Dawkins stuff on biology is worth the read, on religion, he is pretty well out of his depth. The God Delusion was a popular book but it has little in the way of substance and atheists who have done more than scratch the surface of the topic tend to distance themselves from many of its claims. It's lack of substance even significantly contributed towards prominent atheist Anthony Flew becoming a deist (although not a theist).

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          Sure thing. Dawkins isn't for everyone.

          Then I would recommend God is not Great by Christopher Hitchens.

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          @dgs: Christopher Hitchens got/gets a whole lot more of my respect, I have seen/read a fair bit of his stuff, didn't change my mind in respect for theism but did make me think, unlike Dawkins. He is in what is still my favourite atheism/theism debate with Douglas Wilson which is worth a watch if you haven't seen it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJ23ZPIZIao I think it is still my favourite, not due to it being the best case for theism as I think there is better, and not due to it representing my exact belief set as I differ from Wilson on various things, but due to the way they go about hard but with respect for the other person, learning from each other as they go, which too often seems to be missing.

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          @tryagain: Hitch is/was one of my favourites.

          I'll check the video out. Didn't neg you by the way. Thanks for a strangely respectful discussion here.

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          @dgs: thanks for engaging in this thread with your own thoughts. It's great when discussions are mutually respectful/gracious and yet both sides are interested in challenging the other instead of hiding behind group affiliation and political correctness. As someone keen on these topics, I find the opportunities for these conversations diminishing very quickly in Australia.

          I'd like to highlight another resource that you can explore through the intellectual John C Lennox. He has, in fact, debated with both Dawkins and Hitchens on both of the books you mentioned:

          1. Richard Dawkins vs John Lennox: The God Delusion Debate https://youtu.be/zF5bPI92-5o

          2. Christopher Hitchens vs John Lennox: Is God Great? https://youtu.be/5OXPlUCGScY

          Please note that the sponsors for the debate are a Christian organisation but I hope it will not give you the misconception that the event is in any way biased/unfair/prejudicial. I think if you watch the debates you will see that it is fairly governed and each side is courteous in their dialogue.

          Finally, I would encourage you to make use of the Koorong sale which ends on Saturday. Here is a book by John Lennox which may interest you:

          God's Undertaker: Has Science Buried God?

          All the best for your pursuit in this area! Happy to discuss further if it seems good to you.

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          @vSchweetz: All good. I've been to Koorong several times over the years, as I come from a very religious Coptic Orthodox family. Been an atheist for several years now; but thanks for the recommendations, I'll definitely check em out.

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      I'd also recommend

      Misquoting Jesus by Bart Ehrman
      Makes the provocative case that many of our widely held beliefs concerning the divinity of Jesus, the Trinity, and the divine origins of the Bible itself are the results of both intentional and accidental alterations by scribes.

      Forged by Bart Ehrman
      exposes one of the most unsettling ironies of the early Christian tradition: the use of deception to establish the truth


        Have a look at this review of Misquoting Jesus from an Athiest website http://commonsenseatheism.com/?p=27 he get's some respect from me for actually studying the new testament which most prominent Atheists don't seem to do but the little I have read of his is misleading.

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    Thought this said Kogan for a second lol was going to say I didn't think Ruslan was that old yet !

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    Awesome timing. Recently spilt coffee all over my bible, so I guess I have a reason to get a new one… and maybe a few books for the boys in prison too

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      Isn't it seven years bad luck to spill a dark liquid onto a bible? You should buy seven bibles and layer them between mirrors lined with real silver. Put the stack in your attic and leave it there for seven weeks to purify your home. Make sure the stack faces east though. You don't want to know what will happen to you if it faces west…