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Mobileciti EOFY Sale: 15% off 750+ Selected Items (Huawei Mate 10 Pro $747, LG Q6 $248 + More)


Hi guys,

Mobileciti are having an End Of Financial Year sale, with many large savings to be had.

An additional 15% off can be applied through applying coupon code EOFYS2018 that is exclusive for Ozbargain, and no membership required ;), which applies to:

Please Apply Coupon Code EOFYS2018 at checkout to receive the discount. Thank you ozbargain for all your support.






As usual, you'll get 100% Australian Stock, Local Manufaturers Warranty, GST Invoice, and TRS if eligible.
All in-stock items are ready to dispatch or pickup today from Parramatta NSW.

If you have any more products suggestions, feel free to comment your requests.

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  • +1

    Are you just advertising your sale here, or do you have any bargains you can provide as a part of the description of this 'deal'?

    • +10

      Hi Trishool,

      Thanks for your feedback, we are beginning to list some items in the description right now.

  • +5

    P20 Pro $933.30, think that's the best price locally so far.

  • +4

    Change the title, you have the G6 listed for $248 when in the description it's the Q6.

    • +1

      Thanks for noticing, sorry about that, fixed

  • +4

    Title has LG G6 $248 when its actually the Q6 for that price

  • +12

    LG G6 at $483? Come on Mobileciti, this is not a deal!

    • +5

      Here, have it for free.

    • Seems pretty good for local stock

  • iPhone 7+ 128GB please!!!

  • +1

    Nice, need a new phone for my parents. Q6 is a go.

  • Any deal for Pixel 2 non XL?

  • +1

    What's the difference between this
    https://www.mobileciti.com.au/huawei-p20-pro-dual-sim-4g-4g (SKU: HWP20PCFG)
    https://www.mobileciti.com.au/huawei-p20-pro-dual-sim-4g-4g-… (SKU: HWP20PTWL)

    It appears the latter is unbranded? is that correct? is that the only difference?
    Both say Dual Sim but in slightly different terms.

    • +1

      They are identical, one is a child product of the other. All Huawei P20 Pros are Dual Sim 4G/4G.

      • Ok thanks, just wanted to check, the specs are actually different on each page (Re: Branding)

        • +1

          Yep, just fixed it, looks like one field wasn't filled out. Thanks for letting us know.

  • doesn't work for IPHONE X?

  • Links appear to be down

  • +1

    Any deal on iPhone 7, 7+ or 8????

    • +4

      An iPhone is an anti-deal once you see the price of apps in the app store. Mobileciti is just looking out for you by not discounting them.

      • Who pays for apps?

    • Doubt you would ever see more than 10% on a current model iPhone. Anyway, they probably don’t have trouble selling them anyway compared with these. Just the way the market is, no reflection on these products.
      Mobiciti offers good prices for aus stock iPhones compared with the competition anyways.

  • Galaxy A3 2017 pls?

  • +2

    I'm blown away at the amazing battery capacity of the LG Q6 (https://www.mobileciti.com.au/lg-q6-m700-platinum)

    Battery Capacity 30000mAh

    That's like 10 days of juice!

    • they won't let you take that onto a plane though.

    • wrong specs.
      should be 3k lol

    • Better grab it while it lasts!

    • Certiainly a new meaning to battery assult. Thank you, has been fixed.

  • +4

    Any deal for samsung S7?

  • Good price on the 128gb Sandisk Ultra micro SD @ $49.30

  • Hi There
    Do You have Huawei Mate 10 in Brown Colour or Gold Colour ?
    If yes I will buy right now.
    On your site it says "Black"
    Let me know plz

    • Hi Cheapcheap,
      Unfortunately the Huawei Mate 10 dual sim is only available in the Black colour in Australia. Thanks

    • When you go black ….

      Anw, don't know why most of the phone (not all lol) is only available in black variant in Au… LG G6, XZ2, even the the Nw-a45. Due to limited number of purchase?

  • When does the sale end?

    • +2

      As per post expiry, tomorrow (Friday).

  • Come on Oneplus 6!

  • -1

    Nice sale Mobilciti but just bought OPPO from you guys 2-3 days back and paid more :( not happy!

  • +1

    No deals on LG V30+? same price as JB HIFI which is 'local' stock.

  • Hi rep does the lg g6 listed on your site come with Quad DAC?

    • +1

      Hi djevolution,
      Yes the LG G6 H870D model listed on the site has Quad DAC. Thanks

      • Hi, does the G6 support wireless charging?

        • +2

          If it has quad dac then it won't have wireless charging.

  • Are you able to include the J5 pro and J7 pro in the sale?
    And also drop the base price of the J7 pro to at least where the brick n mortar stores are selling it? ie Officeworks $379

  • -1

    Hey OP please have you got more of the OPPO A73?
    Thanks heaps

    • Hi Bobbymg,
      Yes the OPPO A73 is in stock and included in the sale. Links: A73 Black, A73 Gold Thanks

  • HI OP Any other colour for r11s?

    • Hi ashikk,
      The OPPO R11s single sim versions has just been added to the sale. Link to all OPPO R11s. Thanks

      • Thanks op

  • Hi OP,
    Any deals on iPhone (6s or 7)?

  • OP, the LG G7 has multiple variants of the phone, see https://www.gsmarena.com/lg_g7_thinq-9115.php. The page on your site for this phone lists the model as LM-G710, but which variant is it exactly?

    • -1

      The Australian one.

    • Hi Trishool,
      The LG G7 is the LMG710EMW variant. Thank you, will update listing shortly.

  • Hi, didnt realise the sale was over. Could you do a deal on LG G6?

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