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[VIC] Gameology Warehouse Sale June 23 10am - 5pm - Massive Darkness $85 (Melbourne)


Gameology is excited to announce our biggest sale to date!

There will be food, there will be music, but most importantly there will be lots and lots of cheap BOARDGAMES!

We will be holding the massive sale at our warehouse in Clayton South on June the 23rd. Come in early to have access to the biggest selection.

Make sure you let us know what games you would like to see and we will endeavour to give you prices that you have never seen.

Don't forget to click attending and to invite your friends as we will be doing giveaways and polls in the lead up to the sale.

12 Eileen Rd
Clayton South VIC 3169

Code Names for under $20

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  • +1 vote

    I assume they wont take online orders for this sale and wont post to places outside of Melbourne

  • +2 votes

    Can we get some deals for mtg


    Also in before someone complains there is no examples of actual deals


    Ticket to ride - europe edition?


    Suburb is Clayton South BTW.

  • +3 votes

    Is there actually a list? Ive been to a few 'mage sales' at games shops only to find average specials and a bunch of stuff noone wants.


    Has anyone else had issues with Gameology's stock?

    I bought a card game from them a while ago and it didn't look genuine after comparing it with a mate's set (purchased from a reliable source)


      Contact the retailer and tell them. Most card games these days have a holo sticker on the back to show it is authentic. If yours felt different it is likely it is fake as has been my experience in handling thousands of card games over the last few years. So many fakes out there… sucks. What do you meme is one of the worst at the moment.


    Talisman would be nice.