expired [Android] $0: The House (Restricted to 15+), LASERBREAK Escape, Weather Forecast Pro, Business Calculator Pro @ Google Play


Some free apps with good ratings. No IAP, No Ads
Enjoy :)


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    Note going purely on comments re Weather Forecast Pro

    "Unless GPS is set on highest accuracy (using lots of battery) the location defaults to just a state name with no indication of which part of the state the forecast relates to. This might not matter in small US states but in Australia where states are very large there can be a massive difference in locations a 1,000km apart. Some very nice ideas but sadly apparently designed for the US only and not really usable in the Southern hemisphere or other countries"

    I'll leave it to others to verify, unless it is said "perfect for Oz" in a clear upfront statement I decide "no" and I'm too lazy to chase any further, there was also an "inaccurate" comment (only one though).


      As usual, unless the weather app is made for Australia it almost certainly doesn't use the BOM data anyway and is hence inaccurate. So thanks for posting the BOM app as well :)

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    BOM Weather is really good. Use it every day pretty much.


      No widgets though! I use Aus Weather which is fed from the BOM and has a pretty similar layout, but with good widgets :)


    Awesome, I have been using a home screen shortcut to the weather radar but this works much better.