Woke up Many Times at Night When Sleeping, Need a Better Quilt

I have a 500GSM wool quilt originally bought from here:

Recently found it is not warm enough for sleep (been cold in Brisbane recently..) so I add a sleeping bag. However. I have a bad habit when sleeping always kick off the sleeping bag. So woke up many times during the night to pull it back..

I thought the 500GSM is enough for the winter that is why I bought it. But turns out it is not enough. Or because it is not really 500GSM? I really don't know if any certificate and prove it.

Anyway, I guess I can only buy a better one.

Did the search on the internet not surprised there are many choices.
Myer has one on sale but didn't mention what is the GSM.

Koan has really cheap one..

Can anyone suggest any good quilt that is worth every penny?


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    Try electric blanket.

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    Jumper on & thick socks.


      and beany.

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      yep, I wore socks last night for first time this winter, it makes a big difference. and they are not thick, just regular tennis socks.

      we use same quilt for whole year and ad a blanket between it and our top sheet during cooler periods.


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    I'm not sure about quilts having said that, when I need a good nights sleep I listen to Stephen Hawking, that robotic voice has me yawning in seconds.


    Layers of wool. Wool is everything.wool.


    For a different suggestion - have a look at your sheets.

    If you're using simple cotton sheets these can stay quite cold overnight so you might want to look into some warmer flannel sheets or even replace your sheets with two microfibre blankets as both your bottom and upper "sheets" with your existing quilt on top.

    That is what I do. The microfibre blankets were ~$10ea from k-mart a few years ago.

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    do you have a wool underlay?


    Don't know if I would get it again, but I bought a Minijumbuk queen size quilt from Harris Scarf 5? years ago, and its been brilliant. Melbourne weather, so a bit colder than up north. Keeps me warm through winter, but I have to fold it back once summer comes on.


    Double up on blankets get one of those thin woolen ones to go under your quilt then use the quilt as the comfy layer on top.. Add a third layer of thin or thick wooly blanket.

    The one I am thinking of is like those really old thin blankets you find in older hotels and really old hospital beds I suppose.

    I checked Woolworths, Coles, Big W and Target website.

    Closest I could find was this but it's not quite the one I was talking for.

    It is like really thin not much more thicker than a scarf really but blanket size.



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    Or because it is not really 500GSM? I really don't know if any certificate and prove it.

    You could measure the size of the quilt and work out how many square meters it is. Then weigh the quilt. Divide the weight by the size and see if it equals or exceeds 500.

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    Just a guide to different fillings used in quilts etc But best thing about it they give a temperature range of each product.

    Hope it helps/

    20 % Off EOFY Sale plus free shipping

    Quilts Buying Guide

    Best Quilts based on Climate.

    Quilt Types Temperature Range
    Hungarian Goose Down Quilt- All Seasons
    Temperature range: 5°C to +25°C (700+ Fill Power or 10.5 TOG)

    Canadian Goose Down Quilt- All Seasons
    Temperature range: 5°C to +25°C (800+ Fill Power or 10.5 TOG)

    Hungarian Goose Down Quilt – Winter Warmth
    Temperature range: -10°C to +15°C (700+ Fill Power or 15.0 TOG)

    Canadian Goose Down Quilt- Winter Warmth
    Temperature range: -15°C to +15°C (800+ Fill Power or 15.0 TOG)

    Organic Mulberry Silk Quilt- All Seasons
    Temperature range: 10°C to +25°C (7.5 TOG or 300GSM)

    Organic Mulberry Silk Quilt- Summer Warmth
    Temperature range: 15°C to +25°C (4.5 TOG or 200GSM)

    Duck feather Quilt- All Seasons
    Temperature range: 5°C to +20°C (9.5 TOG or 500GSM)

    Goose Feather Quilt- All Seasons
    Temperature range: 5°C to +20°C (9.5 TOG or 500GSM)

    Wool Quilt- Winter
    Temperature range: 0°C to +15°C (13.5 TOG or 550GSM)

    Quilt Filling Features

    Hungarian or Canadian Goose Down:

    Natural product
    Luxuriously soft
    Incredibly light and cosy
    Temperature regulation
    Draws moisture from body
    Baffle construction design
    Perfect to use in cooler climates
    hypo Allergenic

    Organic Mulberry Silk
    Natural product
    Regulates body temperature
    Ideal for year-round usage

    Natural product
    Cost effective
    Cosy and gives a 'tucked-in' feeling
    Great for year-round usage

    100% Natural Australian Wool
    Regulates body temperature
    Draws moisture from body
    Perfect to use in cooler climates

    What is GSM?
    GSM stands for ‘Grams per Square Metre’. It refers to the weight of the quilt filling. So, the higher the GSM of filling in the quilt, the warmer it is. Below are example of GSMs to help you decide the best quilt for your needs:

    240GSM is best for the Summer Climate
    350GSM is best for both Autumn and Spring Climates
    500+ GSM is best for Winter

    GSM applies to Feather, wool and Organic Mulberry silk quilts only. Down quilts are measured in Fill Power.

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    Cold in Brisbane lol


    Consider this. I have bought 5 and family members are pleased with them.


    KMart or BigW - terrific value


    Or because it is not really 500GSM?

    That might be a valid point! Or maybe just poor quality filling.

    I also live in Brisbane, and I've been using a high quality, pure wool 300GSM quilt for years. It's a Habitat Regal from Pillowtalk. I just use it with a pair of cotton sheets, nothing else.

    Even on the coldest Brissy nights I find that it's more than hot enough - in fact it's too hot to use at any other time. I only put it on the bed about three weeks ago, and I'll probably use it no later than the end of August on average.


      Bought a 350GSM from same Ebay seller 2 years ago and it's way too hot I've just bought a sheridan 240GSM a few weeks ago that has been perfect GSM the last couple of nights in Bris even this was too hot a couple weeks ago.
      Between the ebay seller and the Sheridan the Ebay is far better quality and cheaper. Sheridan is forever leaving wool fibres inside the cover.
      I'd buy a 200-300GSM cover and if that doesn't work you could double them up to make a 700-800GSM and then use the lighter one for summer months.


    try kmarts $40 doona. its bloody awesome

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    Just leave the heating on low overnight. I turn the thermostat down to 15 degrees and use an "All Season" quilt.

    If I use a winter quilt and turn the heating off it's too warm —around 21 degrees— when I go to bed and too cold at around 10 degrees according to thermostat at 6AM in the morning when the outside temperature is around 2 degrees. Setting the thermostat to 15 degrees the heating comes on again around 2AM (once it's fallen to 15 degrees over 4 hours) for about 10 minutes each hour until the morning when I wake up and turn it back to 21 degrees. It doesn't cost very much and the house is not freezing cold if I do wake up and walk about. Most nights the heating never comes on as the temperature doesn't drop below 15 by the morning.


    I bought one of these for my daughter and it's great https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/700GSM-Merino-Wool-Quilt-Blanket... - I'm going to get one for myself.