expired [PC] Steam - Aliens: Colonial Marines Collection - $3.49 AUD - Fanatical


This is a pretty good price for the collection which includes all of the DLC.
I know that some of you will say this game is not so good (or in other words: pretty bad) but there is a mod that really improves the games and makes the gameplay really fun as it greatly improves the AI in the game.
And here is the link for the mod:


In the meantime, for $3.49 AUD you will get:

  • Aliens Colonial Marines
  • Aliens Colonial Marines - Stasis Interrupted
  • Aliens Colonial Marines: Bug Hunt DLC
  • Aliens Colonial Marines: Reconnaissance Map Pack DLC
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines - Collector's Edition Pack
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines - Double-Barrelled Shotgun
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines - Limited Edition Pack
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines - Movie Map Pack
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines - Sharp Sticks


Note: When posted originally it was a Star Deal and it was $3.29. While that price is not available any longer, $3.49 AUD is still a good price which is why I have amended the price in the title and removed the expiry.

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    I played this game 3 years ago, it's a perfectly fine game. No idea why there was so much criticism.

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      Probably because the previews made the game look amazing, then when it came out it looked and played worse than any other aliens game

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    originally there was a typo in an ini file that crippled the AI, thats one of the things the mod does is fix the typo. lol so much for the original game testing. Mod also improves graphics and weapons etc.


    Picked it up. Great price for it. Won't probably touch it till 2030 Xmas.

    Banished is also daily deal for 48 hours now. 66 % off. 6 something usd.

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    Just a heads up, even with mods, it's still a very average game. The mods don't turn this game into a magically awesome game, it just polishes it a little, but you know what they say…


      I still think the Bughunt mode with 3 friends is as close to the Aliens experience as one can get.

      Single player is pretty bad, but damn if co-op isn't fun!


      By whose standards? The large majority of the feedback I read and I have heard is that with the mod it actually is a really good game now, with decent AI behaviour and decent graphics.


        Decent AI behavior doesn't relate to decent Visual behavior. Watch youtube videos about it, you will see the aliens jerk around and appear too fast, the aiming mechanisms are very awkward and doesn't seem accurate at all. Graphics are quite bad, IMO AVP is better graphics and better gameplay. The mod just fixes a few things, it doesn't make it a good game out of nowhere.


    God people, for $3.29, even if you're on the fence, just get it already! My 2 cents - I never knew what the game was like pre-mod, and I never followed the hype pre-release.

    I installed the mod, and I love the game. Much better Alien experience than Isolation (a lot more action). Same music from the movie, same weapon sounds, Immensely playable.


    do I have to sign up to buy from this site?


      Yes, you have to register and get an account where you can then get your key.
      Site is fine though - have been using it for years without any issues, especially in terms of it being secure.

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