expired Samsung Galaxy S8+ $788, S8 $737 Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


AU Stock, Local Manufacturers Warranty, GST Invoice (TRS Eligible)

Thanks to TA for the Original 10% Off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

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    Hey nocure, congrats on deal 1500!! Well done :)


    Given the price difference between these two devices, it would be a no-brainer to opt for the S8+ if battery life is important to you. But it does make it hard to reach the fingerprint scanner.

    Does anyone know if Samsung has a battery replacement program like Apple?


      No, the "battery replacement program" is a stunt by Apple after people noticed they were slowing down old devices. Their excuse was that if they didn't slow down devices the battery would suffer which is a load of horseshit.

      After several gummints threatened to prosecute them they decided that slowing down devices was a terrible idea (people might go and buy a new device after all, terrible for Apple) so Apple decided to just replace the batteries unneccessarily rather than have people believe it was slowing down devices just to make people buy new ones.

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    Good price for one of the best phones ever.

    Given I got the s8+ for about 830 in Nov last year. Would have thought a bigger price drop

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      this is why the price protection schemes on credit cards are great..especially the now discontinued 2 years price protection with coles mastercard. My s8+ which I also paid $830 for in November has now cost me $676 after $154 in refunds.


    need S9+ deal. only 2.5 weeks left for EOFY


    I never tried price protection stuff,

    I dont think any of my cards come with it,
    Got anz, NAB, amex


    Give us a deal on LG G7 Thinq or S9+

    I see allphones has it price jacked to 1218.99 so after pamper20 code is $975.19

    10% code works on Mobilcity $1,075.00, after 10% discount is 967.50

    So why can't allphones do 1,075 same as mobilcity then get pamper20 code to be $860. I would buy at this price straightaway


    When you claim TRS, do they ask to see the item in the original box & packaging?

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      You need to show them the device but no need to take the packaging.


        Sometimes they don't even look at the device - so if you just have the receipt with you, no harm in trying.


          It depends on who you get at the TRS counter. MEL airport at Christmas the TRS officer was checking receipt serial# and device serial# … after 5mins of him trying to find it in my S8 setting he gave up.

          Recommend getting the TRS app and entering all details prior - always found the TRS lines chaos.


    Why not shop around for the newer S9?

    I would rather pay 20% more and buy the newer S9 Grey imports than buy the older S8 AU stock


    This or the Huawei 10? Anyone have experiences with both?


    Does anyone know what it means by having Optus branded phone? It says there in the listing.
    Does it mean the phone comes with Optus bloatware? It's different if I purchase straight from Samsung store for example?


      Optus splash screen instead of Samsung & Optus apps preinstalled (which you can uninstall).

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