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Up to 44% off RRP @ Appliances Online


Hi all, this is the Appliances Online EOFY sale for 2018 that runs from the 18th of June to the 28th of June, 2018.

There are good savings across all categories on our site.
I have listed a few selected products with the current on-sale price, their previous price and the (% off RRP in parentheses). Happy hunting.

Please note that some of the best savings are found on product with extremely limited stock.

Those items will have a tag that says "In stock Less than 10 items left - hurry!" under the add to cart button.

For these items, we will do our best to accommodate your purchase but sometimes we won't be able to order in new stock, particularly if the product has been superseded and we can no longer source it from our suppliers. To avoid frustration on items that are tagged as limited stock, get in early!

How come the price for product 'X' was much lower yesterday/weeks/months ago?

A: Appliances Online does not pump up prices before the sale. Our pricing is done through an automated and dynamic pricing system where prices can go up and down on a daily basis. Note that during a sale period, the system locks prices so that they can only go down, not up!

C'mon, aren't you one of the retailers that is on sale every week?

A: Appliances Online is only on sale three times a year: at Boxing Day, EOFYS and our birthday sale in October. The only time you'll see cheaper prices on our site is when our pricing algorithm stuffs up or there's an eBay store sale. We don't do TV, radio or print advertising, so you'll only see this sale advertised online (like here) or through word of mouth.

Your prices are still not that cheap during this sale!

A: We are sorry we can't be more competitive. Have you factored in shipping? We do have free delivery and also offer free removal of your old appliances in metro areas. We also have a good record for post-purchase assistance if you need to return something or have a faulty product as our 24/7 locally-based team is there to help you.

How do I know if appliance "X" is the right appliance for me?

A: We offer 24/7, locally based customer support on 1300 000 500, so please call if you need more information or have any questions about a particular appliance. None of our team work on a commission so we are unbiased when helping you find the most suitable appliance.

I've got more questions, can you help?

A: I'll be checking on this thread throughout the sale, but for an immediate answer, please call our customer support team on 1300 000 500

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