expired [Steam] PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS $19.99 USD (~ $27 AUD) (33% off)


Not the cheapest price around with Gamersgate at $18.70 USD but good for those that wish to purchase through Steam.

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    I would not buy anything of Steam at the moment with the next big sale just two days away.

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    In case you didn't already know :

    I wouldnt buy this if you are considering first person solo or duos. FPP solo in Oceania has been broken for ages (can't actually GET a game) and they are removing duo fpp because solo fpp isnt working…

    Yeah, that's the level of brains with this dev.

    Great gunplay, decent graphics, horribly optimised and such awful server side performance.

    Come play Tarkov. Heh.

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    Recent Reviews: Mostly Negative. <- This should tell you all you need to know if you haven't played PUBG in the past. The game that took the world by storm has been patched out of existence, what's left isn't worth paying for.

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      I refunded this a few months ago.

      My big issue, was that playing solo, it felt like a waste of time.

      Wait 5 minutes to find a game in Australia.
      Wait 2 minutes for everyone to connect.
      Wait 3 minutes for everyone to load.
      Wait 3 minutes to freefall from a plane
      If you land wrong, or in a bad spot, die. and repeat.

      You can literally spend 15 minutes and NOT play anything.
      After about 4 rounds of this, I realised I'd spent an hour NOT playing a game, but being IN a game.
      Note: It's picky about how smoothly Alt+Tab works if you're playing full screen.

      As an elite Bioshock player, and a 'fairly OK' TF2 player, and an ex-battlefield player, I know how to play FPS games; and I'd spent an hour NOT doing so.


      If this drops to $15AUD I might pick it up again, PURELY to play with a few friends who are addicted; but unless you have a solid driving force to play this game as opposed to a morbid curiosity; avoid avoid avoid.


        It's a "play with friends" game imo. It's actually a really shit game, but it's easy to fairly casually play and a lot of people do, so it works.

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    If anyone wants it you can get it for $10USD at greenmangaming with voucher code GEF9MN-0H5ZHX-3VUBD5. No idea if that's a unique code or not so get it while it's hot. Personally I'd always pick Fortnite or Realm Royale over PubG though.

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    Personally wouldn't buy this even if it was below $5..

    Played the mobile equivalent to death and fully experienced the battle royale genre to the fullest.

    This is just the start of the genre so much more will be and should be built upon this.

    Fortnite is a better competitor in this regard and the next installment should hopefully be even more.


      I love the mobile version. Highly addictive & well run.

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        Latest patch is pretty awesome though I think I am burnt out on battle royales now.. been playing pretty heavily since last November on rules of survival. I think it's break time.


          Latest patch released today has a mini arena I think. Clan Vs Clan & leagues tables would be a cool addition. Only been playing 6-8 weeks myself.


    Just warning people out there, the wait time between matches has been excruciating recently. They region-locked China, which is supposedly a good thing, but the recent drop in players meant that matchmaking takes forever. I would definitely not recommend getting this game in its current form for Oceania servers (although it may be fine elsewhere, I don't know).

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      Do you play FPP? In TPP it's fine. Might take a minute to get a regular game on the weekend when they have the Event Mode but typically the queue times in solo/duo/squads is tops of 30s I find, and usually much less. (When I bought the game I thought I'd play FPP because I always have but I found TPP made me feel a lot less queasy and is fun, I'm a very casual-skill-level player though.)


        Sorry, I should clarify that I play almost exclusively in FPP, so that might be skewing my perspective… I'm almost the opposite, haha, I find TPP makes me a bit queasy with the ADS. On another note, I don't want anyone thinking I don't like the game, the game is great! But I wish the devs did more… developing.


          No time to develop if you're busy filing suit over features like frying pans. Never mind TF2 right?


      I'd be happy to wait longer for a good team / squad that spoke English. The lag they bring in with them is annoying, as well as zero communication.

      Still wouldn't get the game though due to how many hackers there are. And teaming cheaters.

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    So the fad has run its course? Quick to rise quick to fall hey. Was it a year or so? That was a good run…

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    the only way PUBG would be worth it now is if they went F2P. The developer has bungled up the game badly and at this point you might as well play Fortnite


      They really need to do this or have some welfare or giveaways for the community to win back some brownie points from its community.. They really are not doing a very good charity campaign which they should be doing with such a big following and web wide exposure.


    Jesus this game is still $20 USD?

    What a waste of money.


    Too many hackers. Dont recommend it. and dont even get me started with the loot boxes that you have to buy the key with actual money to open them.


    Too many hackers and a first person mode does not work on local servers, just sits there matchmaking forever.
    It's a defective product and i'm voting as such.
    I'm sure i'll cop crap from third person players as this issue does not affect them.
    There is no real brotherhood in the PC Master Race any more.


    Feels like they are more interested in milking this game for all it's worth, rather than actually making it better. The company gained $700+ million in sales, but after months of development they've barely managed to fine-tune their locked loot crates.

    It still feels 'clunky' compared to most other Battle Royale games. It's a shame though, because I prefer the more realistic BR style rather than the cartoon-ish Fortnite.



      It was built to milk money. Why are people only realising this now ?

      Fortnite is made to milk money even harder.

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