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Apple iPhone SE 128GB $449 + $9.95 Shipped @ JB Hi-Fi



iPhone SE features a 4-inch Retina display, an A9 chip with 64-bit desktop-class architecture, the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, a 12-megapixel camera, a FaceTime HD camera with Retina Flash, Live Photos, 4G LTE1 and fast Wi-Fi, iOS 10 and iCloud.

Key Features

  • 4-inch (diagonal) Retina display with 1136-by-640 resolution
  • 12-megapixel camera with Focus Pixels and True Tone flash
  • A9 chip with integrated M9 motion coprocessor
  • 4K video recording at 30 fps, and slow-motion video recording at 240 fps
  • FaceTime HD camera with Retina Flash
  • Touch ID fingerprint sensor
  • 4G LTE up to 150 Mbps1 and 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi
  • iOS 10 and iCloud

Mod edit: Rose gold colour only.

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  • +5

    For such a small screen, I can't see why I need 128gb, as I wouldn't watch movies or play games on it.

    • +4

      It's not THAT small. I have an SE and it's fine for Netflix and many games.

      I think it'd be hard to go back to this screen once you've upgraded to a larger one, but luckily, I never have.

      • +13

        It's 4 inches. Who watches Netflix on a 4 inch screen???

        I get that a lot of games it's fine for but movies 4 inches is too small, the strain is not worth it. Of course if that's all you are used to though, it'll probably seem okay until you upgrade.

        • +4

          I watch NBA, AFL and some Netflix on my SE. I find it to be satisfactory. Having said that my main TV is less than 30 inches so it’s what you get used to I guess.

        • +6

          Plenty of people used to when it was the norm. It's not like it's impossible or anything lel.

        • Movies, probably not. But perfectly fine to watch an episode of a TV series in bed when the other half is asleep. The difference between a 4” or a 4.7” screen is just a matter of putting it a few centimetres closer to your face.

        • Not only am I cheap, but I also don't want a bigger phone in my pocket.

        • Hell. I have an SE and I read novels on it when I’m not at home with my iPad.

          I “downgraded” from my 6 that was terrible and shat Itself. I love my SE. It’s a nice size and never had dramas with battery life etc

      • +4

        What is this? a mobile phone for ants?!

      • I had a note 3, then went back down to a Sony compact, and now this iPhone. Small screens are better on phones, but I think the sony hit a sweet spot. Similar to iPhone but slightly wider

    • +5


    • Chromecast

    • +8

      For taking photos/videos and too lazy to offload

      • -1

        For taking photos/videos and too lazy to offload

        You could get an LG V20 for that money from somewhere like shopmonk, and Google Photos offers unlimited storage. And oh, the V20 is a far better phone, and easily compares with and outdoes more recent iphones.

    • for kiddos

    • +5

      It's actually a bit big for my liking. I preferred the old iPhone 4 form factor. The SE is a bit tall to comfortably use one-handed.

      But it's one of the smallest phones on the market these days, so I have to settle for it even if it's not ideal.

      I definitely don't have any problems viewing content on it. But I'm certainly not going to watch a movie there - I wouldn't even do that on an iPad. That's what I have a big-screen TV for.

      • Are you one of these people who when the iPhone 5 came up criticised how massive it was - saying they don't want to look like they are "holding up a book to their ear whenever there was a call".

        The smallest screen I actually watch videos on is my iPad (9.7 inches) but I'm really appreciating the extra screen size for day to day tasks with my Pixel 2XL

        • +5

          Yes. It was, and is huge.

          The iPhone 4 was perfection. Everything since has been a downgrade in terms of form-factor. If I wanted a huge phone, I'd go back to 1993.

          But then, I'm almost always near a computer or tablet. So mostly I just use my phone for messages (iMessage, Viber, WeChat, etc), calls, photos, and quickly checking websites when I'm out and about.

          I don't have any need for a big screen on my phone, since I have access to plenty of them already.

      • -1

        Way easier than a big phone to text/use whilst driving.

    • old parents or grandparents who need something that fits in the palm of their hand and has storage for grandkids/kids photos?

      i know it took ages for my mum to move to a 6s from a 4 then 5 then 5s

  • +19

    For those concerned - this is an equivalent to 6s, just smaller, without force touch (if you don't know it you don't really need it) and worse selfie camera (the rear/main camera is the same) and worse fingerprint reader.

    It will get software update this year and I'm pretty sure it will get updates next year(s) too. iPhone 7 is generally better, but has no audio jack. iPhone 6 (without "s") is slower than SE. iPhones 5 and 5s share only screen and design with SE; SE is better.

    I'd rather have SE than 6s. Also, to me SE looks is heaps better than 6/6s.

    • +6

      It’s quicker than a 6S in practice as it’s processing for fewer pixels.

      iOS 12 running like a dream.

      Conflicting rumours on the status of a new model. Possibly pushed to next year, or never. Maybe they saw how well it runs iOS 12 and decided an update isn’t necessary considering it’s a budget model and may impact ASP if updated (particularly if updated with bezel-less design).

      • +1

        Apparently Apple is looking to get rid of ports on the iPhone making everything wireless. The internet will be enraged all over again!

      • +2

        I was going to buy an iPhone SE in late 2016, but decided to hold off on the new model because it was "coming soon".

        By late 2017, I caved in and just bought one.

        The new model is still "coming soon".

    • Looks Like you will be going for iPhone 9 then. It's similar shape to SE

      • +1

        4" screen?

        Because if so, I'm going to be a very happy buyer.

        • 3 models would be a smart move. SE form, standard and the plus. Get rid of that x nonsense. Remove the button and charge me $300 more- lol4eva.

        • -1

          @ONEMariachi: keep dreaming

  • Great price for a new phone.
    Just a little small for my ageing eyes so I'll be sticking with my 6 for now.

  • +3

    nice deal, i bought the se 32gb for $399 last year

    • I bought my 16gb for $250 but whenever I say this the gb mafia downvote me and tell me it’s not enough memory. Okay.

      Also it’s from Japan and you can’t turn off the shutter sound 😂

      • +1

        I also have a 16GB iPSE. I use less than 10GB.

      • +2

        I myself never understood that. I have an S6 Edge with 32gb yet I have used like 13gb and that's me being precautios by installing apps I might need but don't actually use. Even have one or two games on there yet still have more than half of my storage left. I could easily manage with 16gb too

      • +2

        I wonder if Japanese customers buy import phones, just so they can disable the shutter sound.

        You know, so they can take pictures in the library and other innocent things like that.

    • Got a refurbished one from Officeworks for $150. Pretty much brand new as far as I'm concerned and still going strong now 6 months on. Great phone and incredibly convenient to handle and throw about but I'm ready to go back to big screen.

      • +3

        Since when OW sells refurbished phones?

        • I guess it's per store. When I got it, it still had the plastic wrap on screen. I think it may have been a return bought within the week, that went to Apple (per policy) then Apple refurb and sent back.

  • Good price. I got one for $570 early this year.

  • +2

    Looks to be ROSE GOLD only - can't see any options for adding any of the other colours to the card. OP could you please update the description?

    • Good deal but it seems it IS NOT "available in rose gold, silver, gold and space grey"

  • Great deal, but personally I've always loved bigger phones and I prefer the 6s.

    • +6

      Always means since 2011.

  • +2

    Is "factory scoop" a refurbished item ?

  • How much ram does it has?

  • +1

    Tried to price match at harvey Norman - no luck as online chat says they only have stock of 32GB SE

  • +1

    It’s an awesome mobile for the price. Bought mine for $360 last year from shopmonk

    • +1

      128gb ?

      • 32

  • +1

    Nice phone, bought few months ago from Australia Post retail shop for $299.00, I am quite happy with that.

    • +4

      128 gb ?

      • Nah! 32g, but that's quite enough for me.

  • just broke my se screen today and been hanging out for more gbs.
    but if only it was grey

  • +8

    If this was an android phone, it'd be worth about $50 by now.

    • +3

      What android phone can be bought new with 4” screen with comparable specs?


    • -4

      No because android phones belong in the trash when compared to iphones, $50 is too much.

      • Some of them are ok like the LGs but they depreciate like hell. Its only worth buying a flagship model a coupe of generations old in this case.

      • That's just silly

        • Why? You're getting very marginal increases in performance nowadays so all you're paying for is just the advertising sizzle. Why should I pay double for something which makes no difference in day to day use. People who pay for specs they don't need are just stupid.

  • had one sold it to get a standalone 1-inch sensor camera. that being said, zippy performance and well worth the price when it comes to said performance. nothing else can touch it except for SD835 perhaps now, but when i bought it mid last year was a steal

  • Anyone tried price matching with Officeworks Myer ?

    • -1

      nope, but i tried price matching McDonalds with Myer once

  • for that money I could buy a mi mix2 64g.

    • for that money I could buy a nokia brick

  • +2

    Express shipping to Sydney came up as $4.95, so $5 cheaper than regular shipping!

  • For anyone wondering, this will most likely be refurbished, all factory scoop models are either returns or fixed items, don't expect brand new.

    • Sounds unlikely to me. The fact that it’s only in one colour and in one size (which happens to be the least popular combination of both) indicates it could well just be clearance in general. The SE is now well over 2 years old. Nothing on JB’s page says that it’s a used model ‘Factory Scoop’ could mean anything (as with ‘Carton Damaged’) and is maybe something they say to keep Apple happy for selling their products at a high discount - I’ll return mine if it’s not in a sealed box.

      • Factory scoop never has any reference to carton damaged but most people have received either refurbs or returns

    • Also receieved mine today. So for future reference on Factory Scoop: Brand new and sealed. As far as I can tell it is not a refurb

  • +1

    from the jb hifi ebay store

    Q. What are "Factory Scoop" products?
    A. Factory Scoops offer huge savings on everyday prices with red hot crazy deals on exclusive lines, supplier run-outs, refurbished stock and scoop purchases. These are online-only offers, not available in stores.

    Q. Does JB only sell new items on eBay?
    A. All items are new unless otherwise stated. From time-to-time we will sell refurbished and display stock.

    I have seen JB hifi sell refurbished factory scoop before and state it. So from there site I say this is brand new stock

  • Stock meter has been updated to ‘Last Chance’ - I assume this will sell out today for those who’ve been holding off.

  • +2

    Received mine, brand new stock, completely sealed in original box.

  • +1

    Also receieved mine today. So for future reference on Factory Scoop: Brand new and sealed. As far as I can tell it is not a refurb.

  • -1

    Seems to be like the deal on eBay last week where I picked up a 128GB SE for $366 delivered. Came in a slimline white box from Apple with the clear film still on the phone. Brand new.

    • +1

      I'll just add further clarification - the phone I received was in the expected Apple retail box and was shrink wrapped. Exactly as you would expect if you were buying a phone over the counter from a major retailer.

    • +1

      Slimline white box indicates it’s a refurb. This deal from JB came in the original Apple retail box, so with earphones, lightning cable, charger.

  • Still available

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