expired Corsair M65 Pro (White), $54.71 + $10.56 at Amazon AU (Prime Eligible)


This mouse is AU $54.71 + free intl. delivery when using amazon prime (or plus $10.56 delivery if not a prime member).
Located on the Aus store but ships from the US using Amazon global.

This mouse is the white version with a glossy top, rather than the black version that has a matte finish.
Pricing of this mouse at other stores ranges from $79 at PCCG through to $99 at MSY, but you'd have to add delivery to that unless you can collect. $54.71 seems a pretty good price.

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    I got one to try it out, the weirdest button is that sniper button.


    If you have the claw grip I can't recommend this mouse enough.
    That stupid sniper button is next to useless though, never needed to use it.

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      I use my sniper button remapped as a rapid-fire left click macro on my G502. On another note, have they fixed the issue with the middle mouse button failing quickly? My first one (M60) was replaced and the newer one started playing up eventually too.

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    I bought this mouse almost a year ago, but in black.

    Not sure if it's just mine, but I have to fortnightly bend the left mouse button up with lots of pressure so it stops getting stuck down.

    Was supposed to DOA it but never got around to it, and also; don't know if it's just my grip that does it and there's not actually a fault as I click from the bottom of the button, not the top as it's uncomfortable to reach the top of the mouse (I don't have small hands, either).

    Also, the sniper button for DPI slow down is awkward as all hell, but handy for Photoshop and the like. Have yet to feel the need to use it for FPS games though. Haha.

    There is an upside though. The glide and tracking is impeccable.