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Nike Sportswear $29, Mariah Flyknit Racer $49, adidas $69 NMD RI/XR1 More C&C or + $6 Shipped @ Hype DC


NIKE SPORTSWEAR RIVAH WOMENS $29 Size US Womens 5,6,7,8,9,10.
US Mens 8,9,10,11,11.5,12,13,14.different color

Other Nike $49

Adidas $69
ADIDAS ORIGINALS NMD_XR1 WINTER 2 different color/styles

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Hype DC
Hype DC

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    Can't wait to get those air Max's dirty

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    Thanks. I was not expecting to buy shoes today.

  • anyone has experience with the Nike mariah flyknit? i am a US 11 TTS wide feet. should i stay tts or size up half?

  • Nice deal, but most sizes are gone

  • Thanks OP 🤗

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    Geez those adidas shoes are dire. May have to leap on that $49 Air Max though

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      They'd have to pay me to wear those.

  • Thanks OP. Click and Collect at Hurstville because somebody beat me at the Blacktown store

  • Second pair of Nike's in 2 weeks!!


    This pair will be by gym pair!

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      Never have enough shoes X)

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    So many great shoes deals lately, thanks to rebel, amazon, hypedc and sportsdirect.

  • thank you,
    can I ask how you keep finding out about this awesome sales

    • Randomly or by getting their newsletters.

  • anyone get an issue when the shipping fee wont remove itself even after selecting free click and collect?

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      It will remove when you review the order after you placed the card details

      • Yep thanks just discovered when checking out!

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    just randomly bought FIVE(5) pairs, after randomly checked out this page, thanks op!

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    Thanks OP bought a pair of Nike mariah flyknit.

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    Don't forget Cash Rewards (3.5%) and if you're getting two pairs of $49 shoes, add some $5 cleaning wipes for free shipping.

    Cheers OP. Got two pairs of fresh kicks

  • Fk me, I have 8 pairs of Ultra Boosts already.. I don't mind the green/brown NMD's… far out

  • Awesome deal. Just bought some.

  • To see what a bargain these are, you can compare prices against the outlet shops using this site: https://assisters.co

  • Gahhh kept getting "payment denied please contact bank" despite trying 2 different cards, and now my size is sold out

  • Yay great post - bought two pairs. This will be a nice surprise for the hubby.

  • copped the air max zeros. will add to the air max collection currently sitting at around 20 pairs haha.

  • Thanks. 2 NIKE SPORTSWEAR RIVAH WOMENS Ordered for sis and mom. lol

    • Gj, bro, they sure will appreciate it.

  • Thanks Op! Finally grabbed 2 pairs of NMD of hubby∩_∩

  • Wow cheapest NMD PK I've ever seen.. too bad not my size :(

  • Damn, too slow on the Air Max's. Great deal!!!

  • I always hate seeing shoe sales. I can never buy online since I need to test any shoes I get with my orthotics beforehand :(

  • Just went in store and got the nmd.. Not the most comfortable shoe but can't complain for 69

  • I got the zeros….now lets see if i can pull off all white sneakers!

    • it's a slippery slope!

  • Free returns

    • where did you see this? I saw no free return

  • Anyone have issues with pickup? It's not removing the delivery fee for me. Tried Safari and Firefox.

    • Once you go through it takes it off before you confirm the purchase! I thought it was not going away but it came off the price right before I confirmed the purchase and collection/delivery status!

      • I used Firefox

    I had terrible experience with them - ordered a pair of Nike aftering seeing a deal on OZB.
    Received order confirmation but two weeks later still no further communication. Then noticed a reversal of bank debit!
    Tried to contact Customer Service and they haven't responded after two weeks.
    Went to the store for Click and Collect and was told the shoes were oversold, and there is nothing they can do. The store just blames the website and the website gives zero f about customers. So far I still haven't got an explanation from Hype online.

    The WORST online shopping ever.

    • +2

      Bought some Adidas Prohpere from them a couple weeks ago. Normally a size 11, so I bought a size 11. Was way too big. Took it to my local store, unfortunately they were out of stock of 10s. They went through all the trouble in ordering in another pair from a store in Queensland (I'm in VIC).

      Had them fixed up within a week.

    • I had a similar experience last week actually. Bought a pair of Janoskis online and elected to click and collect. Got the order confirmation and went into store to pick them up. The store had no idea what was going on so I had to ring their customer care number and was told my payment hasn't cleared even though the bank had said it did. I emailed Hype a couple times about it and they ended up refunding the money because the shoes were now sold out.

  • damn…. sold out just as I was typing in my credit card number >>___<<

  • +1

    Dear Save50 you saved me like 75! Maybe Change your name! You deserve a promotion!

    Thank You very much kind Person!

  • not kidding, I bought ten pairs of shoes. 4 for myself, 2 for my wife, 4 for friends and co-workers. Never seen such a price like this.Thank you!

    • one more for my wife

  • Thanks. Picked up a few pairs.

  • Nice one OP, the Mariahs' are a steal at $49.

  • Cheers OP. Couldn't resist getting the Flyknit Racers.

  • +2

    put the ugly NMDS back up to $119 op, not sure why since they didn't sell out in any sizes
    also the nike air mariah mens are now sold out

  • Received dispatch email. Cheers OP!

  • +1

    Was not going to get anymore shoes…….ahhh well…
    Recently bought 6 pairs of shoes………………………
    (From asos au,asos us and now this one)
    Thanks OP for posting the good deal!

    • What you end up getting?

    • Was there a deal asos? Or just sale products?

  • What is the sizing like on the EQT's in comparison to something like Cloudfoams or stan smiths?

  • +2

    This has to be the quickest delivery ever. 4 pairs shipped from Brisbane to Sydney in under 24 hours

    • Same here, the delivery is so quick~

    • Yep, it's what happens when you don't use Aus post

      • My order from 25% footlocker sale is still on the flight from Perth, it pick up by Auspost on the 18.6.18 :(

  • Bought a pair of Vans yesterday for $29, had a look at their website today and the same pair is now $49. Shoes arrive today too…pretty good for WA. Thanks OP =)

  • Clicked and collected the Nike AIR ZOOM MARIAH FLYKNIT RACER yesterday, super easy process and helpful staff. Felt very comfy and will make a great gym shoe - looks great too.

    • How did you get notified? I've got the feeling that my click and collect order was sold out before they could reserve it. All I have is an invoice.

      • The first email I got was my invoice and then I received anither confirming order was ready for collection.

  • Bummer, Hype refunded a shoe I purchased with no explanation why.

  • I just received a refund from Hype, along with an explanation that the item I purchased is out of stock. Poor effort Hype. If you don't have the stock or are un-willing to sell it for the price you advertise, then don't advertise it for that price! I won't be back.

    • I contacted the Facebook team today was told my order has been cancelled too.

      “Thanks for your contact.

      We have chased up the status of your recent order with us and unfortunately it appears that at the time of your order we had an influx of people all after the same stock. Unfortunately we could not fill all orders and in this case, we have had to issue you a refund for any items that could not be supplied. This refund will be issued back against your original chosen payment method (even if through Afterpay).

      We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this might cause and can hope that this unfortunate set of circumstances does not stand in the way of you shopping with us again. We value all our customers and do all we can to honour their purchases.

      If you have any more queries or questions please do not hesitate to ask.”

  • Just collected a pair of shoes from Hype St Hay St Perth

  • That was quick delivery got mine today 12:30

  • Nice online shopping experience, delivery via startrack 9 am today.

  • Tried them on last night and cancelled the order.

    The design of them are horrid.

  • Anyone has used this site before? Placed an order yesterday and so far havent heard a thing from them not even invoice or order number

    • +1

      What a flog

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