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EOFY Virgin Round The World from Economy $1195 Premium Economy $3145 Business $5999 with Virgin @ Escape Travel



From Prices: Economy $1199 Premium Economy $3145 Business Class: $5999

Departure Cities: Brisbane, Sydney,Melbourne, Perth.

USA Stopovers: Honolulu, Los Angeles, Seattle

Europe Stopovers: London Only

Asia Stopovers: Hong Kong Only

Travel Dates: July 05 - 11 May 2019

Available until Monday - may be extended if high requests

Subject to Availability of lowest booking class - first come first served basis

Please email: [email protected] with full name, date of birth and travel dates and phone number.

(You will then receive a phone call and or email to hold in the quote. You may be contacted by myself or by a colleague due to the high volume of enquiry.)

EOFY Round the World from $1199 (London, Hong Kong, Los Angeles)


Price: $1199 - Premium $3557 - Business $6157

Melbourne - Hong Kong - London - Los Angeles - Melbourne

Price: $5437.00

Sydney (business) - Los Angeles (business) - London (economY) - Hong Kong (economy) - Melbourne (Economy) - Sydney

Price: $1368.00 - $3345 Premium - $5999 Business

Brisbane - Melbourne - Hong Kong - London - Los Angeles - Brisbane

Price: $1288 Premium - $3345 Premium - $6175 Business

Sydney - (Qantas) Honolulu - Seattle - London - Hong Kong (Virgin) - Sydney

Price: $1199 Premium - $3457 Premium - $6245 Business

Brisbane - Sydney - Hong Kong - London - Los Angeles - Brisbane

Please email: [email protected] with full name, date of birth and travel dates and phone number.

Please shoot through any friend or family as referrals and receive a $100 voucher for your personal travel.

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    • It's never easy to start a new(?) business?!

      I look at the positive side, perhaps the 4 likes are genuine likes, rather than bought/fake likes. It would be rather unfortunate if the OP only managed to put in 4 fake likes.

      Any way, good luck to you OP

      • fair enough, might be better not to post a link at all then. Just doesn't reflect well on them

  • Received this as an email from Flight Centre.


  • Is that July 5 2018 or 2019?

  • OP - is it possible to start booking for late June/July 2019 flights at this stage or am I too early yet?

  • Last RTW Business was near $3k, this is almost double.

    • Not last, just best. I was lucky enough to get that flight and it was certainly worth it. I've been looking for something similar and it hasn't reared its head since = otherwise I would be taking it up again. I was told it was so Virgin could advertise the routes. I really didn't care what the reason just made sure I had my tickets booked ASAP.

      • Be patient. I'm sure a similar deal will emerge at some point and like a famed shooter in the Serengeti, I'm going to lock and load when it does. This $6000 deal is ok but hardly an ozbargain special.

        • i'm locked and loaded but, I fear, I'm chasing a Unicorn. The advantage is this deal, and another business trip my guy went on, give him platinum class so we can get priority boarding and lounge access even if we fly cattle class. This makes this attractive for economy but I have to travel a bit later next year to aligh with others.

      • Yes I've been looking for that unicorn too

    • How long ago was your RTW Business deal?

      • The deal that I got (which was $3382) for business round the world with Virgin, was last year (mid May) from Flightcentre.
        I too am waiting for another deal like this.

  • Hey guys, I'm a uni student who has always wanted to travel around the world… is this a good deal if I decide to go economy? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    • That is a pretty good price for a round the world ticket; however, the price will vary depending on your dates. You might want to talk to STA about student alternatives.

      This ticket only does the stops as indicated - you can't vary them outside the options given. However, from London you are only a train/ferry/plane trip away from Europe.

      We did the business class version of this trip last year, because it was $3400 each for us to do it, and we had a great time. My suggestion is work out where you want to go and what you want to do then go to a Flight Centre place and work with them about your dates and find out a total price.

      • Thank you so much, will definitely take that advice on board! I checked out STA and they do have a 3 stop round the world ticket - from $1,089. Also did you take domestic flights and what not to travel to other places while you were in Asia and the US?

        • We only did Hong Kong in Asia - we stayed 6 days, which I think was 3 days too many :) Hot and Humid but worth going up to Victoria Peak and to see the big Buddah.

          From London we got a 10 day rail pass and did the Eurostar to Paris then used the pass to various places in Switzerland and France, finally taking a TGV back from Aix en Provence to Paris then Eurostar back to London. Rail passes are based on days of travel not sectors so if you can back to back trains in a day it is an advantage. We have done the ferry travel before - it started in London and you ended in the outskirts of Paris and it involved a train, bus and ferry combination. It is a cheaper option but you are travelling much longer and the ferry can be subject to wave motion. See what your student status discounts are.

          In America we came into LA then, due to the other half's work, we flew across to Tampa then from there to New Orleans then back to LA. Internal flights in America can be pretty cheap but you need to have a good look when you are travelling as the prices vary considerably based on days and times. Do similar with hotel rooms, the prices vary greatly depending on dates.

          I would consider Hawaii as a drop off point if you don't want to see the rest of America, we went there at Christmas and it is a lovely place to visit. If you are looking at elsewhere in America you could go to San Franciso easily from LA. Hire a car and go to Yosemite and the surrounding areas. We've done some American travel over the years - mainly around the outside. New Orleans is an absolute blast and, if you team it with Orlando Florida, you can do the Disney World complex and Kennedy Space Centre. Planes in America are pretty much glorified buses so don't expect much.

        • +3 votes


          Planes in America are pretty much glorified buses so don't expect much

          I think 'glorified' is overstating it ;)

        • @try2bhelpful: Again, bigger thanks for such an in-depth reply. I've barely travelled and that has really helped me in terms of an overview and what I can expect. I'll see what STA has to offer :)

        • @hero23: Happy to help, give me a yell if you think I might be able to help with something more specific when you get closer. The secret is to do as much planning as you can before hand and then just go with the flow when you get there. Have a great holiday.

        • @try2bhelpful: Sorry for all the questions! But would you recommend an around the world trip like this for a first-time solo traveller? I haven't travelled much so I don't know if it's smarter to solo travel on a smaller scale before doing a big trip like this; like solo travelling through Europe or South East Asia. Thanks in advance :)

        • @hero23: if you're well prepared you'll be fine. Grab a Citibank debit card and any of the credit cards (Bankwest zero in particular) with no foreign exchange fees if you're eligible.

          I did a couple single destination trips with friends before solo RTWing on a previous virgin offer. Send me a message if you like. Got good internet friends in any countries? - accommodation is roughly an equal expense to flights depending on holiday duration.

        • @hero23: I took this trip also last year year and the temptation was to visit France from London and also Vegas from LA. If I could offer any advice it would be to pre plan your trip as much as possible and stay at each city for about a week. All the countries are fairly safe easy to navigate for a first time traveler however it's a lot of planes and transfers so it might be a daunting trip. Probably best to stay at the destination city, you don't want to be complicating things if your already dealing with jetlag.

        • @Tasmaniac: it’s not a biggie to go from London to Paris and I think Paris is the better city. From Paris you can side trip to other bits of Europe, if you want. We did this trip and spent not much time in Hong Kong and America but most of the time in Europe. Not a bad taster and there are a couple of landfall options. Rent a car in Hawaii and go surfing or snorkeling.

  • Any decent travel agent can pull these fares for you. You don't need to go via Fright Centre or GI Jose

    • Our experience with Flight Centre was very positive, the guy spent a good while working with us on dates and places and didn't hard sell any of their extras. We did order some hotel accomodation later on for Hong Kong when I worked out I couldn't get it cheaper anywhere else.

    • And a decent travel agent would respond to your emails too. This guy has not even acknowledged, let alone got back to me with dates/prices after 3 days….forget it.

      • Go visit in person at a Travel Agent store, then you can play around with dates and places. Email communication is a PITA.

  • Jose? I thought you were Marco.


  • Booked this deal last year with Jose, super helpful and positive throughout. Relentlessly looked for days that worked. Highly recommend!

  • This is a really poor way to see the world. LA > London > Hong Kong?

    Pick one region and do it that way.

    • Couldn't agree more - I love the idea of flying around the world in Business class, but it's really a lot of flying for not many countries (esp. timezones etc - you'd be jetlagged your whole trip)

      i.e. fly to US -> all around US -> fly back home, or South America, or Asia, etc.

  • These are not round the world fares when your restricted to just 3 cuntries

  • Anyone want a travel buddy? :D

  • Has anyone successfully got a deal? I got a phone call last week but never received any actual quote.

  • Thanks OP great deal. In store booked Sydney > Hong Kong (3 day stopover) ->London Heathrow (2 week stay) -> Los Angeles (3 day stopover) -> Sydney. Travel is late November to mid December for $1450 total.

  • Popped into my local FC with this today and walked out with SYD-HKG-LHR-LAX-SYD tickets for <$1200 as advertised. Big bonus is that SYD-HKG and LAX-SYD segments are on the Qantas 380. We did have to pay an additional $49 each for the ‘Captain’s Package’ to have an agent’s assistance, which was worth it as she spent over an hour on hold with head office inputting different codes, didn’t try to add other reservations and was really helpful with finding the best dates. We are travelling over the January school holidays and all the other TA’s and even the manager couldn’t believe the price and came over to have a look- so thank you for sharing!