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Onkyo TX-SR508B 7.1 Home Theater Receiver $498 Web Special at Clive Peeters


Onkyo's are meant to be good value for money from what I've read, check out some reviews on google or whirpool. Currently same price as the model below it (TX-SR307). JB has it at $700+ neg. Not sure when it ends, possibly this weekend. CP has some good web specials sometimes. Delivery is extra or pick it up in-store. EDIT: This unit has been spotted in-store too for this price so further negotiation may be possible. Give them a call as prices may differ store-to-store.

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Clive Peeters
Clive Peeters

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  • Looks not bad. Anyone got comments?

  • Very good price!

  • I tried negotiation in store. They wouldn't budge unless I bought some other items or extra warranty etc.

  • It's $499 listed in Bing Lee's web-site and it's negotiable.

    Link: http://www.binglee.com.au/audio/amplifiers/

  • A good price but the Yanks can buy this model for $248 incl delivery at amazon.com.

    • Looks like it might actually be available for import to Oz via their Amazon Global Programme, although I can't work out exactly what the all up cost is. Maybe an extra $100+ ?

    • Do you happen to know if it has a 110/240 power, or if it needs a step down transformer?

      • It should need a step down transformer. That and warranty issue kept me from buying the onkyo 608 which was around 350 and around 120 delivery

      • Mate, that's the last requirement they'd have for a product sold through CP :-)

  • +1 vote

    Choice did a review on home theatre amps in Sep last year- Amps under $1000. The two highest scoring amps were both Onkyo…. the TX-SR578 (1st) and the TX-SR308 (2nd). 3rd place was the Yamaha RX-V567… but in listening score, this one scored the highest (just). It looks like it wouldve got 1st, but it's ease of use score was far less than the top two, dropping its overall score enough to get 3rd.

    But in the technical evaluation and overall score, the Onkyo's beat everything else. The top 3 were the only units to score in the 80's for listening and 70's for overall…. so whilst there is better out there, for a price point the Yamaha and Onkyo's are definitely worth trying out.

    Whilst the Choice review didnt have the above model, since the 2 models above and below this one scored well its stands to reason that the model inbetween would also do well. For under $500, this amp certainly sounds pretty good…. even to a Yamaha fanboi like me :).

    • I was disappointed Choice had the RXV 567 and didn't include the Yamaha RXV667 - it's been picking up good reviews all over the place, has a discrete amp over the chip amp in the 567, overall good sound and features, and a nice OSD that goes over the current picture, so you can still see the picture.

      This is tempting however…. anyone managed to neogitiate it down?? Seems like Bing Lee aren't even advertising it as a sale price - it looks like normal price from them.

      Anyone know how this comapres to the 667?

  • Another model: Onkyo - TX-SR308 - $369 at Bing Lee (negotiable)

  • Has anyone on this forum bought amps from Amazon, any feedback would be appreciated.

  • Pretty nice amp,
    looks good for the price +1

  • Looks like a decent deal for me (for Australia). I need a new recevier with some HDMI and A-B Speaker outlets. Haven't found any better deal on a similar one … (except some overseas products … 110V …and the shipping issue as these receivers are so heavy.) No idea why they are so expensive here in AU compared to the US …

  • +1 as a bargain.
    Have been looking for an AV receiver for awhile now.

    Can anyone confirm for me that this only does video pass-thru.
    ie HDMI to HDMI, Component to Component
    and does not support video up-conversion
    ie Component to HDMI


    • Correct this model does not do analogue(component) to HDMI conversion, the TX-SR578 features video upconversion.
      Apart from the video upconversion/processing this is the same as the 578!

  • I went to JB. And they quoted me 460 to beat their price. JB says this is an old model

    • The new models have 3D support.

      • This and all the current x08 models support 3D video.

        No new models for 2011 have been announced yet, the x08 models came out in march last year so the new models will probably be announced in the next month or so.

  • I've read in a cnet review on this model that says the pioneers have more features for about the same price (in the US). So how well do they stack up against the pioneers (similar $/performance ratio) in aust?

    • The Pioneer's have iPod/iPhone connectivity VSX-820, the VSX-920 also adds internet radio & the iControlAV iPhone application, but the Pioneer's lack Audio Return Channel(ARC) and would have less power then this Onkyo.

  • I bought this from JB for $520, good price IMHO, as this is cheaper I can highly recomend it. Easy to set up, and it produces pretty awesome sound

  • i still got a onkyo TX-82 from about 20 years ago, and still kicking out some awesome sound - paired to a pair of Tannoy speakers. Reliable and fantastic sound!

  • Binglee is selling it for $450 delivered + got one with 5 years warranty for $524