[Group buy] US$265 Beelink S2 Gemini Lake N5000 2.7GHz Intel® UHD Graphics 605 8GB LPDDR4 128GB SSD Licensed Windows 10 Mini PC

Hi All, I'm new to this so I'm not sure if this is allowed.

Basically I'm looking to buy this mini pc. looks like a decent spec and good review http://www.bee-link.com/Beelink-MiniPC-TV-BOX-108-1.html. However, the cheapest I can find is at Geekbuying for US$295.99 which is also pre-order.

I searched everywhere in ebay or amazon in Australia and none of it available. Therefore I contacted the manufacturer directly and they agreed to do a small group order (min. 10pcs) for US$265 each shipped to Sydney.

Just want to know if any members interest and would like to group order this together?
I personally interested on the 8GB/128SSD model, however they do have a cheaper model which is 4GB/64SSD for about US$180 shipped.

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  • Seems like a lot of work to save $50.

  • I guess if we have more people to join we could negotiate a better price.

  • I read all the complaints on Beelinks official FB page about poor service lack of updates etc, Looks good on paper but no thanks

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      Those complaints seem to be referring to the Android TV Boxes that are almost never updated by manufacturers. Fortunately the Beelink S2 is running Windows 10 so Microsoft, Intel etc. handle updates.


    Currently the coupon BEELINK1 makes it 289.00 US, but I can ask GeekBuying tomorrow to see if there is a better price.

  • Just got email form the supplier and they said we can do mix order of the the N4100(4G/64G) and n5100(8G/128G) version for US$175 and US$265 respectively shipped via DHL. Sound like a good deal. I'm going to order 2 myself if we have enough people to share the rest.