Flight to India from Bestjet


I was checking various comparison websites for my upcoming travel to India in October. I got the cheapest fare from Bestjet.

Just wanted to know if someone has any experience with Bestjet. Are they a reliable organization to book my flight?


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  • Are they a reliable organization to book my flight?

    Probably not, if they significantly cheaper than other websites.

    See if a local travel agent is willing to beat them … if not, its probably too good to be true.

  • Fly365 is another good flight comparison website which should bring up the same prices, but if you pay by Mastercard there is no cc fee and is an Australian site. I printed out the final price page and brought it to Flight Centre to price match. It you have Youi insurance, use the youi rewards to buy a gift card.

  • I've used Bestjet a bunch of times no worries - I just booked another flight to Europe through them.

  • BestJet is good if you don't plan to make any changes/cancellations.

    I've used them many times and have been forced to change it once which cost the airline change fee & their administration fee

  • I used BestJet for my latest Asian trip with no problems.

  • A good starting point for reviews is:

    Seems most of the gripes are from people that wanted to change their booking(s), T & C's are known in advance so no real reason to complain.

  • They are based in Australia. I’ve used them a couple of times. Never needed to change bookings though.

    • But not their customer support.

      • No many companies have customer support in Australia anymore

  • I have used Bestjet multiple times and my experience is they will be fine if you don't plan to change anything later on and you will get a seat from the cheapest category available so don't expect free advance seat selections etc., even from full fare airlines. Make sure you check everything before you click the "Pay" button as any change afterwards is going to cost you an arm and a leg!

  • a search of previous bestjet deals on ozbargain reflect the above comments. i.e. fine, unless you want to make a change in booking and then there is a huge cost.

  • The best fare I've seen was $NZD 420 return Auckland, Singapore, Chennai through Jetstar. Would book out of that period for $980 return ending in Gold Coast through Air Asia going through KL. All booked directly through company websites in October for November - December. Would recommend Skyscanner, Skidoo and kiwi.com.

  • I have used bestjet before. No problems

  • I'll have to echo what other posters have said. With these cut-rate companies there usually isn't any issue unless you need to make a change or cancel. In that case, you're in a world of hurt. I just booked with BestJet over the weekend and it was seamless. Bon voyage!

  • I use my travel agent and I have always got the best rate . I.am trtravelling to india in Aug and I have got $640 return .happy with it.

  • Bestjet is now out of business

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