How to Safely Sell an Expensive Item Possibly Overseas?

Hey guys,

Need some advice regarding selling a bag. The gf impulsively bought a designer bag recently and never liked it once in hand. She's keen to offload it but I've been around here long enough to see all the posts about scams and Paypal refunds tp have reservations.

Supposedly she'll be able to break even/ make a small profit if she ships to the USA but it just seems like more effort/risk. I know the safest way would be an in-person sell with cash or bank cheque, but I'm trying to get advice on safe practices if we do go with online selling and Paypal.

Looking for advice from anyone that does this regularly/ or has done similar in the past. Much appreciated.


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    sell it to oversea buyers
    receive fund by paypal
    don't ship item yet
    transfer fund to local bank account
    go atm cash out the money
    touch, lick & smell the cash
    leave the paypal & bank account zero balance with no credit card
    then only ship the bag


      Unfortunately if OP is going to accept payment by Paypal, that's actually what he'll have to do. Paypal has a notorious reputation for siding with buyers no matter what.

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      You forgot remove the bank account from PayPal - they can still cause your bank account to go into overdraft.

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    Why is that it is easier to sell for a higher price in the US? I thought generally speaking, consumer goods were much cheaper in the US when compared to Aust. I am just trying to understand the logic of being able to sell at a profit in USA vs Aust.


    What bag is it? I wouldn't discount the possibility of finding a buyer right here on OzB.

    Jump onto Purse Blog or similar forums, I'm sure there's enough people on there buy/sell expensive bags or maybe there's even an escrow service specially catered for high value bag/purse/dead skin transactions.


    There's probably less risk of selling overseas through PayPal than selling in person and with cash. At least in my opinion you get most scammers working in cash. There's no that much risk selling as the buyer has little protection through PayPal for C2C transactions compared to B2C transactions. eBay auctions, etc. take an enormous fee for their services though…

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      What? How could OP be scammed if he's receiving cash in hand? As a buyer, yes, Paypal is much better. As a seller though, I'd advise OP to use basically anything else rather than Paypal.

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      You receive cash, you can always keep it.

      You go through ebay, buyer makes up bogus reason to be able to return it, you have to decide whether to pay a massive amount in postage to get your item back (when they can still send you a brick) or refund and lose the item.


    Return it?


    With so many fakes out there buyers will be very skeptical of buying a "designer" bag online

  • +1 vote is a safer alternative, but not foolproof. Read their guides.


    In regards to the bag, it is some kind of Chanel bag or purse that's since sold out or something.

    Will look into escrow cause that would be ideal if the fees aren't excessive.

    The other concern is if theres any custom fees etc. as the bag is ~$4000 (I know I know haha… but can't really judge when I've been eyeing some expensive watches myself).

    My google searching is returning alot more in relation to USA to AUS shipping unfortunately, so I appreciate all the info here!

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