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Grill'd - Claim One Free Drink (with Burger Purchase) for Every Match The Socceroos Score a Goal at the World Cup


As if you needed another reason to cheer on the Green and Gold.

We couldn’t convince Sepp Blatter to let us win the cup this year, so we’re giving away drinks for every goal scored by our boys in Green and Gold.

We don’t have ‘Aussie’ Guus this time round and Timmy Cahill is on his last legs, so we’re stepping up to the spot.

In each of their group matches if the Socceroos score a goal, we’ll give you a free drink* to celebrate with. It’s just another reason to stay up late and cheer on our boys.

You’re just a Lucas Neill long throw away from a free beer.
Each drink barcode will entitle you to a free drink of your choice (excluding wine bottles, buckets and 500ml options)
This offer will apply to “dine-in” orders only.

Come Play!


  1. The Promotion will take place from Friday 15 June 2017 to Wednesday 27 June 2017 (Promotion Period). (Typo?)

  2. To participate in the Promotion, head to and register at any time between Friday 15 June 2017 to Wednesday 27 June 2017 (Promotion Period)

  3. We won’t accept any new registrations after the conclusion of the Registration Period.

  4. Anyone can register for this Promotion, including staff members and those under 18 years of age. By registering, you confirm that any information you provide when registering is true and accurate.

Receiving your drink barcodes

  1. By registering for the Promotion, you will be eligible to receive one promotional offer during the Promotion Period in the form of a redeemable barcode, which we will send by email to the email address that you provide upon registration (drink barcode).

  2. Each drink barcode will be redeemable for a free drink, on the conditions set out below.

  3. Drink barcodes will be sent out the day following a “Match” in which a “goal” is scored. To receive a drink barcode on any given day during the Promotion Period, you must have successfully registered with Grill’d, ticked the Grill’d promotion check-box when registering for the Promotion.

Drink barcode conditions

  1. Each drink barcode will entitle you to a free drink of your choice (excluding wine bottles, buckets and 500ml options). This offer will apply to “dine-in” orders only. The menu restrictions and other conditions of redemption are subject to change under clause 17.

  2. Each Drink barcode can be redeemed during the Promotional Period and will expire after use (Expiry). Any drink barcode that is not redeemed before Expiry will be deactivated and will not be redeemable. Grill’d will not be required to compensate you if you do not redeem any drink barcode by the Expiry for any reason.

  3. If your drink barcode is unreadable for any reason, our friendly restaurant staff will do their best to work something out, but please understand if we can’t process the drink barcode on the spot and need to refer you to our support team to resolve the issue.

  4. Drink barcodes contain a single-use barcode that will be deactivated as soon as the drink barcode is redeemed in a restaurant. Please take care to protect your drink barcodes and avoid distributing copies or screenshots, to prevent unauthorised use of the drink barcode.

  5. Drink barcodes cannot be redeemed with any other offer (including Grill’d employee offers). When redeeming the drink barcode in a transaction that includes multiple drinks, the free offer will be applied to the cheapest drink included in the transaction.

Personal Information

  1. By participating in the Promotion, you consent to Grill’d collecting and using your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy at:

  2. All information you provide (Personal Information) will be used by Grill’d for the purpose of conducting this Promotion and may be entered into the Grill’d database and may be used by Grill’d, its related entities, agencies engaged by Grill’d, or any other third party nominated by Grill’d, for Grill’d’s current and future promotional and marketing purposes.

  3. Grill’d may disclose your Personal Information to its franchisees, contractors and agents to assist in conducting this Promotion and, as required, to Australian regulatory authorities.

(Continues at)

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  • +1


    Each drink barcode will entitle you to a free drink of your choice (excluding wine bottles, buckets and 500ml options). This offer will apply to “dine-in” orders only.

    • +8

      Picture it now: crowds of OzBargainers sitting around sipping their free drinks

      • +6

        Drinks, plural? You mean more than one goal? First games against France. Maybe i'll wait for the next game :P

        • It's one drink per match that Socceroos score a goal in it.

        • I wouldn't bet on more than zero goals.

        • +3

          We got one drink now…

        • +1


          I wouldn't bet on more than zero goals.

          Not believing in your national team is unAustralian!

          Username checks out.

        • @Jack Pricep: gotta buy a shitty burger though. And then sit through the vibrations of your mobile while your email is spammed

    • Barcode will be emailed.

    • +42

      That’s weird, either English is foreign to me or that’s not always the case. I’ll check with my neighbour as he studied ancient languages.

  • +2

    I can see the end.

  • So no purchase needed?

  • +17

    Zero free drinks is not a bargain

    • -12

      Anything involving soccer is not a bargain.

  • Not gonna happen with Kruse being off side all the time -_-

  • +9

    Gonna be a thirsty month boys!

    • +2

      Have a little faith will ya?

  • +1

    So if we're already registered for their newsletters and offers, we won't get this?
    Poorly written T&Cs.

    • +1

      or written by haward lawyer

      • +3

        Thank god it wasn’t a Harvard lawyer.

  • +19

    How about a free burger for every goal we concede.

    • Yes!

    • Haha Grill'd might as well start preparing and cooking now…

  • +3

    Can we have a coke 'Zero' should the expected scenario eventuate?

  • +6

    Doesn't say 'own goals' don't count

  • Aussies playing football like AFL, not exactly great to watch

    • -1

      Aussies playing football like NRL. Only that southern V state follows that other sport..

      • Everyone south of Indonesia?

        • AFL isn't a big thing apart from Victoria. You'd be kidding yourself to think otherwise.

          I know the teams but that's about it. No-one seems to talk about AFL in NSW..

        • +8

          Rubbish - have you been to WA, SA or Tas?

        • +2


          Nope, where are they?

        • @pennypincher98:

          Not true. I know for a fact that there are plenty of NSW country towns close to the border that actually follow and play AFL rather than NRL.

        • @Scrooge McDuck: never heard of them, must be fake news.

        • @pennypincher98: only Queenslanders and New South Welsh care about NRL.

        • @pennypincher98: it's probably bugger in wa/sa than in Victoria.

  • -1

    If they do score at all……

  • +2

    free krusty burger for every gold metal? lol

    I'll split in every second burger!

    I like those odds

  • -2

    mod should just take this down cuz it ain't gonna score anyone anything.

  • +1

    Free burger would have been nice, but free drink is still good.

  • +3

    Great, is the first match on tonight?

    Edit: Yep, about 60 mins in and Socceroos yet to score. France leads 1-0
    63 mins in, 1-1 just saw the goal :) Free drink!! Got to love penalty goals
    Now France leads 2-1 (80 mins in) :/

    Yes I'm providing a running commentary because I am bored haha

  • +1

    Get a drink boys….1-1

  • +8

    We drinking guys!


  • Wooohoo……damn the doubters

  • +1

    Do you have to order anything?

    • +2

      Various Chip Dips are only $1 if you need to order something additional ;)

      Choose from: Herbed Mayo, Sweet Chilli Mayo, Tomato Relish or Chipotle Mayo.

    • +1

      Yes order a beer. It’s free!

    • Need to order a burger🍔😞

  • +2


  • +2

    I think 4 years ago Boost Juice were giving out a free smoothie for every game the Socceroos win. Of course they didn't have to give anything out. And they knew it.

    This is a higher risk though. They don't need to win to score a freebie, only need to score a goal.

    • +1

      Free drink incentivises people to just eat there, since it’s dine in only

      • they don't do take away?

        • It says dine in only in the T&C’s

  • Woo

  • +3


  • +1

    And here I was betting no free kicks, corners or throw ins in the first five minutes. What a loser I am lol

    • +2

      Gambling is for losers.

      • -1

        Hope you don't get out of bed too often. Might have try not having a spider get ya. Or a car run over ya. Or a bank go bust. Or a building crash on ya. Or ya trip over. Or ya loose your job. Life is a gamble.

        • You're referring to risk not gambling. They're different concepts.

          Risk is uncertainty in the outcome to which you hold a stake.

          Gambling is taking on risk for a negative return.

          Investing is taking on risk for a positive return.

          Sports betting is gambling. The bookmakers set the odds so that they have an edge. So sports betting, like all gambling, is a losing proposition long term. The bookmakers stay in business because it's profitable for them.

          Getting out of bed, like a lot of tasks in life, carries a minute risk but vastly greater rewards.

        • @Scrooge McDuck: with skill set. sport betting is very profitable, out weight sharemarket risks to returns with perhaps little to no risk e.g ongoing sport arbs

        • @leehungfei:

          Of course, but that's not the way the vast majority of punters bet.

  • Free drink pshhhh. I usually bring in my warm bottle of water from the car.

    • Or bottle of warm beer?

  • +2

    If you buy multiple drinks in an order they will give the cheapest for free. MMM. Best to just say you want the beer, but if you're there any way you have to go with the Moroccan Lamb burger on Penne bun. Nothing is ever free. All Oz bargainers should meet up at 1 grilled and just claim their beers so we arent all sitting there alone drinking it. Any takers for Southland Cheltenham this afternoon. Was going to take the family, but that would cost me too much.

    By the way, Aus were robbed in that match. That first penalty was borderline. If they can video review that clash, why didn't they pick up on player 21 for his 3 dummy falls. Every time I watch the world cup that stuff happens and Aus pay for it as the opposing team use that as a technique. And that run by Aus with the French player doing a tackle from behind. I know it's the rules, but there should be like a 50m penalty. Would have been nice to come out 1-1.

    France for Final. Not sure about winning the cup.

    Denmark beat Peru. That's not good for Aus. Maybe harder for us to get out of this group. They need to beat Denmark and get goals.

    At least we are in the World cup. That's all we can ask and for our team to give it a red hot go. Which they did last night. Great effort to keep it 0-0 at half time.

    Anyone get their email free code yet?

    • +1

      You're getting ahead of yourself there champ thinking of a free beer this afternoon. Let's see whether they'll send one on a Sunday.

  • Umtiti gifted us a free drink! Yay!

  • +1

    Please note that due to regulations, you are not allowed to get alcoholic drinks if they are not accompanied by food.

    Obviously they won’t mention this in the promotion so you will be surprised and end up buying a burger on the spot.

    But of course you can always buy small chips. I think.

    • Beer and Chips. Cant go wrong.

    • BYO food?

  • anyone got the free drink email after yesterdays win?

    also was there a confirmation of signing up email? i signed up and havent gotten any emails

    • No confirmation or voucher. Will have to wait till Monday.

  • nope, I'm still waiting, T&C said it'll be sent the day after? Hopefully it'll arrive before dinner time, I'm craving a burger tonight

    • At this rate you'll starve to death.

  • Don't let us down Grill'd…
    You only need to look at some recent promos that haven't gone well to see how much it tarnished their reputation (ahem, GoCatch)

  • Did anyone receive a voucher yet?

    • nope, still waiting…

      • +1

        They're busy making up an email with a plethora of excuses & exclusions.

        1. The Promotion will take place from Friday 15 June 2017 to Wednesday 27 June 2017 (Promotion Period).

        2. To participate in the Promotion, head to and register at any time between Friday 15 June 2017 to Wednesday 27 June 2017 (Promotion Period)

        3. We won’t accept any new registrations after the conclusion of the Registration Period.

        The T&C specify the promotion period, but doesn't specify the 'registration period'. Vague enough to allow them wiggle room.

  • I think its time to spam their FB page about this!! not happy jan

  • +2

    The email says you have to buy a burger to get the free drink

    • +2

      I am not happy with this. It is false advertising.

      • They read your comment about not being allowed to serve alcoholic drinks without food. ;)

        • Doh! (homer face palm)

  • +4

    Reads T&C. No longer thirsty.

  • +1

    Wow that's a bit low.
    Students get a free drink with burger any day of the week. What's so special about this?

    Buy an overpriced burger and get a standard drink.

  • Just got my voucher sent through. Only get 3 days to use it though :(

    Offer valid for Dine In customers only. Valid for any standard sized drink with burger purchase. Limited to one per customer. Original copies only. Not valid with any other offer. Offer Expires 23:59 AWST THUR 21.06.2018

  • +5

    Another company to add to the boycott list, feels like a bait and switch. The original deal didn't mention anything about having to purchase a burger to get the free drink AFAIK.

  • +3

    I was denied an alcoholic drink with a burger purchase at chatswood. They claimed standard drinks exclude alcohol.

    • +6

      The sign up page says beer:

      "You’re just a Lucas Neill long throw away from a free beer."

  • +3

    They just made up a new condition to purchase a burger with the free drink which was not there before. False advertising.

  • +1

    They have no grounds to enforce the need to purchase a burger to claim the free drink. They've acquired your personal data (name, email, whatever else it was) via the online form to register yourself, with T&Cs attached. There's nothing in the T&Cs that state you need to make a burger purchase to claim the free drink (that I can see). To change those T&Cs, they would need to get each registered user to reaccept the T&Cs with the amends included. I can't see that happening!

    I'd be interested to see if anyone can get their free drink using this argument! I might try it after work!

    No, I'm not a lawyer. My work involves online products where T&Cs are used for promotional needs and competitions so I'm reasonably familiar. Although I'm sure many Ozbargainers would be able to say the same. ;)

    • +2

      Please ask for a receipt and share with us so we can use your case as a landmark :)

  • +1

    They are repeat offenders. I suppose we can report them to someone who can slap their wrists for repeatedly doing this.

    Anyone know a body that can do this?

  • Anyone claimed a beers yet. Don't want to go if theres just a 375ml coke on offer. Standard drink? Does say beer in initial register

    Left feedback. Wonder if they will reply.

  • Poor form changing the T&Cs

    • Claimed Stone and wood pacific ale with Moroccan Lamb burger $14. Make sure the QR code is in email and the person at counter over 18. My code wasnt on email. Went through 3 ppl before they worked it out. Southland Cheltenham Vic.

      • +1

        this whole thing NO LONGER even a deal when they change doggy terms to buy a burger to get the free drink *non-alcholic. they don't even care oroos score tonnes of goals next 2 matches