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Youfoodz - 3 Free Meals ($69 Minimum Spend)


Limited to the first 5000 orders
Single use only
Applies to orders over $69
One code per order
Expires 20/06/18

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Referral: random (79)

Referrer gets $50 credit. Referee get $30 credit.

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  • +6

    ive ordered before and got the $30 discount. 7 meals, free bottle of shiraz and a blueberry bliss ball for $39.64
    What a great deal

    • +2

      can we spread out those 7 meals into like 2 weeks for example? a bit confuse
      i just need cheap lunch meals monday to friday in sydney cbd, just like recent mealpal deal

      also how to get the wines?

      • No order total must come to $69 which is around 7 meals. Then apply code to reduce the cost. Shiraz is an option to add to the cart for free under the new winter menu options.

        • +1

          But then we can decide when they get delivered,? Or 7 must be delivered at the same time? Confused again. Wait are they frozen foods?

          How about expiration date of the foods? In you order 7 can you eat them in 7 days?

        • I couldn't see any Shiraz in the app?

        • @dragonindespair:

          They come refrigerated (on ice in a styrofoam box) and they have a best before of about 1.5 weeks. You can freeze them to make them last longer. They have 3 days each week that they cook and deliver the same morning on.

        • @dragonindespair: Same time, fridge not frozen. Exp a week from when you get them. I have yet to freeze them myself. They're made within 48hrs of delivery says the site.

        • @dragonindespair: thanks for the reply I understand now

      • They're not frozen when they come but you can freeze them when you get it

  • I have an existing account and received the $30 off.
    Thanks for posting!

  • Worked for my existing account. Thanks OP. Another week of dinner sorted.

    The fried chicken & gravy is delicious so ordered again

    • Just ate one of those. Yummy, Chicken, peas and gravy!!

  • +1

    I really liked Lamb Shank last time I ordered so ordered again. Thanks OP

    • Their lamb roast is good as well!

  • +1

    2 weeks In a row. Loving these for work lunches, thanks OP.

    • +1

      Same here!

  • +5

    Addicted to the Creamy Mushroom Cannelloni. Their lack of vegetarian options is very annoying. I noticed the new menu is all non Veg.

  • +1

    $5.80 a meal for 8 meals cheers work lunches sorted

  • Thanks OP, ordered!

  • +2

    Their food is great, but just a heads up their delivery can be pretty poor. I've ordered twice, first time was 5 hours late and they dumped the food outside my apartment despite my instructions asking them to call the intercom so I could at least let them in. Second time, just this weekend, they were 7 hours late, showing up at almost 8pm.

    • Some local businesses have them stocked, you can ask them to deliver to you, I know we do :)

  • Worked for me, and I order every week. New accounts pish-posh.

  • Thanks, I saw this promo a few days ago, good reminder, just put my order in. Pity you cant stack it with Gold Member discount code, but still a good deal.

  • +2

    Thanks OP.

    I've got 2 empty youfoodz boxes out the front of my door. One from the most recent order and the other from the previous order, which I left out for the driver to collect when he delivered the most recent one. However he didn't collect it and just placed the new box on the doormat.

    So now there's 2 boxes there waiting to be collected and no response from customer service.

    Anyone else in the same predicament? I don't want to place another order if they're just going to dump yet another box!

    • +2

      yep - we have three boxes now…driver doesn't pick them up :\

      • +3

        Yeah, I've read the FAQ and they're meant to pick them up - it makes sense for them to do this, so the boxes can be reused for other orders!

        Glad I'm not the only one facing this issue!

    • +3

      Thanks to you for caring about this. I have the same frustrations.

      So much waste. It's in their best interests to take the box I would've thought.

      • +2

        Yeah, I've read the FAQ and they're meant to pick them up - it makes sense for them to do this, so the boxes can be reused for other orders!

        Glad I'm not the only one facing this issue!

        So much waste. It's in their best interests to take the box I would've thought.

        Indeed. I'm thinking of all the OzB orders that have been made with all these coupon promos, that's a lot of boxes. Are people just chucking them into the trash? :(

        • +1

          I've been using mine as planter box to go herbs

    • +1

      I've had what I thought was lazy driver not pickup the boxes a while back, so I emailed them and said they'll be picked up next delivery which they did. I've always had quick responses when I've emailed them usually between 30 minutes and a couple hours max.

      The next time the guy delivered my order he rang the door bell and had a chat then I noticed he only had 1 hand, made sense as to why he couldn't pick the boxes up off the ground.

    • Wow they picked mine up AND my thr1ve boxes too…

  • Thanks OP. im not new and it works for me.

  • Works for me. Filled up on the 8.95 meals

  • +1

    They are certainly having enough promotions to keep me interested. The meals are great. Very tasty. So easy!

    Thanks OP. Worked on my existing account.

  • +1

    Some of the meals are yummy and some are very bland tasting, pasta and chicken seems to work the best for me.

    • +1

      Which would you NOT recommend?

  • Yay! Thanks OP. Another 7 meals for $40. I've only had 3 so far, but they're all very good. My favourite is the spaghetti bol.

  • +1

    Dammit didn't see the referral. Sorry :(

    • Don't think the referrals work with this offer as it's one code per order and the referral code is less valuable than this one

      • Just about to ask this, can we stack referral and this 30 dollars off? I don't think so

  • Happy days

  • Thanks OP. Hard to resist with this discount.

  • Thanks for that, love using a code with these guys. Have now gotten the candle twice ! If only the free gift they gave was one of the more useful ones :)

    • An actual candle? That's interesting. I got a bottle opener and cutlery, thought it was a standard welcome thing.

      • Haven't seen any of those (candle, opener or cuttlery). Only free thing has been a small cooler bag that I've seen others with at the office so figured it was standard given there are many about. Have reached gold already, so don't think the free items are too standard…

        • +2

          I've gotten the cooler bag, keep cup, water bottle, cutlery, bottle opener, card game, protein powders and now two candles! Of all the things to get two of… ;)
          I'm a fan!!

      • I wanted the cutlery, thought I got a candle cause I'm a girl. XD

  • First order on last weeks promo, I got a gift box with a bliss ball, bottle opener, cutlery set and protein powder sachet.

    Just ordered again, too good a deal to resist! Yum food too.

  • If they are tasty this discounted youfoodz is better than normal price mealpal.
    Plus handy when raining and you are hungry at work.

    • I do love the adventure of trying new places often, then again I do freelance so can take 2hrs off for lunch.

  • can we stack referral and this 30 dollars off? I don't think so.

    Also the referral bonus is $10 for next order so we will need to spend $59? This $30 is much better then.

  • Thank you OP.

    I find their food is pretty tasty to my surprise.
    However, the portion can be a bit bigger though

  • Awesome deal ,thanks

  • how do they deliver to apartments?

    • They leave it outside and you have the rush home before someone steal it.
      Best that you put an office address.

      • damn…

      • There was something on channel 9 about low lifes following the parcel delivery guy, stealing…

    • They actually sneaked in and left the box at my door. Good job on the delivery. haha

    • my delivery driver actually followed the delivery instructions and buzzed my intercom and i let him up and he delivered it to straight to my door.

      they also send out an e-mail and text when the delivery driver is coming over to your place so you know when to expect them.

      • can you set a specific delivery time? outside of business hours?

    • which apartment and when is your delivery scheduled time?


  • Has anyone tried freezing the meals?

    I've got YouFoodz overload at home.

    $5.80 per meal is awesome value BTW.

    • Yes we freeze them often and they reheat fine

  • I was also able to add a free mini Shiraz with my order

  • +2

    Your food is delicious and it helped me lose 2kg in a week! Will definitely order from you repeatedly.
    It would be great if you can set up some long-running loyalty program.

    • They have some sort of VIP program that you get invited to after a certain number of orders. Gold and platinum, entitling you to 5% and 10% off. As posted somewhere above in the comments

    • 2kg each week? I heard the first few kilos are easy cause it's water weight.

  • Thanks OP. Have Ordered.

  • Thanks OP ordered hehe

  • Ordered though I still have a fridge full of YouFoodz from last week. And despite being unhappy with how they handled the delivery last time. Can't beat the convenience and they sucked me in with the $8.95 price for the new menu plus the free mini shiraz.

  • Delivered today, the food is good!

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