Mazda Dealership Being Sneaky?

Preface: I am one of those suckers who gets my Mazda serviced at the same dealership I purchased the car from

Recently I received a notification from the Mazda service department stating my next service for my Mazda 6 is due. I remembered vaguely that for new Mazda's (mine was purchased at the end of 2016) the service interval is every six months for the first year, then every year thereafter (or every 10,000km's, whichever comes first). Given I'm past the first year and my last service was at 14,000km's I found the notification at 18 months a bit odd (my last service was at 12 months, in December 2017)

After consulting the owner's manual it did indeed confirm my understanding that the next service is every 12 months or 10,000km's.

It seems to me that the service department is sneakily trying to slip in another service that is not prescribed by Mazda - does this really happen? Has anyone experienced similar?


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    I'm pretty sure there was a thread a while ago about this. They want to use up two of your days every year just so they can pump up their profit.


    It's probably a mixture of the dealership wanting more money, and also wanting to service all cars at 6 months intervals (because that's standard) to prevent potential issues before they arise. Because if something does happen, they'll be stuck dealing with it too.

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    Yes, happened to me as well. New car first service for 1000kms happened 5 weeks after purchase. They put a sticker and started sending me reminders for 10000kms service in another 3 months. I called to get this corrected and ignored their sms.

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    That free service is highly recommended. At least for the oil change. To get rid of any initial contaminants from the early bedding in of the cylinders.


      I bought a Hyundai Elantra a couple of months ago, and I noticed as it came up to the 1500km/4 week service that the engine is a bit noisy on col startup. I thought yeah its bedding in, service next week will quieten it down.

      When I picked it up from the service I asked if they did an oil change, they said its not part of the 1500km service, which I thought was very strange. As the rings and bearings bed in they will leave metal particles all throughout the oil. So I really hope they bed these engines in in the factory before fitting them to vehicles.


        Engines are bed in at the factory. There has not been an oil change at 1000/1500/3000km service for 20+ years, unless at the dealerships discression on cars they sell.


    Call up the dealership and ask when your next scheduled service is (if you're still covered by warranty)
    I had an issue where my book stated different intervals than what the dealership mentioned. I took the dealerships advice and it turns out that they voided my warranty because of the discrepancy.

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