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[Nintendo Switch] Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - $59.99 + Free Shipping @ Amazon AU


Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Edition is available and free delivery via Amazon AU

I was going to buy this from a JB Hi Fi earlier in the week where they had it for $79. EB games has it more $89ish. Even the upcoming Big W sale has it for $72.

Just walked out and ordered online once I saw this deal.

EDIT: Also available on XBOX ONE for $43.99.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Put 2 buy one get one free things in cart worth $20 each
    Get one free
    Total is $80
    Use code amazon20
    Select free shipping
    Total is now $60 for this game and two others worth $20 each.


      Buy one get one free things = switch games?


        No but there's some switch peripherals in there

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    When I saw this was coming I flogged off street fighter 2 hyper and sf alpha anthology on ebay for about $60. Both on ps2. Free upgrade to get them on a modern system :)


    Could just price match at jb sometimes they do it
    Bit hard to find matches though as you keep getting matched to europe


    I want this but need it on Xbox one

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    $43.99 on PS4. Isn't this a game better to have on console so you can play multiple controllers? I cant imagine it would be fun trying to play on single joycon

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      You can use multiple controllers on a Switch. ;-)

      In fact, pretty much any USB controllers plug into the dock and work out-of-the-box. Also, with cheap MayFlash adapters, you can use wireless controllers from just about any system.

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        Better than that use a Brook wireless adaptor and use an Xbox One controller with your Switch or PS4. I'm using my Elite controller and it's great.

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    Just remember that online is pretty screwed on consoles. Try googling it people and you'll see this problem is not just on one console or another.


    Thanks for that.
    I've been keeping an eye out for this.


    its $30 on the eshop 50% off


    Was waiting for this to drop again and used the AMAZON20 to get $20 off my first purchase. The catch is that the cart needs to be $79 or more, and items must be from Amazon (i.e. not 3rd Party vendor selling on Amazon). Chucked some also discounted socks, to bring the total up to $65 inc discount. So technically, I got this game for $40 ($60 minus $20 discount) OR got 6 pairs of socks for $5 ($25 minus discount)… Win win