expired Free 1 Year Domain (.ooo) @ Buy.ooo


free domain if someone wants to use it

It’s seo friendly

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    $66.40 the year after is bloody expensive

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    1) Could you please provide some evidence stating how ".ooo" is SEO friendly?

    2) "Buy.OOO is a online solution providing company with the solution basket contains DotTriple'O' domain, Enterprise Email Solutions, E-commerce store builder, Digital Marketing and Logistic Support." <— This inspires confidence in their service. Suggest that they need someone to proof read the site.

    3) Are you somehow related to this site?

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      1) Could you please provide some evidence stating how ".ooo" is SEO friendly?

      The SE sees .ooo domain and thinks "Whoa, that's easy to remember and process. Feels optimised!"


      RE: the first one, if .com is taken, .io is sometimes used (or another like .tt or .th or .es, etc if your name ends in those), which target your site to those regions. Still not worth $66/y, use .xyz instead.


    So can we buy it, then transfer it to another registrar for cheaper renewal next year?


      It'll be likely just as expensive. Some domains just cost more than others. It's good for preventing parking, though.

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        My last renewal for a .ooo domain was $39.40 with Crazy Domains. So it might be worth looking into.

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    I don't recommend unless you disable rebilling as it will cost you much more wasted time/money if you forget in the end.

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      Never asked for payment details. The only options seems to be to deposit or withdraw funds. Doubt they can charge me out of thin air. Be a good trick. Mind you the order is still processing so they could very well ask for my card details next. If they do, cheerio!

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    Grabbed a few 3 letter domains. Thanks OP. Might be able to sell them for good coin


    Should we be wary of registering something like google.ooo or Facebook.ooo or anything similar

    Is there any issues in doing so? Copyright issues?

    Any SMEs who can shed light on the above?

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    Dang, p.ooo is unavailable


    So, how "new" is .OOO?


    Not -all- free… (Elec Funds Xfr) EFT.ooo was AU$156

    Science.ooo AU$1,501,016.19 (renews @ ~Au373)

    So, How much should EFT.CC be worth. if available somewhere?


    See also "Membership Perks", etc.


    This would be the perfect place to host an Adventure Time wiki, just saying.

    (for those not in the know, The Land of Ooo is the main setting of Adventure Time)


    Thanks OP, been looking for a freebie as my last one just expired.

    edit: anyone know how long the order processing takes?



    "Add Funds in your Reseller Account

    To let your Customers and Sub-Resellers
    buy Products and Services through you,
    you need to add and maintain
    sufficient funds in your Reseller Account with Buy.ooo."

    This seems odd, IMO.

    After one signs-up, the amount is given:

    "Thank you for signing up!
    To start selling, please add funds to your reseller account:

    You need to add a minimum of INR 40000.00 to start doing business."

    • ~AU$783.12 a few minutes ago

    Reseller beware…!!

    Red Flag 2…?

    "We are currently processing the registration of your domain name.
    Please wait while we complete this.

    [Cancel Order]"

    Has any one gotten proof that their "free" .OOO domain has, in fact,
    been registered…?


      Just checked and had to verify my email address.

      It's in my account as a valid domain but no WHOIS or NSLOOKUP available yet.


      Yes, confirmation of mine came through this morning, and a quick whois check verified that it is registered to me. I can log in and manage name servers etc.


    How do I actually get it for free?
    Apply a coupon? What coupon?

    EDIT: The site says to use coupon


    Maybe OP should update his post?


    Is it just me or are they no longer free? :(

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    Why did I just register igl.ooo ?

    It was that or cockadoodled.ooo which is available t.oo.


    Please note these are non-transferable.

    Good day!

    Thanks you for reaching support for you domain transfer request. Yes we can host your domain name we can manually transfer the domain in concern dekkers.ooo. Its just that we i did check on the status of the domain name in whois.com it can't be transferred, please see the details below .

    PDR Ltd. d/b/a PublicDomainRegistry.com
    Registration Date:
    Expiration Date:
    Name Servers:


    What does OOO acronym stand for? And how could it be great for SEO?
    Eye-catching tho.

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