expired Huawei G6600 QWERTY Phone + Prepaid Mobile Broadband Stick (250MB) $59 at Crazy Johns


Stay mobile with the stylish Huawei G6600 QWERTY phone for quick and easy texting and keep connected with the super slim Crazy John’s modem for internet access on the go. Giving you double the value at a super low price, you always get more with Crazy John’s!

Key Features
2 Megapixel Camera
QWERTY keyboard
FM recording

  • A free wireless mobile broadband stick with 250mb of data.

I think its a pretty good deal for the deal, and the mobile broadband thing is probably one of easily unlockable ones.

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    Not a bad deal at all. Telco's lately seem to almost be THROWING this stuff away o_O


    Its a 2G phone, but for a qwerty phone is a decent price with the USB modem included.
    For an sms phone it would be great, and edge on the vodafone network is bareable so web would be ok as well (at least browsing)..
    Not a bad deal.


    great price

    so many Huawei phone deals these days

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      Yeah, It's nice they've entered the consumer market.
      (Aside from making nearly every USB 2G/3G modem in existence).


    The build quality of the cheap Huawei phones can be pretty terrible.

    Make sure you have a play/feel of the keyboard before you buy.

    Their 'more expensive' (but ludicrously cheap) $159 Android IdeOS smartphones are fine (capacitive touchscreen, software keyboard).


    Just so you know, this phone can be bought unlocked for $75, for those who don't like the CJ network.

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      especially when CJ now uses VodaFAIL towers!!!

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    Can I stick a Optus prepaid sim in this querty phone?

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      No, but can put Vodafone sim


    anyone seen any good deals on similar phones that will run on TPG? (optus)

    The wifes Jasjam has died :(

    This seems ok: https://personal.optus.com.au/web/ocaportal.portal?_nfpb=tru...


    this g6600 is also $59 @ telechoice on virgin. Got it in the mail today.

    Edit: apparently virgin lock their phones so they may not work on the same carrier. Dam.


    stylish? LOL!