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Refurbished Stock Sale, Inc. Sennheiser MX 375 $10, HD 4.40 BT $79.95 (Out of Stock), Free Shipping > $50 @ Sennheiser


A wide range of factory refurbished and B-stock headphones and earphones on sale until stocks last.

Sennheiser Refurbished Product is a returned product with only minor cosmetic imperfections. The product has undergone a rigorous process that ensures our high standard of function and quality is adhered to.

Our Refurbished Products are offered at a reduced price with a 30-day return policy, as well as our standard 2-year warranty.

Range on offer includes:
- MOMENTUM Wireless Black/Ivory B-Stock $249.95 (OUT OF STOCK)
- HD 4.40 BT B-Stock $79.95 (Save $169) (SOLD OUT)
- HD 630VB B-Stock $295.95 (Save $500) (SOLD OUT)
- URBANITE XL (Denim or Sand, i) B-Stock $192.95 (Save $170)
- URBANITE (Black, Senim, Sand or Plum, i) B-Stock $99.95 (Save $130)

Heaps of others available, including gaming headsets.

All orders over $50 are free shipping.

These products are only available while stocks last.
All models are fully refurbished and tested by Sennheiser technicians at our service facility in Australia. They come with a full two-year warranty, and all accessories and manuals are included. They are securely packed in a plain box; note the original outer packaging is not included.

Added a coupon code for 10% off.

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    I got 4.40BT, let me know if you want to know anything. I also have many other headphones.

    • +3

      Would be good to know your feedback/review about the 4.40BT, TY.

      • yep would love to know what you think. This seems to be a pretty good pricepoint.

        • posted thoughts, let me know if there is something else you need to know!

      • +7

        I don't like them, I paid $198 at JBHIFI. If you have any specific questions I can answer them.

        To me they are not comfortable (headband has little cushioning and ear cushions are too narrow), they are very large in appearance compared to most other headphones, they have a very silly interface to turn on and off, volume up/down causes music to lower while it plays a beep so very hard to tell what volume you are setting to when trying to turn up/down quickly, loud "power on" voice when you turn the device on, no easy way to know if they are on or not, to turn on you have to hold the power button for 5 seconds, to turn off you have to hold it for 4 seconds, sound quality is great but at low volume there is a loud hiss which detracts the value of the headset complete for me, doesn't work well with more than 1 device connected, wired cable is proprietary.

        Battery life is fantastic, they will last nearly a whole week of me listening to music up to 7 hours a day at low volume. Sound isolation is great for non NC headphones. They fold up which is great, although do not come with a hard case to carry them in.

        I would never pay $198 for them again, but at this price I would say they are a great buy.

        • Have you tried NC on a flight? Was it any good?

        • +1

          @steff: NC is only on the 4.50BTNC.

        • @xyron: my bad. thanks

        • +1

          I found them to have really good sound quality. The cuffs are a little on the small side (bad if you have big ears) but the materials are nice and the battery life is pretty good. I got mine for $150 on some sort of sale so decent for that price.

        • @Calvin27: yep agree it sounds good. I wouldn't touch them if you want them for low volume listening though like in an office.

    • 4.40bt is gone now :(

      • I ordered a pair the gf ended up not wanting if you want them? I offered them to someone else but if they dont want them, can be all yours.

  • Yep, thinking of picking up a pair of 4.40BT for travel and urbanites for the more fashion conscious wife. How would you rate the urbanites if you have a pair.

    • Not fashionable in my opinion. My wife wouldn't wear them as they are so big and bulky. They are bigger than BOSE QC/Sony Over ears etc.

    • Urbanite very uncomfortable and not even a good price

      • for me they've been the most comfortable pair of over ears I've ever had, and they fold up really nicely compared to all other ones I tested.

    • The urbanite xl have small-ish cups if you have big ears. Soundwise, good for funk and rock music, not great for classical music.

  • +13

    Use code Sorry10 for 10% further discount. Just used on HD 4.40 and got $8 off.

    • I got the code email twice whilst trying to pay with PayPal and it not completing the sale. I reverted to using a credit card and it went through.

    • +1

      Genius @Rista1, thanks. Was just in the process of checking out and saw your post - bonus $8 savings. Owe you one!

    • +2

      what was the story with this one? haha

      • Same as @carlenet, paypal checkout not working and got the code emailed, I’m glad paypal didn’t work got to save 10%. Posted the code rightaway :D

  • The Momentum Wireless is actually the deal to be had in this list. they are basically the fashionable version of the PXC550s but for only $249!

    • both color says out of stock.

    • Looks like it's out of stock

  • +1

    Cheers, great price on the HD25s. Sadly I was too quick and missed the extra 10% off code.

  • Momentum wireless are out of stock in ivory and black

  • Thanks picked up a pair of 4.40 for 72

  • +2

    No HD 800s:(

  • +1

    Pretty sure i have seen some of these for cheaper prices on brand new models in the past? Not all though. Unless i am mistaken? Pretty sure i saw the HD25 for cheaper prices? And some of the RS models although never saw the RS195 on a discounted price before so that is tempting. What do people think of the gaming headset?

    • +2

      It could be the HD25SP that you've seen cheaper. They retail around around that cost. The HD25 are usually a fair bit more. Being a refurb direct from Sennheiser I am expecting them to be in pretty good condition.

      The gaming headset is good. I haven't used it in a gaming environment but did use it for talkback at a live event and it worked pretty well. Comfortable too.

      • thanks for the info, I was just going to ask, there seems to be so many 25s, I dont know what i even have? I have some HD 25 adidas originals and then a HD 25 amperior also i think a hd 25i-ii. What the hell are the differences adn is this hd25 a better one?

        • The gaming headset seems to be a different price when i add it to the cart as opposed to the outlet store. In the cart its 169.99, while in the outelet it is 154$

        • As far as I remember the ear cups on the HD25 and HD25SP are identical. The difference is in the head band. The SP are lighter and can swivel and are often favoured by DJs for this reason. The HD25 doesn't swivel but has a much more rugged head band.

        • @matt-e:

          Realised all the ones i have are the HD25 variants and not the SP.

  • +1

    4.40 seems out of stock!

    PM me if you over ordered!

    • PM sent! Ordered for the other half, but they want NC. Hopefully they can go to a fellow OzBer

  • HD 630VB is out of stock too

  • Is it worth buying paying 25$ more for a new model as opposed to refurbished or are they pretty much the same anyway and i should save the 25$ ? Not sure which way i should go.

    • Pay extra $25. You get the joy of opening the new box

      • Actually seems to be only 10$ now as once i add it to the cart, the price in the cart is 15$ more.

  • +1

    If for some reason you're after Urbanite XL in Denim they are brand new and cheap here:

  • +2

    Excellent deals on the RS range, assuming they're 'like new' as stated. Just ordered an RS 185 and spare set of earpads.

    • Indeed. Just bought RS 195 & spare earpads.

  • bah, just about to pull the trigger on my cart and the RS is sold out :(

    • +2

      Sorry :P

      Wonder how many they had. The 165 and 195 are still available, but the open-back 185s are my favourite.

      • nah, it was still available after your post, I think others saw your post and they bought it then it got sold out :), I was doing too much research on the momentum and ended up missing the rs185 and the gaming headset :(. I was just trying to include them all in one purchase, damn it should have just bought the ones i know i wanted to buy and then done research on the momentum

        • What do you think of the 195 and the 165? Sounds liek the 165 not being open air wont be as good sound quality and the 195 is also closed and more for people with hearing issues?

  • I'm looking for a pair for a similar price/quality to the HD 4.40 BT. Must be foldable, doesn't have to be wireless.

    Any suggestions?

    • I just checked and the HD 4.40 BT’s were back in stock

      • They are showing as sold out again for me?

        • Weird - I managed to order a pair just before I made the comment above. Might be worth periodically checking if it comes back in stock

  • +1

    Need another set of RS 220… can't find them anywhere

  • If I didnt buy a yamaha headphone weeks agoI would buy this brand headphone. I dont need two.

  • What an appropriately named discount code.

    Ozbargain responsible for another set of headphones I don't need.

  • Super fast, just got a shipping notice! Thanks again OP!

  • Damn, sad I missed the HD 4.40 for $80

    • i have a extra pair - ordered it and the gf didn't want them. PM me if you like

  • Any thoughts on the HD4.50BTNC's?

    I'm looking for a pair of NC wireless headphones for an upcoming trip and OW have these for $249

    The other ones I've looked at are the Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2's - $229 at OW

    • I have them, really like them. NC is v good, on a plane it is like there is no plane, the minute you take them off it is so so loud. Cups are a little small (but i have big ears). Listening even in an office with talking and background music etc where NC doesnt usually work (it is better for monotonous noises like engines), the shape etc blocked out heaps of the office noise so you can get in the zone. Recommended.

      • Thanks for that. $250 is within my budget and I can get TRS back. I like the look of the Bose QC35's but my budget doesn't stretch

        I've just seen that Amazon AU has them for $217 so should be able to get price match at OW

        • I got the 4.50's - $206 with OW price match with TRS to follow

          Very happy with them. Nice fit, good sound and the NC works very well.

          Good value for what I paid.

    • I have them. Almost never use them. The sound quality is not great (especially over BT - it is a little bit less harsh with the cord plugged in) and probably less than you would expect from a Sen product

  • looking to see PXC550 PXC550 PXC550

  • Anyone still have Hd 4.40….?

  • The urbanites are roughly same price from Amazon but brand new instead of refurb

  • Is it worth claiming these on TRS? I am going on holidays in a few days, if this arrives on time :(

  • Delivered this afternoon, amazing!

    • Did you get all the accessories? Mine arrived and I ended up getting just the headphones, no pouch, no cables.

      • I bought an RS set and everything was included that should've been with those.

      • I bought a RS 195 set & it headphones arrived within a couple of days in a plain cardboard box (no original packaging) with all accessories except for any user guide, Quick guide or Safety guides. Instead, there's a Refurbished Product Warranty Terms card.

  • BT 4.40 back in stock again

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