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Distressed Comfort Craftsman Boot Black/ Bark - $395 (Was $545) - Available Online Only @ R.M. Williams


I've been hanging out on a deal on the standard Comfort Craftsmans from RM (I'm a bit wary of using a reseller in case there are any after sales issues on such an expensive purchase) so if you're in the same boat and would prefer to buy direct this might appeal. I stopped by the store and they described them as a bit of a rougher matte look than the standards so not the office suited ones that I'm looking for unfortunately.

Only available in G (standard width)
Lots of size available in Black, less in Bark

Our Distressed Comfort Craftsman boot is crafted from a rugged performance leather with water resistant qualities and is combined with our signature rubber outsole. This seasonal update to our flagship boot is an ideal work-horse for winter months.

This is part of their End of Season Sale
Check it out for deals on their other stuff…like this this cool Akubra! down to $154 (was $220)

EDIT - Added this code (RMW15) I found - it allows you to add any of the leather care products for free. I can't comment with any certainty on what would be best to choose for this boot since with its water resistant finish I don't think you polish. At the least you can grab a $30 can of leather conditioner for other shoes.

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    Have previously purchased RMs from DJs combining sale and Amex cashback. Fit wasn’t quite right - went to an RMs store and they refitted me (in sizes no available at DJs) and exchanged and I even purchased some polish and wax from the store to support and thank them. Can’t fault the after-sales experience, even though I bought from a reseller. Just had to show them my DJs receipt and they were happy to help.

    • That's actually great to know, I ran into the problem at DJs that they only had standard fit and I had wanted a Narrow fit. I'll keep this in mind for next time.

    • -29

      At $400 (and more) for shoes, they should have washed and polished your car - twice! Even this discounted price is disgraceful. No pair of shoes on the planet is worth $400 unless they come with a gold ingot hidden in the heel for emergencies.

      • +6

        Hah. I have a pair of work shoes I’ve been wearing every work day for 5 years that look as good as when I bought them. A good pair of shoes pays itself back many times over. These shoes will last 10 years at least.

        • +2

          Yes, but how many times did you re-sole? And how much did that cost?

      • +1

        Well, they're made in Australia, and the Australian cost of labour being what it is, this is the price you pay. Its a quality product and it keeps some people in a job. Better lawyers and doctors buy these rather than some Italian wingtip.

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        so dont buy bro..but atleast stop preaching..

      • +1

        What exactly are you going to do with a 10 gram ingot of gold in an emergency?

      • I guess you won't be buying a pair of Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 (~$1500).

    • RMW are pretty good like that. One of my work colleagues had an issue with the way the sole was stitched on, this was two years after purchased. RMW had it posted back to the factory and redone for nothing!

      That said, my current pair of comfort craftsman cost about $350 about six years ago as I recall, $545 RRP seems a bit steep.

      • It's because RM Williams isn't Australian owned anymore (although they are still made in Australia). Louis Vuitton bought RM Williams a few years back, and since then their prices have skyrocketed.

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    Thank you! Been looking at these for ages :)

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    Thanks OP - now I can finally run for National Party preselection.

    • +3

      Or you can work at the top end of collins consultancies/IB

    • +2

      you need the akura and be ready to take plunge in mid life and allow your wife a second chance at finding happiness instead of being chained to you …. if you love someone , set them free ….

    • +8

      If you want the distressed look just stand next to Barnaby

      • +2

        I don't think Rex Hunt would agree with you…

      • I think it is safer for your mental and physical health to get the distressed look from being close to someone else in the Liberal / National's when they are explaining why Barnaby isn't doing anything wrong.

        Just look at that guy yesterday, Barnaby was trying to punch out side his church.

  • Hard to tell in the pictures, could these be polished up to look like the standard black Comfort Craftsman?

  • Nice boots. Thanks OP just bought a pair.

    • Pleasure, my urge to buy myself is vicariously sated a bit by having helped!

  • steel capped?

    • I don't think they even do a steel capped boot

    • -3

      well, RM used to be the working persons attire until they sold out and now it seems to be stores geared to Asian tourists and tourist free shopping buses …. at least Akura haven't sold out, jacked up their prices, and are still designed and priced to be accesible as work wear.

      $545 for elastic sided boots, and people say apple is bad at branding and pricing.

      • +4

        at least Akura haven't sold out

        India or Georgia?

        • -2

          Akubra is brand of hat MADE in Australia … very iconic, worn often by country people ….

          Australian made and worn all over the world … family owned …. you can visit factory and it's not india or georgia

          Akubra Customer Service

          89 South Street,

          South Kempsey

          New South Wales 2440

            Phone: +61 2 6562 6177
            Email: [email protected]
            Hours: 8am - 3pm weekdays

          I own a few of their hats.

        • +15

          @garage sale:

          Akubra is brand of hat MADE in Australia …

          We know that… I was linking to your reference of Akura

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    Myself and friends have had great experiences buying RM Williams with Highly recommended for when you want to try a reseller.

    • I also bought a pair from Nungar. Everything was good but it took around 4-5 weeks to receive them.

  • +5

    The only problem I see with these is that they are quiet casual. I wouldn't use them with a suit nor office attire. Essentially you're forking out $400 for a pair of casual shoes !

    • +4

      Absolutely. Not much bling for dollar here. Not even a leather sole I think. I'm not sure why the enthusiasm even at this price.

      • -4

        It’s unaustralian not to drool for RM’s boots, don’t you know?

        • +1

          I think Louis Vuitton might disagree with you.

    • Ya they don't have the professional look I wanted for work. I think they have their niche though - versatile casual boots, hard wearing, water repellent and not too fancy to wear to a mates bbq…but with the strength of comfort, longevity and quality that the RM brand lends brings.
      If I had the budget I'd pick some up!

      • As well as being rural dress boots they are the preferred shoe of senior public servants and university professors (unless the prof is a sandalista).
        Not distressed look ones though. These would only ever be a second pair for weekend dinner parties I would think.

  • +1

    Shame there's no wide option available, my comfort craftsman are the best shoes I've ever owned. Great deal.

    • +2

      Shame also that there is no narrow option.

    • tambo x

  • +4

    Nice now i can fit with all the other interns

  • Sad that there are no more of my size left in Bark. I suppose we won't see this boot next season, let alone at this price?

  • Beware! I was charged 5x last night for a pair of boots (single order of $395). Ensure all your info is correct, as every time it comes up with an error… It will place a pending charge on your card. I was having a lot of issues with my address, their site didn't like it. I'm sure they'll sort out tomorrow, but currently have approx $2000 pending for a $395 charge from RMW.

  • Just buy from eBay 11% off tomorrow. You will get the ones you want for the same price

    • How ? O.o

    • Wow 11% off $400… Expensive at half the price! :-D

  • -2

    Hhhmmm, let's see:

    • The design is hundreds of years old.
    • The sole has no tread so isn't practical off-road.
    • The heel is enormous.
    • The only fastening is from two pieces of elastic fabric, so the fit will be poor.
    • The style is that of work wear but the price is prohibitive.
    • The price is still about 8 times that of a decent alternative.

    I give these a 9/10 on the vvanker scale.

    Bring on the negs!

    • why not 10/10 ?

    • +1

      Can you link to some alternatives?

    • Any suggestion for an affordable alternative?

      • +2

        I've looked for years. The closest thing you can get that will last as long as these without fail are the Blundstone Dress Shoes, model 059. Around $100. I have two pair and I wear them almost everyday and in every condition, mud, snow, storms, hiked in Nepal in them and the clean up back to original.

      • Harold boots are almost identical, made in Melbourne and about $100 cheaper. Thomas Cook Trentham boots look identical and used to be made in Melbourne but now made overseas. Not sure how much Thomas Cook are but under $300 I think.

    • Perfect for me then? I'll need a BMW to go with it, it might put me off the scale!

      • I have a pair of Blundstone elastic side dress shoes, cheap, have been going for years but aren't worn daily

        these types of shoes are common and cheap at horse riding places for functional purposes

        Riding suppliers don't have the ambience of an RM Williams show room, but they cater for different market, and carrier more sizes and widths.

    • +2

      "so the fit will be poor", you obviously haven't tried a pair on

    • +2

      In their favour, they are:

      • Made in Australia (precious few OTR shoes are still locally produced)
      • Have a Goodyear welt, meaning that the sole can be endlessly replaced and the shoe with reasonable care will probably outlast its owner
      • Composed of full-grain leather, so will look better with age
    • Their original purpose for this horse riding. All those ‘deficiencies’ are actually required features.
      Eg, lack of tread ensures you don’t get your foot stuck in the stirrup when you are thrown, or in the case of cut lunch commandos, fall off.
      Ditto heel.
      The Chelsea boot style is easy to take on and off when you come in from the yard to your mothers kitchen for smoko, so she doesn’t rip your head off for muddying the floor.
      The method of construction makes them tougher than they look and last longer than shoes glued together.

      The nearest alternative are Baxters. They arent t as good, but do well enough for more price conscious.

      • -1

        I have penned you a witty reply which you should receive in the next few weeks provided the postal service isn't bogged down.

        • Cool. I love anticipating presents almost as much as getting a discount.

    • poor fit? lol

      I have 2 pairs of rm williams boots (1 brown & 1 black). I'm a wedding photog and often on my feet for 12hrs.

      They are CRAZY comfortable. I also wear them the other 5-6 days of the week pretty much everywhere. They still look near new.

  • These last for 10+ years right?

    • one of my ex colleague told me his dad bought him a pair when he was 19. He bought his second pair on his 43th birthday. YMMV.

    • +1

      durability depends on how often shoes are worn … i have shoes i wear often that last 1 season, shoes a don’t wear often that are 20 years old …..

      it’s like car tyres will last lin if you dont drive on them …..

    • +1

      I have a 12yo, 6yo and a 3 yo pair. I wear them daily on my motorcycle to work rain, hail or shine and then the rest of the work day. They last well as long as you take care of them occasionally including with some leather conditioner once in a while. I originally baulked at the price at the time $360 but they have outlasted any pair of dress shoes one might normally buy.

    • A awarded myself a second pair at the ten year mark on the first pair. The second pair are six years old now. I wear them nearly every day.

      Mind you at the price I look after them.

    • I have 2 pairs. First pair bought in Brisbane Queen St Mall in 1992, just had them re-soled last week and still wearing them.

  • +3

    Beware these are the distressed leather not the normal leather boots.

    • +9

      I find the price tag distressing

      • underrated comment

        • +3

          How tf is 545 'nearly' 600. If anything it's 'nearly' 500.

  • +2

    it’s actually very expensive to get new soles and heels put on shoes, eg to get topy synthetic soles and heels put on a pair of shoes is close to $50, and thickness and type of material will determine durability / mileage you get.

    leather soles wear very quick ……

    • these don't have leather soles :P

      • +1

        these are rubber soles , but getting new soles or heels ain’t cheap.

        • cost me $27 from Mr Minit for a new rubber heel. Don't need a new soles just yet. my pair are 3 years old. Probably will last for another 3 if they wear down at the same rate.

        • @tomleonhart:
          Have 3 pairs. 1st pair 12 yo, Second 6 yo, and last pair 3 years old. These boots are bloody great and all are still in constant use. $500+ was always a expensive but they still provide them to saddleries and bush outfitters for the $400 range all year round if you don't want the fancy ones.

    • RMW will charge over$50 for new heels. Better going to local shoe repair dude, will be half as much. Soles might be another story, never done that though.i don’t ride a horse enough these days to buy a pair with a leather sole, and the rubber comforts last.

  • +4

    Enjoy your weekend in these, walking around Bowral (punches own groin)

  • You have got to be kidding me R.M. Williams! For that price you're much better off getting a pair of Redwings "Iron Ranger" boots than these. If you want this style though - just get some blundstones which are practically the same.

    • Eeeew! Not. the. Same.

    • I can wear my RMs with a suit or casual pants to work, or with jeans on the weekend. I cant see those red wings going with a suit.

  • If you buy these in New Zealand they are NZ$395

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