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Olympus 12-40mm F/2.8 PRO Lens $678.30 Shipped @ digiDIRECT


It's 15% of everything Olympus at DigiDirect for the long weekend but as local stock of this lens has always been really cheap compared to overseas it's very rarely on sale.

Key Features:

  • Micro Four Thirds Mount
  • 24-80mm (35mm Equivalent)
  • Aperture Range: f/2.8 to f/22
  • 1 Aspherical ED & 2 Aspherical Elements
  • 1 DSA, 2 ED, 1 HD, 2 HR Lens Elements
  • High-Speed Imager AF with MSC
  • Linear Motor Drive System
  • Manual Focus Clutch
  • Dust, Freeze and Drip-Proof Construction
  • 7-Blade Circular Diaphragm

$799 at Teds
$850 from DWI (grey market)
$899 at JB
$799 USD and amazon.com (plus delivery)

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    • +15

      Uhhh.. Olympus?

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    Yeah, it's micro 4/3s, like pretty much every Olympus lens (they may still sell some old 4/3 lenses), and as such will work with any Olympus or Panasonic replaceable len camera released in the last decade.

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    This is the best low light Lens I have ever used. Good price (very Good)! and because they tend to hold value extremely well a check of second hand market shows you are buying at used price or better.
    Also "You can use a Micro Four-Thirds lens on a Micro Four-Thirds camera and they are compatible between manufacturers, so Zuiko, Olympus, Panasonic, Leica, Sigma and Samyang lens are all compatible with cameras from Olympus and Panasonic as long as the mounts are Micro Four-Thirds"

    • what's your view on m43 vs eosM

      • +1

        dont go near sony unless your wallet is deep enough to get their lenses.
        plus with olmypus you got choices of lenses: olympus, panasonic, and maybe couple more.

        • yeah sony is out of my league

          i'm contemplating on eosM family as it has apsc size sensor

        • +1

          The biggest benefit going m4/3 is the lenses are physically smaller. If you use an apsc sensor then you need the same size lenses as the 70d/700d/80d bodies.

          Ive got one of these 12-40 lenses on an Olympus EM-1, it’s a great match for the camera and weatherproof too.

      • +2

        M43 has a lot more lenses and having been around longer, is more refined than the Canon.

      • M43 all the way.

    • Agree.

      Check second hand market.
      Try lenses with F<2.8 if you want nice bokeh for portrait shooting. For example,
      Secondhand Panasonic 25mm F/1.8 about $200 on eBay

      • Panasonic regularly give out that 25mm f1.8 lens for free with a camera purchase.

  • I saw this a few days ago and was tempted to pick this up along with an OMD E-M10.

    But having just spent almost $1k on repairing my garage door and PC, I was a bit hesitant to spend $1500 on new camera gear… especially knowing I'd be spending more on spare batteries and maybe even new memory cards too (I've got plenty of camera bags from past deals so I'm good there).

    Maybe next time if there is one.

  • Defacto best one zoom to rule them all, until 12-100/4 came out. Thank goodness it's so expensive.

    • I got one for 1200 a ebay sale with 20% off from eglobal a few months back (xmas?). Mate was telling me wholesale in AUS was about 1260exgst, so figured it was a pretty good deal.

  • Thats a fantastic price.

  • +1


    Paid $650 last year from cambuy.

    • +6

      I find it great, as the MCG and most sports stadiums have a 200mm limit, and I get to take the 150mm (300mm Equivalent)with no issues as security only looking at whats written on the lens

      • -5

        The crop factor is an indication of how the image will look when the picture would be taken in a Full Frame (35mm) sensor and cropped later (as if you have zoomed-in), it's not a literal zoom factor! Both the images will have the same focal length and distortion distribution from center to edge, the only difference is in field-of-view.

        I will give you one example, take a photo in your m43 and crop it by a factor of 2 later. Now the image will fill up your screen just as the uncropped one and you get a feeling of zooming, right? This is what called crop factor, it's an "apparent" effect, not real and it only says what will be the field-of-view compared to a full-frame sensor. So, a crop-factor of 2 of m43 says that the field-of-view will be half of a full-frame sensor. And as a result, you will find it difficult to take photos in tight spaces as the scene will get cut off which would not happen in a full-frame sensor.

        Jeez, the fact that I got negged and your comment got upvoted is the proof that there are lots of "professional" photographers on the loose in the neighborhood. Feel free to neg again guys.

        • +4

          @bargainaus "you will find it difficult to take photos in tight spaces as the scene will get cut off which would not happen in a full-frame sensor."

          I'm sorry mate but everything you said is just plain wrong. You're perpetuating one of the crop sensor myths.

          The lenses are designed specifically for the sensor size. That's why all of the regular kit zooms start from 12mm to 14mm (24mm to 28mm equiv). It's why the native ultra-wides (of which there are 4) start from 7mm. They are every bit as wide as their FF counterparts. The only difference is that they're not subject to nearly the same levels of distortion as on the larger format.

          On FF it's the 24-70mm and 70-200mm combo that are the workhorse lenses for many photogs. They exist for m43 as well, it's just that their counterparts are the 12-35mm and 35-100mm duet, and they afford the exact same field of view. Your suggestion that "the scene will get cut off" with the latter pair is a nonsense.

          It's only when you mount full frame lenses (without a focal reducer such as the metabones speedbooster) on a m43 camera that the field of view narrows as you describe.

        • Hey guys, don't neg bargainaus' comment.

          He/she's trying to be helpful, even if the technical thinking behind the comment is flawed.

          Rather than vote people like bargainaus down, help them understand their ignorance through a helpful explanation just as soothsayer did.

          It also helps people who don't know which camera system to decide on make the correct decision.

        • @soothslayer:


          If someone on full frame likes using, say 24mm, and wants the same field of view on a cropped 1.6x sized sensor, they will need to get something at 15mm. On 4/3s, it'll be 12mm.

          The smaller sensor is also an advantage for telephoto shooters. On my Nikon 1 system, a 100m becomes 270mm equivalent and there's stiall a 6.7-13mm UWA so we're not left in the dark on the wide end.

        • @Fuchal: Each to their own but I believe the neg has a place on forums. I'll use it when a post is objectively incorrect to make it easy to identify (i.e. at a glance rather than having to read through several paragraphs) that the information may not be the best or right to follow.

          I'm all for posting a comment to explain the flaws but +'s and -'s when done en masse do make it easier for noobies to be able to identify if information is reliable or not. It shouldn't be taken as an act of hate.

        • +3

          @Fuchal: The neg is so people can see that the information is incorrect.

  • +2

    eBay Ryda or NoFrills were in stock for $640 Australian stock after the 20% off. Looks like they have just sold out, they had 4 left yesterday.

    • Thanks for this. I'm probably gonna keep an eye on their stock levels and pick out one with an E-M10 mk3… Hopefully the latter will be a bit cheaper by the time the next sale comes around.

    • +1

      DigiDirect are also using Australian stock.

  • Is store pickup an option?
    Save on delivery fee.

    • +1

      it's free delivery, but it's in store too, so you can just go in an buy one.

      • +1

        Thanks. I paid online and will pickup at the store.

  • If only they included the Olympus compatibles like Zeiss.
    Near to impossible to find the planar 1.4 85mm at a decent price here in Oz or overseas

  • Great lens, great price.

  • Great lens, great travel / walk around lens, if you only had one lens for M43, this is the one.
    I use two systems, Canon APSC (7D) and M43, I shoot more on M43.

    • +1

      I have a whole lot of Sony Alpha SLR gear. I've been using the system since it was Minolta.

      I picked up an Olympus OM-D E-M10 for a lightweight travel camera, and I've been shocked by how good the image quality is, and how good the glass is (particularly the fast primes).

      Plus, it's just much more pleasant to shoot with and lug around.

      The downside is that I have thousands of dollars of Sony SLR gear I now barely touch.

      • Same. I have hardly touched my 600D and the dozen or so lenses I have for it since getting my Nikon V1 and 3 lenses. I have a V2 coming (pretty much got the last one from Ryda at clearance prices) so I imagine that with the better manual controls, and just 3 lenses that meet my needs, I should probably start thinking about selling the Canon gear.

        I am tempted to get an EM10 with the 12-40mm though… I can definitely see this as a single lens option for travel.

        • Mugsy, I use an E-M5 Mark II with this lens, its a great option if you only have one lens.

          On my last holiday, I borrowed a 40-150 pro to pair with it but only used that lens for a couple of hours

        • @ma77: Cheers for the insight mate.

          I use to use a 350D with 17-85 and I mainly shot at the wide end. I later upgraded to the 600D and decided the 15-85 IS was worth it for me seeing how I never felt 17mm was wide enough and the 15-85 is sharper at the wide end. I don't often use 85mm (the only time I can recall was when I was taking shots of fairy penguins about 10yrs ago) so the faster aperture of the 12-40 would be more useful despite the loss of reach compared to what I'm use to. It would mean that I can go without a fast wide angle prime too.

        • @ma77: I decided to do some research in the E-M5 and I'm thinking this the camera body for me. Main reasoning is the swivel screen rather than the tilt screen of the E-M10… I'm use to that with my Canon 600D. I usually shoot with the screen out to the side as my nose ends up greasing up the screen too much. Seems to come as a kit for under $1600 when on sale. Looks like I'm gonna be saving up for that next sale!

  • These lenses are awesome.. I live in Europe and over here you won't find this lens for less then 1000 euro last time I was in aus I managed to pick it up for this price… I'd be buying five if I was home and selling em over Here

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