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8 in 1 Disassembling Tool Set Repair Kit for iPhone 5 5S 6 6S US $0.65 ~AU $0.85 Delivered @ Zapals


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This 8 in 1 iPhone Disassembling Tools Repair Kit is a great tool set for disassembling phones. Perfectly suitable for iPhones and other smartphones.


  • Professional screwdrivers allow you to open the cover of your iPhones easily and without damage to the phone cover.
  • The star pentalobe screw driver made just for the iPhone and ipad; mega tool kit for all types mobile phone.
  • Great tool set for collecting or everyday use.
  • Light weight,it is very convenient to carry.


Type iPhone Disassembling Tools Repair Kit
Package Contents 3 x Mini Screwdrivers (Straight, Cross, Five-star)
2 x Scrapers
2 x Picks
1 x Suction cup

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  • iFixIt Repair Kit but for Ozbargainers.

  • -3

    Wouldn't it void warranty?

    • Yes just like anything electronic now a days. But if you like messing around with your phones and tablet this is pretty handy.
      Also you can change your own screen and if you have these.

    • +1

      Majority of these phones would be out of warranty anyway.

    • Use it after the warranty period then…? duh

  • I wonder if this will help me open up my iPod Classic. It needs a new battery.

    • +1

      Yes, get this, don't use a screwdriver you'll scratch and bend.

      • Thanks. Ordered. Now I have to wait.

  • +6
    • 11 in 1 US $0.73 (Couple of extra screwdrivers + SIM card slot opener): https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Professional-11-In-1-Phones-...

      • How's Aliexpress shipping time? Trust worthy to buy from their sellers?

        • About a month based on personal experience.

          I've found them to be reliable, but keep in mind they're a marketplace, like eBay, so if you come across a seller with no sales or feedback be cautious.

          If you have an issue with the order there's buyers protection and you can open a dispute, which has worked for me in the past when I've had issues with an order.

  • +1

    Thanks, was looking for one of these for my tablet :)

  • thanks for sharing

  • +1

    Useful, but usually if you're buying a replacement part (phone battery or screen, etc) you'll get a kit like this for free or maybe a dollar extra anyway.

  • +2

    I've used this exact kit to fix phones and tablets, its not too bad but the prying tools are weak. The guitar pick tools are pretty good.
    You have to be really careful with the pentalobe screwdriver and push in hard while turning or you will strip the head and its in there forever. Be careful!

    • Is that due to the cheap screwdriver or would any pentalobe screwdriver have this issue?

      • I'd say due to the cheapness of the driver itself.

        I haven't seen any quality ones, but if you are very careful with the cheap one you should be ok.

  • Mine arrived last week or so. Thanks.

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