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EVA Mattress EOFY - Take $150 off All Bed Sizes ($400 for SB, $600 for DB, $700 for QB, $800 for KB)


I’ve been looking at a new mattress and was set on a Mattress in a box after my chiropractor recommended looking at for some reviews as she mentioned she was going to get a koala mattress. I settled on a EVA Mattress given the side support being pushed to the edges by my partner in crime most nights I needed something that wouldn’t make me roll off the bed and given that most memory foam mattresses don’t have edge support they also give you a sinking in feeling. So after deciding on an EVA Mattress I was just hanging on to see if they were going to have any EOFY special as most brands did. They always have a $100 discount promo code, so when I saw there was a $150 promo code this morning I was stoked! Just ordered one and set delivery for Wednesday!

You can check out the reviews and make comparisons to other bed in a box products to see what’s right for you at the site

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    I’ve been sleeping on this mattress for 3 weeks now. Only buy this if you like a really firm mattress (or unless you want to use a mattress topper)


    Had one of these for about 5 months and it's been very good. Certainly not too firm, I would say it's a light firm mattress. Me and the Mrs are side sleepers, strange that the poster above finds it very firm. It does weigh a shit ton though


      You can always make a mattress softer with a topper, so firm is the way to go.

      This seems to be one of the better options on the market ATM.

      Is the edge support as good as they claim?

      (The edge support on zzzAtliers is atrocious.)

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        Zero complaints with edge support. I'm a side sleeper amd sleep pretty close to the edge most of the time too as I have a damn CPAP mask. If it helps I weigh around 90kgs.


    I bought a Koala about 18 months ago and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it… yes its on the firm side but you get used to it and firmer is better for your back


      Most of the reviews for this mattress say they've returned koalas (some due to heat distribution), and purchased the Eva instead.


    Can anyone who has an EVA mattress comment on whether it sleeps hot (in summer and winter) please?

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    Comparing mattresses is so difficult. I am concerned about heat distribution, but if you focus on a particular brand's website reviews, ofc they will be positive and cherry picked.

    I've been looking at Koala for some time, hoping for an EOFY sale to take the plunge.

    Here are some "impartial" scores for comparison's sake…
    Koala = Highly commended
    Eva = #1 Top rated
    Koala = 4.7/5
    Eva = 4.3/5
    Koala = 9.4
    Eva = 9.1
    Koala = 9.3
    Eva = 9.0
    Koala = 4.8
    Eva = 4.3


      The koalas top layer is known to be hot. It's also only a MF mattress and is unlikely to stand the test of time.

      They also switched from the original models 3 layers of memory foam to two, which is a bit of a silly move given how much better competition they have now.

      They've been known to pay previous customers for reviews too.

      If you're basing your choice on abitrary numbers picked by reviewers, good luck! Reading those reviews has further sold me on the Eva being the better buy at present.


    Has anyone tested the free return policy with these? How easy is it?

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    I just received my EVA King mattress today. 60kg in a long box with wheels on the bottom for transport but still heavy as anything. Couldn’t imagine having to pick this up off the bed for someone to collect if I wanted to return it



    Still works for $100 off. Next 150 off is likely to be Boxing Day.


      sounds like you are affiliated with Eva, mate


        Actually I've decided on zzzAtelier for my next mattress. Eva almost won me over, but the edge support on the zzz's is fine after some time unboxed.

        I just research throughly. If you checked the wiki mattress page you'll see who has done a lot of the edits.

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