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Xiaomi Mi Band 3 $39.95, Mi Band 2 $27.95 (Melbourne Stock) Delivered @ Shopro


Good morning everyone, Shopro have just released some excellent pricing on the newly released Mi Band 3, alongside the Mi Band 2.

The Mi Band 3 is definitely the cheapest price currently within Australia, an excellent price for this band and cheaper than quite a few international companies also.

Shopro have a very efficient processing time and these products will be delivered quickly! All prices are inclusive of GST and shipping costs.

Here's a breakdown of the features of the 2 bands, thanks to Smart Watch Specifications:

Feature Mi Band 2 Mi Band 3
Design Rectangle Rectangle
Screen Size 0.42 Inches 0.78 Inches
Display Type OLED OLED
Screen Resolution - 128×80 Pixel Resolution
Touch Type Touch Button (Touch Key) Single Point Touch Screen
Size 22.50 x 1.57 x 1.05 cm 46.9 x 17.9 x 12 mm
Weight 17g 20g
Casing Mi-core material: Plastic + Alloy Case material: TPEE Plastic + Alloy
OS Platform Proprietary OS Proprietary OS
Bluetooth Bluetooth version: V4.0 Bluetooth version: V4.2
Battery Capacity 70mAh Lithium polymer battery Standby time: About 20 days 110 mAh 20 Days of Battery Life
Charging Technology Charging Cradle Charging Cradle
Body Protection IP67 Waterproof Rating IP67 50 meters waterproof
Sensors/Functions ADI ultra low-power acceleration sensor + optical heart rate sensor(static), pedometer ADI ultra low-power acceleration sensor + photoelectric heart rate sensor
Features Sleep management,Calories burned measuring,Steps counting,Distance recording,Sedentary reminder Call and message notifications, Caller ID, weather notifications, alarm, Steps counting, distance and calorie counter, sedentary reminder, Unlock phone without password, sleep monitoring, and social app notifications.
Other Details Lift wrist to wake up the screen, Free password to unlock the phone Flip Wrist to Wake up screen
Package Contents Xiaomi Band 2, Charger, User Manual Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Charging Cable User Manual
Colors Black, blue, green and orange Black, Blue, Pink
Compatibility Android and iOS Android and iOS

Please Note: Shopro have made a video explaining how to update the Mi Band 3 to English as it comes chinese in the box. Please watch THIS to see how to update.

As always, enjoy!

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  • How does it compare to Fitbit Surge ignoring the price.

  • Op, are you sure this Mi Band 3 has NFC? I thought the NFC version wont be out till sept.

    • Oh whoops you're correct, no this one doesn't have NFC, have removed that thank you. The NFC model coming out in September is only confirmed for the chinese market using Alipay, so it's unconfirmed whether NFC will be useful in Australia yet.

      • Not sure whether to buy this or hold out for the NFC Version on the off chance that there's a mod to make it work in Australia with Google Pay. Any idea when would we get confirmation by?

  • Is this the English version?

  • +1 vote

    Bizarre how this is a lower price for local stock of the Mi Band 3 and yet it hasn't even hit front page.

    • Not too sure lol, it might get over the line eventually. I personally think this is an excellent price for it, international stores are all more expensive other than Aliexpress, which takes upwards of 40 days to get here.

    • one of the reason is
      many ppl got the miband 2 and don't think this is big of an upgrade in miband 3.

      I am an owner of miband 1s and miband 2
      and don't see much point upgrading to miband 3.

      • Sounds about right, but I lost 2 x mi band 2's in the surf… (you'd think I'd learn my lesson, but no) so i'm on the market!

        • you should have bought the metal band replacement.

          The plastic strap tends to break and the device can pop out.
          the locking mechanism is also crap on the plastic band

        • problem with the miband is I am bored of the mifit software..

          wish liie software was was better and had more features like other fitness software

          Also the band should add more colours.

  • Good website, recently ordered xiaomi roborock 2nd Gen vacuum. Fast delivery and easy to deal with.

  • No step counting or pedometer on the new version, then?

  • interested to see how it measures up - seems to do well against the fitbit base range

  • This sucks, I just bought the MI 3 a couple of weeks ago. There was no bargain (OZ) in sight at the time.

  • Can this control music player?

    Google gives me vague answers.

  • +1 vote

    Ordered one. Thanks OP. BTW very nice website

  • This is mostly a guess but the MB3 looks really chunky compared to the MB2, which is a step backwards in my book.

  • Damnit, bought this on ebay yesterday for $10 more! >.<

  • Is it just me that feels like this isn't much of an upgrade from 2 to 3?

  • The display is the same as mi band 2 - the display just 'withers' over time. About a year and a half since I bought mine - can't see anything on the screen.

    • The display isn't the same as the Mi Band 2, it's a bigger screen that shows more information.

      My Mi Band 2s screen is fine and it's about as old as yours.

    • Don't upgrade your mi band2 to the recent firmware.

      • why?

        how can you stop the upgrade?

        when you open the mifit it will auto update

        • You stop MiFit app from upgrading in Google Play.

          You are right, MiFit will force firmware upgrade - so you have to keep using the old MiFit version. I'm on 3.3.2.
          Rolled back from Google Play version couple of months ago as my old MiBand 2 stopped connecting via Bluetooth. I don't know if it was new firmware or hardware failed, but it happened at around the same time. Since I've had same issues with MiBand 1 in past, I rolled back APK and I'm not willing to risk it again (down to my last spare Mi Band 2 ;).

        • @WalterBiH:

          so the main issue is it won't connect via bluetooth anymore?

          I am on v 3.4.2 and still can connect to the mifit app

        • @pinkybrain:

          That was my issue. As I said, I don't know if hardware failed and if it was related to the firmware upgrade, but I've had similar issues with MiBand 1 - so not willing to risk.

          Not sure what issues @kagari experienced.

        • @WalterBiH:

          well i don't think it is firmware, or mifit app that is the cause

          because I am using the latest version.

          Most likely your band or the phone that is the cause.

  • Actually it depends on the language setting-up of your cell phone.

  • So I order this on Monday I think but just got a cancellation email out of the blue with no explanation. Pretty disappointing. Probably give these guys a miss in the future

    • I have contacted Sam (the rep) to investigate this, that does not seem normal.


      Sorry for any inconvenience, normally cancelled order was unpaid or unpaid duplicate orders. If you have two orders and one was paid and one is unpaid, you should receive dispatch email and cancellation for unpaid order. May i have your order no, i will happy to check.

  • Can anyone comment on the interstate postage time frames?
    Also are there other bands (e.g. metal) for this one?

  • I bought on Monday and received them yesterday. Shopro is based in Melbourne which makes delivery quick compared to Gearbest. Loving the Mi Band 3.

  • Out of stock. Apparently new stock due next week. Waiting on confirmation if the current price will still be available then.