OzBargain Staff / Moderators Do Not Request Products for Review

I have been contacted today by a merchant who is also a user / store representative here on OzBargain. The merchant stated that they have been approached by someone purporting to be a moderator on OzBargain, and forwarded me an email they have received to seek clarification. Basically,

  • Someone claimed to be a "marketing moderator" for OzBargain and another popular website.
  • She is writing a paper, and asking the merchant for a free review unit, as OzBargain can potentially attract web traffic + sales.

That's a scam. Do not fall for it. Just to make it clear here, OzBargain staff / moderators do not approach vendors to request review products. We do not post product reviews in exchange for free units either — that's simply not something an OzBargain staff would do.

I am posting up this thinking it might not be an isolated case. If you have received emails / phone calls with similar claim (someone pretending to be from OzBargain requesting free products), these are most certainly scams. Please also forward the emails you have received to contact@ozbargain.com.au.



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