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Nice. Wish their sampler packs were more than 30g each - I need more than that to dial it in.
21/11/2021 - 08:10
Glad I'm not the only one. I already have one but at this price I was toying with the idea of another. Probably good I save my money.
06/11/2021 - 18:34
I'm seeing $63.85
06/11/2021 - 18:18
Likely a straight swap. Most of them theses days are all operated by a remote control - those type are a simple swap. If it has the wall...
19/10/2021 - 07:14
Thanks, these'll go great in the Lancer!
15/10/2021 - 11:10
I've just started on some of their decaf I added to the last Sumatra deal, I don't think they have had it for long. I asked them a long...
08/10/2021 - 14:02
>Because of their weight, it really needs to have two handles. I came here to say that :) I have a cast iron wok and use it a lot, but yeah...
08/10/2021 - 13:41
Me too, collected it a couple of hours ago :)
22/09/2021 - 13:19
Its the same thing, 18 volts nominal = 20 volts max when fully charged, its just marketing because 20 is a bigger number than 18
22/09/2021 - 06:58
Heh, I got bitten by that one, I was getting this annoying wall separation, looked like under extrusion, but everything was calibrated,...
17/09/2021 - 12:54
No recommendations sorry, defs not the one I have to replace a wall clock. Heh, I wondered about the neg, thought maybe someone stuck at...
26/08/2021 - 13:07
There's this one from Bunnings for $19.98. if you want it...
26/08/2021 - 06:43
As I understand it the burners are stronger on the Ziggy. Haven't compared the MJ ratings to confirm if that is the case... EDIT:...
19/08/2021 - 12:24
Don't you mean **JV**?
14/07/2021 - 14:54
Bought one last time - complete crap, does not contain fibreglass mesh, just flimsy stretchy silicone like a very thin swimming cap. Not...
08/07/2021 - 21:48
Nice deal if you can get it. Says unvailable to my postcode, tried pickup and delivery
01/07/2021 - 13:36
Me neither, but unfortunately I'll have to pass - I just got a kg in the mail today.
04/05/2021 - 18:08
These or the [Aldi ones](
05/04/2021 - 12:54
Kogan used to call this a 5.2L but marketing must have changed it to 6.2L. If you look at the specs for volume it says: Basket: 5.2L | Full...
17/03/2021 - 06:15
This one was actually rated well in group test by Choice.
16/03/2021 - 20:14
So many upvotes for $2
28/01/2021 - 07:53
>Okay… Not quite the 20-25% cashback rates we've been used to The upside is it's not so sad when it doesn't track.
05/01/2021 - 10:27
I was thinking how is this better than a rasp pi until I scrolled down far enough to see the Toaster Form Factor. Thats awesome!
01/01/2021 - 11:32
Now I see my mistake :P >Same here, I contacted ~~cashrewards~~ shopback..
29/12/2020 - 12:46
Same here, I contacted cashrewards and in their reply was a list of all the standard reasons why it might not track - antivirus, popup...
29/12/2020 - 08:12