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Philips Hue White Ambiance Smart Bulb Starter Kit - Edison Screw E27 $120 (or $100 New Account) @ Amazon AU


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  • Ideal wake up light - mimic sunrise and sunset for a natural wake up/go-to-sleep rhythm Wi-Fi controllable smart LED lights with pre-set light recipes to help you energize in the morning, for your child to concentrate and for you to relax and read in the evening
  • Change your light setting (dimming and pre-set light recipes) with the hue wireless dimmer switch from the comfort of your sofa
  • Connect the Hue Bridge with two bulbs that fit standard-size table lamps and a dimmer to control the light intensity. Grow your system with support for up to 50 lights.
  • Easily expand your lighting system with up to 12 accessories per system (sold separately), such as a Hue Tap or Hue Motion Sensor. Pair it for automation with your existing Nest or SmartThings system.
  • Control your lights with your voice using Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Assistant. Pair it for home automation with your existing Nest or Samsung SmartThings system and others.

Original $20 off for New Users AMAZON20 Deal

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    Good price! Comes with the wireless dimming kit too.


    Has Australia finally caught up and is selling the 3rd gen 'Richer Colours' bulbs?


      Has been sold in au for a while now. All the colour enabled bulbs on amazon au are richer colors. Latest is gen 4 however.


    I was tempted on the last deal but for 3 bulbs and no dimmer. Should I get this, and why?

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      Last deal are the better globes. They do colour and all whites. These are white only

      Dinner is pointless as you will need to use the hue app to setup and create your own sequences/colours etc.


        Thanks for that, I'll pass based on your comment. I did like the other deal, I just find it hard to justify the price difference over the Yeelight. I have a 1st gen Yeelight for my front porch, was thinking of adding a few more for internal lights but waiting for a deal on the 2nd Gen Yeelights and then these posts are popping up. Might need to look into it more

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        What do you mean the dimmer is pointless? It may not be for you, but it serves a purpose for some. I don't carry my phone from room to room just so I can turn lights on and off, change between 5 different scenes or adjust brightness (which these are able to do for single or multiple sets of lights/rooms). Much easier to have one in each room.


          Pointless or for a better description, limited predefined actions.

          App with a phone, tablet or a voice device are the way to go

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          @Suspect420: not for everyone. I don't use voice (don't expose my network to that kind of service) and prefer to use small, physical switches for most of my config. Really depends on how big your house is, how many devices and what you want to do. Tablets make sense in some rooms, switches in others.


        I feel the complete other way in regards to the switches. I consider the dimmer switches close to essential if you have a number of people at home and have a home of a reasonable size and you don't want to drive them nuts by forcing them to use an app to control the lights. Likewise it helps stop people powering the lights using the switch which in turn means you can't use an app or voice to control the lights.

        We have about 6 - 10 switches scattered about the house for the 20 - 30 globes so that people can leave their phone in another room and don't have to power the hue off. Also worth noting as soon as that happens, the bulbs revert to their default setting. I would recommend any household with more than one person to invest in the switches TBH (or if you plan to have guests), I think it makes the whole setup far more convenient.

        I'd also suggest people look at contact or motion sensors to automate certain spaces that you may not spend huge amounts of time in (laundry, garages etc)

        Note we do also use voice and the app, but the switches complement those. We use them more for on/off than we do for changing scenes. As it is most of our bulbs are the standard white variety.


      I think this is a good kit, as is the other. Depends on whether you want coloured lights or not. If you plan to get more bulbs over time it won't really matter. I started with a colour kit but 80% of our bulbs are the cheaper ~$30 white bulbs given outfitting a house with colour bulbs that normally run at $80 is prohibitively expensive, and in most places we dont need that mood lighting anyway.

      I posted a pretty length response on this page regarding the dimmer. Personally I HIGHLY recommend it. Smart lighting will not work if you ever turn them off at the wall so by placing those switches around you can turn lights on and off without them actually losing power and thus the ability to be managed by an app, smart assistant like a Google Home mIni etc. Unless everyone in your house has a smart watch or will ALWAYS have their phone on them, I consider the switches a great investment. Even if you always have your phone near by its usually quicker to hit a switch placed strategically on a wall than it is to use voice or interact with a phone app or even a phones smart assistant.

      If you ever have guests over who may want to flick a light, then its good to have something physical there. Note toggling the power using your normal wall switch will work but it'll revert the bulbs to their default out of the box state so its a pain, especially if you're keen on using coloured lighting.

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      Mine seem to only work intermittently. It's almost like they're solar powered where these bulbs are mains powered…


        I had similar issues of being intermittent, sometimes it worked & sometimes not…it carried on likes this for a few months, very frustrating indeed.
        Anyhow, I was fishing around in the app after an update and come across a setting where I could change the channel it was communicating on. Change the channel & it hasn’t skipped a beat since!

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    How many of these light bulbs does it take to screw people? I kid, might actually check em out

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    Feels like I am the only one looking for the baton type(B22) bulbs….can't see any comments asking for the B22s. My house is not that old (8yrs) and I have all baton type light points. Yet I see mostly E27 type starter kit offers all the time!


    How much would an equivalent Xiaomi setup cost, and what would be the main differences between that and this?