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Puma Running & Casual Shoes (Mens $24-$36, Womens $27-$39) @ rebel


A couple Puma running and casual shoes price dropped today at Rebel Sports. Up to 70% off. Limited size for some styles.

Comet Men's Running Shoes Navy/Royal Blue $24 (Was $79.99) - Size US13, US12, US11.5, US11, US10.5, US10, US09.5, US09, US08.5, US07
S Street Vulc Men's Casual Shoes Grey $24 (Was $79.99) - Size US13, US12, US11, US10, US09, US08, US07
Mega Nrgy Men's Running Shoes Black/Black $30 (Was $99.99) - Size US07, US10, US10.5, US13
Pacer Next Cage Men's Casual Shoes Black/Black $30 (Was $99.99) - Size US07, US08, US09, US10, US11, US13
Ignite Flash evoKNIT Men's Casual Shoes White $30 (Was $99.99) - Size US07, US09, US10, US11, US12, US13
Ignite Flash evoKNIT Men's Casual Shoes Black/Grey $30 (Was $99.99) - Size US07
Flare Mesh Men's Running Shoes Black/White $36 (Was $119.99) - Size US09, US09.5, US10, US10.5, US11, US12

Descendant V4 Women's Running Shoes Black/Pink $27 (Was $89.99) - Size US7.5, US8.5
Dynamo Women's Running Shoes Black/Grey $27 (Was $89.99) - Size US06, US06.5, US07, US08.5, US09, US09.5, US10, US11
Ignite Flash Women's Casual Shoes Black/Grey $30 (Was $99.99) - Size US06, US08, US09, US10, US11
Mega Nrgy Women's Running Shoes Black $30 (Was $99.99) - Size US08.5, US09, US09.5, US10, US07, US08, US06.5, US11
Prowl ALT Mesh Women's Training Shoes Black/White $30 (Was $99.99) - Size US06, US06.5, US07, US07.5, US08, US08.5, US09, US09.5, US11, US10
Pulse Ignite XT Women's Casual Shoes Black/White $39 (Was $129.99) - Size US06, US06.5, US07, US07.5, US08, US08.5, US09, US09.5, US10, US11

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  • the black ignite flash's sold out when i added to cart =(

    • +1

      Too slow! The good OzB would've clicked 50% faster…

  • Mega Nrgy Men's Running Shoes Black/Black appears to be sold out too

    • Get the comet-great shoes- would recommend

  • Just check for fakes

  • Same here - can't proceed to payment as it's coming up as sold when reaching the payment screen even though it's showing in stock in the cart and the first checkout screens.

  • +1

    I added to cart and while checkout it says sold out :(

  • +2

    Most of the shoes sold out after adding to basket and trying to check out.

  • Whenever you add to cart they are sold out. Always happens with these Rebel "sales".

    • +2

      And if you go into store looking for the ones on sale the staff look at you as though you have 3 heads

  • Hi everyone

    I tried yesterday to get one of these shoes but kept getting out of stock errors.

    Today whilst browsing an ad for rebel sports and shoes came up so I clicked on the link and had another look. I tried to order $27 + shipping pair of Puma Dynamo Men’s Running Shoes and was surprised to find that this time I didn't get an out of stock error. My order has been processed successfully so perhaps it might be worth having a second look at what is available,

    cheers Peter

  • THANKS bought two C&C @ rebel mile end SA

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