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LEGO Creator Expert Taj Mahal 10256 $249 @ Myer


LEGO Creator Expert Taj Mahal 10256 $249 @ Myer. RRP $499.95. Free delivery and afterpay available.

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    • Never usually on sale and even then only at the regular 20%. This is at 50%. Normally $499. Has been in production for awhile and hasn't been taken off production yet which is surprising.

      • Not even 20% usually. Myer typically excluded Creator Expert stuff

    • NEVER see giant sets at this price.

      Like seeing the Giant Falcon for $600….if you ever see it, buy 3.

    • It's popular because it's half price and it's pretty

  • out of stock… if only i wake up early…………

    • No its ok. You saved money. SOLD OUT

  • What a deal

  • I placed mine at 9:30 am to pick up. Why I still have not received the email to collect? Anyone having the same problem? I thought it's 3 hours pick up service?

    • I ordered/paid for click and collect from Chatswood at 9:22, still no email for pickup. I'm going to be pretty annoyed if there's a problem given @Greenius below supposedly bought one from Chatswood 3 hours after I placed my order.

    • Same…now showing backorder

  • FYI - just got one at Chatswood. Supposedly the last one in store.

  • Ordered over the phone and getting free delivery

    • just call the customer service?

  • yeah, Myer service is so bad!! Never choose Click and Collect again. Apparently, if the person in charge of the packaging online order for pick up is slow. People can just walk into the store and pick up the stock that might suppose to be for your order.

  • Just called the store, she said she can't guaranty to have stock for me even though I placed mine quite early this morning around 9 am. I might get a refund if run out of stock, which I think will happen.

  • Final number sold online before "sold out" = 1050.

    In hindsight, I kind of wish I'd bought an extra one to flip.

  • Paid $229 for it still plenty at myer Marion sa. Go to woolies and buy 2 $100 myer gift cards get $220 in credit then buy instore.

    • Ordered this morning click and collect from Marion, and just got an email to say out of stock, no longer available… will be refunded etc. Bloody bastards :(

      • Maybe go in and see got mine at 11.50am

        • Went in - saw five sitting on the shelf - ran down to Woolies to get 2x $100 vouchers, got back and they were all gone … some #$&@& #@!* brodened them all just before I got back with my vouchers (@!$#@ took two for trip one, then was coming back to get the rest). Luckily the lady behind the counter found a couple more out back, so ended up with one … cheaper than if I was to have got the one I ordered online. Thanks for inspiring me to go for a quick drive :)

        • @mrdevil: haha I’ve never purchased LEGO before but now do I build it?

  • I don't collect Lego and I am not Indian. Even me I wanted to buy this.

  • Ordered one for C&C, then thought about how many people are going to jump on this deal and how badly this will turn out. So I just drove to my local Myer and bought one in person.

    Bought the second last one at Myer Bondi. Overheard the sales assistants saying the only one left is the damaged box one.

    • Why need 2?

      • I only need one, after I placed an online order I had second thoughts about Myer's reliability at C&C seeing how people are jumping on this deal, so I just drove to a store to make sure I get one. I'll cancel the online order when I get the confirmation email.

        • Plenty of disappointed people on here would gladly take it off your hands.

  • +3

    Pro-Tip - Place click and collect order then call them to confirm and ask them very very nicely if they can walk out onto the floor and grab item while you wait. Or talk to the person in that department and get them to deliver that item to C&C desk for you.

    Them having to actually walk onto the floor and collect the item is stupid and slow because they have at least 3 hours so they don't rush.

  • Parramatta myer has 4.

    Am getting 1 so 3 left

    • Another guy took 1 as well. So 2 left.

      I ended up buy $219 for a set. One of my friends works for woolies so I got $220 myer card for $190

  • Got one :)

    • From?

      • emporium melbourne

  • Can a local store with no inventory get one sent from another store?

    • Assume so.

  • What does preparing shipment mean on click and collect. Over 3hours now. Does this mean that the staff member now is thinking of doing the order. Goes to floor shelf and non left. Mind you its better then Pet warehouse. they have a 24hr turn over even though the stock can be taken off shop floor. Their click and collect item come from warehouse. What the. All good. Ready for collection

  • Myer Perth city plenty stock.

  • -3

    Just a heads up the boxes r huge u carnt fit more then two in a shopping trolly went to werrabi and found that out

    • +1

      Only buy 1.

    • +4

      why would anyone spend time posting that comment escapes me

  • +4

    I just walked into David jones and they had 3. They price matched.

    Because I was silly enough to walk into the wrong store hahaha.

    • Do they honour this even when the Myer's website says that it is out of stock?

      • +1

        They did. I showed on my phon and they said it was ok.

  • Myer joondalup had 3 when I left

  • I just came from Myer in Brisbane city. They have 10 sets left

  • Apparently, I got the last one at 12:05! Hopefully they will send a pickup email soon and not a refund.

  • +1

    Melbourne City Myer still has heaps. Cashier Ellen is exceptionally experience in having customers coming in to buy multiple Taj Mahal with multiple Myer gift vouchers :) she will hold them for you until end of the day as well.

  • All stock exhausted at Marion S.A. People buying 3 and 5 annoyed me when others will now miss out if they ordered online.

    • Why buy multiples, Lego keeps making them there is no vintage rare value anymore.

      • People could still scalp and sell for $375 easily, if they buy 3 and sell 2, makes this essentially free.. can't ever get away from it if no limits are enforced

  • +1

    Myer garden city wa still has 6 but overheard girl at the counter saying 3-4 reserved and already sold 8 today. Picked up one as well.

    • At garden City now, still 6 left
      Edit: the girl said there was another 3 out the back so 9 in total still

  • Ordered at 9:48AM AEST. Received a cancellation + refund email at 3:00PM AEST. :-(

    • Ouch :( did you do click and collect?

      I ordered 9.06 fingers crossed for delivery

      • Tell me about it. I ordered it with free delivery.

        • Myer deliveries come from Myer stores, not from a central warehouse like its main competitor

    • Call the stores and so free delivery

  • Myer Highpoint still had 3-4. Get in quick!

  • alright…does anyone know where to get one of those transparent cover when i finish this?

    • eBay

    • Transparent cover?

      • +1

        Cover that you can look through it.

  • Myer Karrinyup still has stock

  • If they are clearing excess stocks why do a one day only deal? If there is stock near my work place tomorrow I might actually pick one up even my credit card statement tells me otherwise but at RRP$500 no thanks.

    • If they are clearing excess stocks why do a one day only deal?

      Because it's enough to sell out within 24 hours.

      • A lot of people here reported some stores had heaps left? Unless it is a one day deal Myer negotiated with Lego to supply and ship directly to customers but some here said stocks online are sent from Myer stores not warehouses etc.

  • Was plenty left at Myer Geelong around lunchtime.

  • I was thinking about buying lepin, but these cost about more than 250 from aliexpress, not to mentioned there could be pieces missing and weeks to deliver. Might wait for the next opportunity. buy 220 gift card + 10% bonus = 242 + $7 cash. If bought with woolworths wish with 5% off, pay with only $209 + $7 = $216 for this = 56.7% off. Wonder if anyone pay only $216 using this strategy.

    • +1

      Shame it sold out hours ago

  • Great deal!

  • Mine just shipped

    • Maybe there is hope. I ordered at 8am on Sunday and chose delivery, but my order is 'pending'.

      • I ordered 9.04am so you should be OK?

        Although I suspect Myer allocate stock based on stock around your area, rather then first in first serve….

        • 'Your Order is on its way' message received and it included a tracking number so happy.

    • Mine just got cancelled. I ordered at 8:46am! Not happy!

  • Mine shipped. I picked up one at store because I thought the online order would get cancelled like some people did. Now I have two.

  • Mine just got cancelled - click and collect ordered 10.15am :(

  • Mines showing as backordered? (don't like my chances, and to be honest, even with the savings, not really bothered as I would never build it anyway. Figured I could make a hoth scene with the whole pieces)

    Surprised that unlike the ucs falcon re-release, they kept the design exactly idenctical with only the brick separator raising the piece count. Some pretty old build techniques there and unstable sections..

  • My order status changed to backordered and then cancelled. :( Got a refund. Oh well, probably saved some money.

    • That's how i see it :)

  • +1

    Heaps of these on Gumtree now for some reason…if you missed out.

    • And cheaper than this Myers deal?

  • Picked up my Click and Collect from Robina (Gold Coast) and they had 3 x on the shelf still, shame others are getting canceled orders, I guess MYER doesn't transport stock between stores? or I guess they won't post to NSW/VIC from QLD?

  • If you order one for delivery but its gone to backorder can you go to your local Myer if they have stock and get it? In other words they cancel you online delivery order and give it to you as Click & Collect for the sale price?

    I cant see a issue with this but thought id ask

  • None left Fountain Gate. They allocated 17 to Click & Collect orders before they ran out of stock.

    The Ship In A Bottle has sold out too.

  • Any one still waiting for back orders to be filled?

  • they just cancelled order …

    • Mine too

  • mine got cancelled. that's some BS

  • mine just got cancelled after sitting on backordered for awhile… oh well

  • Myer sat on my money for 2 weeks and are now genourously refunding it “within the next 3-5 business days”..
    Gee, thanks. Even called my local-ish store who had stock about an hour after placing my order and said not to worry it would be fulfilled.

  • Looks like I’m not the only one who’s order got cancelled and money refunded today. Not happy that it took this long to finally receive some sort of communication.

  • +1

    Finally finished building it. Chucked a Xiaomi light strip in it for $20 odd dollars. Now I can tell google to turn the Taj Mahal lights on… what a world we live in. Was tempted to buy the light my bricks kit but way too much money.

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